Syria – Preparing For The Big Move On Idlib By Moon of Alabama

10 March 2017 — Moon of Alabama

During the last week significant moves in Syria have taken place east of Aleppo. But the situation there will likely soon calm down. The next intense phase of the war may well be a Syrian army attack on al-Qaeda’s position in Idlib governate in the north-west of the country.

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White Helmets Video, Macabre Manipulation of Dead Children and Staged Chemical Weapons Attack to Justify a “No-Fly Zone” in Syria By Marcello Ferrada de Noli

6 March 2017 — The Indicter


The video below may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

The Alleged Sarmin Gas Attack

There has been a recent, intense, publicity campaign that has capitalised on the Oscar for best documentary being awarded to the NATO and Gulf state funded organization, the White Helmets and their Netflix documentary producers [1] The White Helmets had previously been winners of the “Alternative Nobel Prize”, given to them in Sweden in 2016. [2] These various awards have ensured that the White Helmet fictitious “saving-childrens-lives” videos have been re-circulating across corporate and social media, a major PR coup for the sponsors of this questionable organization.

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ICH Headlines 10-11 March 2017

10-11 March 2017 — Information Clearing House

Syria – Preparing For The Big Move On Idlib

By Moon Of Alabama

Will the U.S. again support al-Qaeda should the Syrian army finally move to retake Idlib?

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With White House Embracing Climate Denial, Will Corporate Media Treat It as Science?

10 March 2017 — FAIR

CNBC: EPA chief Scott Pruitt says carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to global warmingCNBC‘s Joe Kernan interviewing climate denialist EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

If the public rollout of the Trump administration’s new EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, is any indication, the Earth’s climate will suffer even greater, irreversible damage during the next four years. And the corporate media’s coverage of it may only make it worse. Continue reading this...

Vault 7: The WikiLeaks Revelations and the Crimes of US Imperialism

10 Marcg 2017 — Global Research

wikiLeaks-logo-01America in Turmoil: From Deep State Insurgency to Deep State Spying – WikiLeaks’ Vault 7

By Joachim Hagopian, March 10 2017

The latest CIA crimes constitute an unprecedented assault allowing deep state to infiltrate and attack us through malware embedded in our iPhones, Android computer applications as well as smart TVs in order to listen in and shockingly violate every last vestige of our decimated privacy. Continue reading this...

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Made in Britain, Tested on Yemenis: The Reality of Working for the “Bomb-makers”

9 March 2017 — Middle East Eye


Jack sits down with his pint in the Fielden Arms in Mellor, and contemplates his latest shift making Typhoon warplanes for the Saudi air force.

Tucking into steak and chips, the 25-year-old talks of moving in with his girlfriend, his good pay at the nearby BAE factory – £40,000, almost twice the local average – and the security it brings.

And then he thinks of the people those planes will be sent to kill. Continue reading this...

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ICH Headlines 9 March 2017

9 March 2017 — Information Clearing House

Disgraceful : U.S. Support for War Crimes in Yemen Continues

By Daniel Larison

Trump has approved a resumption of weapons sales that critics have linked to Saudi Arabia’s bombing of civilians in Yemen.

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Trump Invades Syria, Mosul: Humanitarian Catastrophe, Erdogan’s Illusionary Ottoman Empire

9 March 2017 — Global Research

Trump 5Trump Invades Syria

By Daniel McAdams, March 09 2017

Although the Syrian army, with its ally Russia, has made significant gains against ISIS over the past week or so, the Washington Post is reporting tonight that President Trump has for the first time sent regular US military personnel into that country in combat positions. This is an unprecedented escalation of US involvement in the Syrian war and it comes without Congressional authorization, without UN authorization, and without the authorization of the government of Syria. In short it is three ways illegal.

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Heatwave frequency rises twice as fast in the poorest countries By Ian Angus

8 March 2017 — Climate & Capitalism

Climate Injustice

New research proves that the countries least responsible for global warming, those least able to adapt, have already been hit much harder by deadly extremes than rich nations — and the gap is growing

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The European Parliament has just dealt a major blow to the Link Tax

9 March 2017 — SumOfUs

A closely-watched report on the proposed laws from key MEP Therese Comodini Cachia recommends that the controversial “Link Tax” proposal be removed from the legislation.1 This is a huge step forward!

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Imperialist Wars And Interventions Fuel Refugee Crisis In Africa By Thomas Gaist

9 March 2017– WSWS

Large numbers of persons fleeing war and famine in sub-Saharan Africa are transiting through Libya in a desperate effort to reach Europe, UNICEF reported last week.

An estimated 80,000 refugees, including 25,000 children, left Libyan ports in an effort to cross the Mediterranean Sea and enter southern Europe last year, with 4,000 of them dying during the crossing.

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The Resilience of Palestinian Women, CIA’s Hacking Achievements, Kim Jong-nam: Dubious Murder Story

8 March 2017 — Global Research

palestine womenPalestinian Women – One for All, All for One

By Dr. Vacy Vlazna, March 08 2017

Three comrades in the fight for freedom, Hanin Zoabi, Ahed Tamimi, Samah Sabawi hailing from the fractured body of Palestine – 1948 occupied Palestine, the 1967 occupied Palestine- West Bank and Gaza/diaspora respectively – represent the sumoud (steadfast resilience), the courage, the integrity defining the spirit of Palestinian women.

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Black Agenda Report for March 8, 2017: Counting Cadence to Fascism, Trump & Russia, the Perfect Lie, fighting Trump the Man But Not His Plan

8 March 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Corporate Media Counting Cadence to Fascism
by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The ruling class/War Party/corporate media campaign for regime change in Washington has moments of pure silliness, with grown men claiming that U.S. presidents don’t have the power to wiretap people. Someone should have informed Dr. Martin Luther King. But, if self-described “progressives” can believe that the CIA is a benign, democratic institution, they can believe anything. “The destabilization of the U.S. bourgeois state is a project, not of the Kremlin, but of multinational and finance capital headquartered in the U.S.” Continue reading this...

ICH Headlines 8 March 2017

8 March 2017 — Information Clearing House

American Carnage: Fighting the Forever War

By Rebecca Gordon

Washington is now a war capital. The president is, first and foremost, the commander-in-chief. Continue reading this...