Get your Clean Air Kit Here!

7 March 2017 — Friends of the Earth

[Now here’s a good idea, I might even get one myself. WB]

I’m excited to announce that we’ve now launched what we hope will be the biggest ever citizen science air pollution experiment. And we’d love you to take part.

For a minimum donation of £15 your Clean Air Kit will let you test the air quality where you live – or in the places that matter most to you.

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Global research 7 March 2017: Trump Abandons Cooperation with Russia, White Helmets: No Such Thing as Humanitarian Terrorists, GMOs and Neoliberal Fundamentalism

7 March 2017 — Global Research

Trump Abandons Cooperation with Russia

By Stephen Lendman, March 06 2017

After firing Michael Flynn, Trump said “(i)t would be unpopular for a politician to make a deal. It would be much easier for me to be so tough – the tougher I am on Russia,” the better. After only a few weeks in office, he was co-opted to stay hardline on Russia, China, Iran and other sovereign independent countries – indicating no change in imperial recklessness on his watch.

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ICH Headlines 7 March 2017

7 March 2017 — Information Clearing House

The Bushes Are Not America’s Friends

By Michael Scheuer

A lesson from two George Bushes: Never give the elite the benefit of the doubt. Continue reading this...

ICH Headlines 5-6 March 2017

5-6 March 2017 — Information Clearing House

The Donbass Is Breaking Away from an Agonized Ukraine
By The Saker 

Tectonic shifts are continuing to occur in the political landscape of the Ukraine. Continue reading this...

Video: ‘J is for Junk Economics’: Michael Hudson on TRNN (5/5)

5 March 2017 — The Real News Network

Economist Michael Hudson explains why social security does not need to be ‘pre-funded’ by its beneficiaries

Part One – Part TwoPart Three – Part Four

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Video: ‘J is for Junk Economics’: Michael Hudson on TRNN (4/5)

3 March 2017 — The Real News Network

Economist Michael Hudson takes on the mythology surrounding government budgets and explains how the term ‘stability’ has been used as a cover for financial fraud (inc. transcript)

Part One – Part TwoPart Three – Part Five

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Obama Ordered Abuse Of Intelligence To Sabotage Trump Policies By Moon of Alabama

2 March 2017 — Moon of Alabama

In its last months the Obama administration ordered the intelligence agencies to collect and distribute information of contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia. This to prevent any change by the Trump administration of the hostile policy towards Russia that the Obama administration instituted. The intent was also gives the intelligence services blackmail material to prevent any changes in their undue, freewheeling independence. Continue reading this...

ICH Headlines 3 March 2017

3 March 2017 — Information Clearing House

The White House is Considering Direct Military Action to “Counter” North Korea
By David Choi

An internal White House review on North Korea strategy revealed the option to use military force or a regime change against North Korea. Continue reading this...

Bees: The jury has retired

3 March 2017 — SumOfUs

[I’ll keep you uptodate on this one. WB]

Last month, with your support, the Bee Defenders Alliance were at the European Court of Justice standing up for the bees.

This group of independent scientists and beekeepers were taking on the world’s biggest pesticide companies – Bayer, Syngenta and BASF. I delivered them your message of support along with messages from over 57,000 Sum of Us members – the team were so grateful to know you were standing with them.

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Media Lens: Rehabilitating Bush – The Deadly Illusion Of Corporate Dissent

3 March 2017  — Media Lens

 The title of the editorial said it all:

‘The Guardian view on George W Bush: a welcome return’

In a tongue-in-cheek, almost jovial, piece the Guardian unsubtly rehabilitated a man responsible for crimes that are among the most egregious in all history.

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The Link Tax Defeated?

2 March 2017 — OpenMedia

EU parliamentarians are listening! An important new report from MEP Catherine Stihler recommends that the European Parliament scrap plans for a Link Tax and content censorship.1 Stihler’s report concluded that the Link Tax is unnecessary and warned that content censorship will harm the interests of Internet users. Continue reading this...

Analysis of Trump’s Address to US Congress, Syria: Imperialist Divide and Conquer Strategy

2 March 2017 — Global Research

us-congressTrump’s Address to the US Congress: Making America Safe for Wall Street and War Profiteers

By Stephen Lendman, March 02 2017

His Tuesday address was long on making America safe for Wall Street, war profiteers and other corporate predators, short on what’s most needed to serve all Americans equitably and promote world peace.

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ICH Headlines 2 March 2017

2 March 2017 — Information Clearing House

Syria – Erdogan’s Lost Bet – Trump Likely To Follow A Cautious Strategy
By Moon Of Alabama

Trump’s more belligerent remarks on Syria, on safe zones and military escalation, are rhetoric.

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America’s love affair with Salafi jihadists By Rania Khalek

3 March 2017 — Rania Khalek

Contrary to popular media portrayals, the Middle East wasn’t always plagued by regressive fundamentalism. Salafi jihadist groups like Al Qaeda were not popular in the region. They still aren’t. They have been violently imposed on people thanks in large part to the actions of the US, which has a longstanding pattern of backing religious fundamentalists to further its geopolitical ambitions.

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