Video: ‘J is for Junk Economics’: Michael Hudson on TRNN (3/5)

1 March 2017 — The Real News Network

Trump is planning to turn the U.S. economy into a Russian-style kleptocracy, says economist Michael Hudson (inc. transcript)

Part One – Part Two – Part Four – Part Five

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New Report: British Drone Operations Against ISIS, 2014-2016 By Chris Cole

27 February 2017 — Drone Wars

feb-17-report-coverbDrone Wars UK is today publishing a new report detailing UK armed drone and air operations against ISIS.  The report contains data on UK operations in Iraq and Syria gained through Freedom of Information requests since 2014 as well as background and a timeline of UK air operations.  In addition, the report highlights continuing issues of concern about the use of armed drones reflected through the lens of UK drone operations.

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Media Fawn Over Trump’s Success at Saying Words in Semi-Coherent Fashion

1 March 2017 — FAIR

What came to be known as the “expectations game” during the George W. Bush years was wielded with notorious cynicism. The assumption behind this game in those days was that Bush was a bumbling doofus who could hardly string together a coherent sentence, so if he got to the level of a high school debate, media chalked it up as a “win.”

The game, successfully rebooted by Donald Trump over the past 18 months, was in full play during Trump’s speech to Congress last night: So long as Trump wasn’t his petulant, incoherent, race-baiting self, it would be considered a victory for the 45th president.

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Black Agenda Report for March 2, 2017: HBCUs and Free Tuition Movement, Sheepdogging Thru Trumpland, Liberals Expose Themselves

2 March 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Time For A Movement For Free Tuition at HBCUs and Public Colleges amd Universities

A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by Bruce A. Dixon
Instead of worrying about where Kellyanne Conway’s feet are, or blasting Betsy DeVos’s ignorance on HBCUs we should insist that black college presidents start or join a movement for free tuition at HBCUs and public colleges and universities. Millions of college grads of all colors carry unpayable debt and are frustrated by lack of opportunities. This demand earned Bernie Sanders millions of votes. It’s a mass movement in waiting Continue reading this...

Trump’s Middle East “Adventurism”, Agriculture: Organic Vs Industrial, Climate Change: Who is the Biggest Villain?

1 March 2017 — Global Research

Flag_of_Iran.svgTrump’s “New Adventurism” in the Middle East, Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program

By Dr. Amir A. Amirshekari, March 01 2017

President Trump has embarked upon a “new adventurism” in the Middle East region. Israel and several Arab countries, backed by the US, are trying to create a new intergovernmental military alliance, such as NATO, against Iran. The Economist weekly, in its issue dated 25 February, casually expresses its support of  Trump’s illegal sanctions directed against the people of Iran, accusing Iran of recreating the Sassanian Empire by its intervention in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, and Lebanon.

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Shotgun Pointed at Black Children Trivialized as ‘Confederate Flag Incident’

1 March 2017 — FAIR

Fox News: Man, Woman Sentenced for Terrorizing Partygoers With Confederate FlagWith a loaded shotgun, actually.

As FAIR has noted before (4/1/15, 3/8/16), how a story is framed is as important—if not more so—than the content of an article. Sixty percent of Americans don’t read past the headline and 60 percent of Americans share articles on social media without reading them. How a story is teed up to the reader is an essential element in how our media shape our understanding of the news.

One recent string of headlines on the conviction of two Georgia white supremacists over their racist menacing with a shotgun of an eight-year-old child’s party highlighted the extreme degree to which the media can fail in this capacity:

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ICH Headlines 28 February 2017

28 February 2017 — Information Clearing House

Trump’s Proposed U.S. “Defense” Spending Would Be 80 Percent of Russia’s Entire Military Budget
By Alex Emmons

U.S. spends more money than the next seven biggest spenders combined, including China and Russia. Continue reading this...

Historic Increase of US Military Budget, Eva Bartlett: Fake Media Narrative on Syria, CIA: Peddler of Fake News

28 February 2017 — Global Research

Historic Increase of US Military Budget: Trump Boosts Most Wasteful Department, Reduces All Others

By Eric Zuesse, February 28 2017

Trillions of dollars are being poured down, into ‘Defense’ (including aggressions such as the invasions of Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc.) and into ‘intelligence’ (including the false ‘intelligence’ that was used to ‘justify’ those invasions), and yet none of it is at all accountable to the public; it’s merely being paid to U.S. corporations by the ‘representatives of the public’, and will now soar even more, while everything else (suposedly except Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid) will get slashed, as being what supporters of the military-industrial complex call “waste, fraud, and abuse” in all Departments but their own.

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Video: ‘J is for Junk Economics’: Michael Hudson on TRNN (2/5)

28 February 2017 — The Real News Network

Trump’s infrastructure plan will privatize all the benefits for the financiers and make sure that the population at large gets zero benefit from it while paying the costs, says economist Michael Hudson (inc. Transcript)

Part One – Part Three – Part Four – Part Five

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Video: ‘J is for Junk Economics’: Michael Hudson on TRNN (1/5)

28 February 2017 — The Real News Network

Michael Hudson, author of the newly released ‘J is for Junk Economics,’ says the media and academia use well-crafted euphemisms to conceal how the economy really works (inc. transcript)

Part TwoPart ThreePart Four – Part Five

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Statewatch News Online, 27 February 2017 (04/17)

27 February 2017 — Statewatch


1.  Analysis: Opaque and unaccountable: Frontex Operation Hera
2.  EU: Briefing: EU-wide biometric databases, “soft targets”, cybersecurity and data protection: Commission’s 4th report on building the ‘Security Union
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COLDTYPE Issue 135 March 2017 – is now on line

28 February 2017 — Coldtype

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Housmans Books Newsletter March 2017

28 February 2017 — Housmans


1. Confronting Rape Culture workshops at Housmans
2. Poet In Residence: Siana Bangura
3. Spark! 1917-2017 Russian Revolution Centenary event in Brixton
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Media: Downplaying US Contribution to Potential Yemen Famine

28 February 2017 — FAIR

For almost two years, the United States has backed—with weapons, logistics and political support—a Saudi-led war in Yemen that has left over 10,000 dead, 40,000 wounded, 2.5 million internally displaced, 2.2 million children suffering from malnutrition and over 90 percent of civilians in need of humanitarian aid.

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