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Pakistan News-links 28-29 January 2008
Last updated: Thursday, January 31, 2008 16:49


US: Pakistan Working on Election Rules [Diebold anyone?]
The Associated Press –
WASHINGTON (AP) — A senior Bush administration official said Tuesday that the United States is pushing Pakistan to fix “serious distortions” ahead of Feb. …

Missile Strike Kills 12 in Pakistan
The Associated Press –
MIRAN SHAH, Pakistan (AP) — Hundreds of students chanting “Death to America” protested Pakistan’s support for the US-led fight against terrorism, …

US Diplomat Found Dead in Pakistan
“Mr. Ryan was a well-respected, trusted, and longtime member of the US Mission in Pakistan,” the US Embassy in Pakistan said in a statement. …,2933,326354,00.html

Five killed in Pakistan shoot-out
BBC News – UK
By M Ilyas Khan At least two police officials and three suspected Islamic militants have been killed in a shoot-out in Pakistan’s southern city of Karachi, …

Pakistan proposes lifting ban on Indian films
ISLAMABAD (AFP) — Pakistan’s government is considering a parliamentary proposal to lift a four-decade ban on showing movies from rival India, …

12 Taliban militants killed in missile attack in Pakistan
By pbtt
There have been several reports in recent years of attacks in the Waziristan region carried out using missile-armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) flying from Afghanistan. But authorities in Pakistan and Afghanistan have always denied …

Pakistan & Democracy: A Brave Woman’s Voice…
By Swaraaj Chauhan
Challenges to return of democracy in Pakistan have multiplied after the assassination of Mrs Benazir Bhutto, a former prime minister. For an independent woman, especially if she has a mind of her own, it still remains a herculean task …

Bad News Makes Headlines: Security challenges posed by Pakistan
By David Ben-Hame / HIRAM7 REVIEW
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced he would hold some aid funds intended for Pakistan until after February 18, 2008 parliamentary elections, to try to ensure that the elections are fair. A paper from the Institute for Public …

The sooner Musharraf leaves Pakistan, the better
By Naxal Watch(Naxal Watch)
IN THE aftermath of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination last month, Pakistan is rife with guesses as to who was behind her assassination. This whodunit ranges from the United States government on one extreme to the al-Qaeda-Taliban axis on …

Missile kills 10 in Pakistan: security officials
Reuters – USA
By Mohammad Hashim KOHAT, Pakistan (Reuters) – Pakistani forces recaptured a road tunnel leading to the volatile tribal belt on the Afghan border on Sunday …

Why I won’t raise my daughters in Pakistan, either
By Aziz
Zack does the legwork and provides possibly the best summary of women’s status in Pakistan relative to other countries in the West, the Subcontinent, and the Middle East that I have ever seen. He uses the invaluable Pew Global Attitudes …

New violence in northern Pakistan
Hours after the gunmen who held a school hostage got away, new violence in Northern Pakistan broke out. Pakistani soldiers have been fighting Taliban and al Qaeda linked fighters in the tribal region… Tori …

Missile Kills 10 in Northwest Pakistan, Security Official Reports
BANNU, Pakistan-A missile strike on a house in the North Waziristan region of northwest Pakistan killed 10 suspected militants, a security official said on Tuesday.”Ten militants were killed whe…

US diplomat from Hingham shot dead in Pakistan home
Boston Herald – United States
By Mike Underwood U.S. diplomat Keith Ryan, the son of Boston Globe sports columnist Bob Ryan, was found dead at his home in Pakistan yesterday, …

Twelve dead in suspected Pakistan missile strike: officials
MIRANSHAH, Pakistan (AFP) — At least 12 people were killed in a suspected missile strike in Pakistan’s troubled tribal region of North Waziristan,…

Taliban spreading across Pakistan
Seattle Times – United States
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Islamic militants known as the Pakistani Taliban have extended their reach across all seven of Pakistan’s frontier tribal regions and …

Pakistan reviving the North Waziristan peace accord
Baitullah Mehsud, the leader of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan — the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan — has denounced the talks and claimed the government is attempting to divide the Taliban. Rumors that Baitullah has been dismissed …

Gunmen Allowed to Flee After Hostage Standoff at Pakistan School
New York Times – United States
By SALMAN MASOOD ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A mass hostage-taking ended peacefully on Monday when a group of armed men released more than 200 schoolchildren …

Gordon Brown says that Pakistan’s elections must be credible
Times Online – UK
The Prime Minister hailed Pakistan as a key ally on terrorism and said that the two countries had a longstanding friendship and shared history. …

Musharraf rejects misperceptions about Pakistan
Associated Press of Pakistan – Pakistan
LONDON, Jan 28 (APP) – President Pervez Musharraf categorically rejected the impression in the West that Pakistan was exporting terrorism and said instead …

Pakistan, China enjoy broad-based relations: PM
By Nafees
ISLAMABAD, Jan 28 (APP): Caretaker Prime Minister Mohammedmian Soomro on Monday said Pakistan and China enjoy broad-based relations, as the two countries are actively cooperating in various fields. He appreciated the investments made by …

Pakistan’s Politicians Come to London
Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf was in London today, reassuring British Prime Minster Gordon Brown that his home country’s parliamentary elections …,8599,1707585,00.html

Hostages Released in Pakistan
The Moscow Times – Russia
AP PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Gunmen released unharmed dozens of students and teachers they had taken hostage at a school in northwestern Pakistan on Monday, …

Pakistan’s Most Wanted Warlord
U.S. News & World Report – Washington,DC,USA
While the United States has been urging Pakistan to scour its largely ungoverned tribal regions for al Qaeda leaders like Osama bin Laden, the Pakistanis …

Pakistan Railways to buy 150 new coaches
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
By Hasan Ali LAHORE: Pakistan Railways (PR) would buy 150 passenger coaches of different classes worth Rs 5.5 billion from China, sources told Daily Times …

Pakistan a ticking bomb or does it just have any problem?
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
Pakistan is not only a foreign policy imbroglio for the US, particularly, but also a potential investment agony for Americans if the tumult following…

Analysts want US policy shift on Pakistan
By mujahideen
LAHORE: “In light of increasing instability in Pakistan and the apparent decline of President Pervez Musharraf’s influence, American analysts say the United States needs to broaden its approach toward Pakistan to include aid not just to …


Hostage crisis ends in school in Pakistan village
Hindu – Chennai,India
ISLAMABAD: A hostage crisis in Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province ended peacefully when six armed men, who entered a school and seized students, …

A chance meeting: Pakistan
Hindu – Chennai,India
The meeting sparked fierce criticism in Pakistan of Gen. Musharraf and his perceived “pro-American” foreign policy. According to reports from Jerusalem, …

SEBI signs MoU with Pakistan SEC
Hindu – Chennai,India
“The MoU with Pakistan will go far beyond the normal MoUs,” he said, adding that, it would take us further ahead on the road to the development of market …

Gareth Porter: US Troops in Pakistan? Utter Madness
By Gareth Porter
The Bush administration suddenly seems hell-bent on sending US troops into Pakistan — covertly if necessary. Democratic leaders had bettter get their heads straight on this issue, because a slide into an American war in Pakistan would …

Pakistan Draws a Line with the USA
By Robin Koerner
His furious reply to the suggestion of the conditional dispatch of the US forces in tribal areas [of Pakistan] was that Americans were already stuck in Afghanistan, so how could die they in the tribal areas and what magic wand did they …

Brown urges Musharraf to ensure “credible” elections in Pakistan …
Xinhua – China
28 (Xinhua) — British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Monday urged visiting Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf to ensure that the upcoming elections in …

Government troops advance into rebel territory in Pakistan
Taipei Times – Taiwan
Government forces advanced into a militant stronghold in northwestern Pakistan yesterday, a day after troops regained control of a key road tunnel in …

Pakistanis seek refuge from violence in Afghanistan
Reuters – USA
Nearly 7000 people have abandoned their homes in Pakistan’s Kurram tribal region as fighting erupted between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims during the Muslim …


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