Roger Dodger By S. Artesian

7 July 3016 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

1. Not to file too fine a point onto David Cameron’s head, but he certainly made a right cock-up of that one didn’t he?  A regular old Thomas Hardy he conjured, didn’t he?  Here he comes home, having stuck his thumb into the EU pie, felt one or more things round and soft– “a plum!” he thinks, “What a good boy am I!”– and pulls out hard, only to discover that the softs and rounds were his own testicles.  Oh, the shock, and pain, of recognition.  Fecking brilliant.

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Cabinet reshuffle takes UK closer to exit from European Union By Julie Hyland

18 July 2014 — WSWS

The British media have largely portrayed UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle as cleaning the “barnacles off the boat” in order to ready the Conservative Party for next May’s General Election.

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UK Conservatives face crisis over referendum on European Union By Julie Hyland

8 February 2014 — WSWS

British Prime Minister David Cameron is threatening to invoke the Parliament Act, to force a bill on the UK holding a referendum on European Union (EU) membership (UK) onto the statute books.

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UK government ‘cheerleading’ for the fracking industry

18 January 2014 — RT

British government officials have been collaborating in private with shale gas companies to manage the public’s hostility to fracking, it was revealed in emails released under the Freedom of Information Act.

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Click here to BEAT OFF Cameron’s SMUT ban By Jasper Hamill

23 December 2013 — The Register

Chrome extension gives grumble flicks – and other ‘filtered’ stuff – a helping hand

A programmer has designed a backdoor which will allow grumble movie lovers to get around UK prime Minister David Cameron’s ban on filth.

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Conservative Britain: Repackaging the American Dream By Sean Keach

10 December 2013 — New Left Project

Much of America’s aggression towards communism in the 20th Century was mobilised through a propaganda campaign that dangled white picket fences and warm blueberry pies over the heads of a blue-collar citizenship. Even today, the American dream idealism can be seen propagating the ever raw political divisions of the United States. In a country of gross wealth inequality, the masses remain relatively placid, continuingly placated by the belief that poverty is deserved, not inflicted. 50’s America showcased a reprehensible crusade against proponents of worker’s rights, abandoning human freedoms as Senator McCarthy bulldozed a belief system across the hearts and minds of the country.

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Nelson Mandela: Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Blair – Tributes of Shameful Hypocrisy By Felicity Arbuthnot

8 December 2013 —

Accusing politicians or former politicians of “breathtaking hypocrisy” is not just over used, it is inadequacy of spectacular proportions. Sadly, searches in various thesaurus’ fail in meaningful improvement.

The death of Nelson Mandela, however, provides tributes resembling duplicity on a mind altering substance.

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UK Prime Minister Cameron plays the anti-immigrant card By Robert Stevens

29 November 2013 — WSWS

Prime Minister David Cameron announced a raft of anti-immigrant measures this week in advance of new European Union rules coming into effect that will end restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians entering the UK.

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Unrestrained jingoism to characterise UK’s marking of World War I anniversary By Julie Hyland

18 November 2013 — WSWS

Who would believe that anyone, save a sociopath, would propose that the upcoming 100th anniversary of World War I should be cause for national celebration?

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Senior political figures demand second vote in UK parliament on Syrian attack By Julie Hyland

3 September 2013 — WSWS

A concerted campaign is underway for a second vote in Britain’s parliament to sanction war against Syria.

These efforts come in the wake of President Obama’s announcement that he will seek congressional authorisation for military strikes.

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Britain’s vote against Syrian military action provokes political crisis By Chris Marsden and Julie Hyland

31 August 2013 — WSWS

Bitter recriminations have followed the parliamentary defeat of a UK government motion intended to authorize military action against Syria.

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UK Has No Case For War On Syria

29 August 2013 — Moon of Alabama

[I was in the middle of putting together a piece on the UK’s obscene lust for war when MofA put this up. Thanks MofA. WB]

The British government is trying to construct a case to allow itself to attack Syria. To this purpose the British Joint Intelligence Organisations issued a two page paper on Syria: Reported Chemical Weapon Use (pdf). The paper cites the amount of propaganda Youtube videos of a certain incident as supporting “evidence”: Continue reading this...

Fracking – Britain’s Next Revolution? By Lesley Docksey

21 August 2013 — Global Research

frack off

‘Water, water everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.’ — Samuel Taylor Coleridge: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

At long last Britain is discussing and objecting to fracking – or we would be if the general public had access to accurate information. As it is, Prime Minister David Cameron is going all out to promote a country-wide embrace of shale gas.

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Big Brother IS Watching: Cameron Proposes State Control Over Internet Access

27 July 2013 — RT

[A Snoopers’ Charter: Watch your privacy take yet another step down the tubes if Cameron’s proposal for compulsory monitoring and censorship of your Web access comes to pass. It’s the next step in state spying on your Web habits and all of it allegedly to stop people accessing child pornography (as if it would!). WB]

David cameron

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has expanded on his recent set of guidelines for an internet filter that would block pornographic content by default. This has aroused further controversy, as other content may now also face the filter.

Internet service providers from the Open Rights Group have confirmed the news, following Cameron’s Monday revelation that by the end of 2013, broadband subscribers will have to make do with a compulsory system installed everywhere to monitor various content the government deems harmful. 

These include social media, gambling and pornography as well as other adult-orientated sites.  

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