US: Retail Death Rattle Grows Louder

27 May 2014 — WashingtonsBlog

The definition of death rattle is a sound often produced by someone who is near death when fluids such as saliva and bronchial secretions accumulate in the throat and upper chest. The person can’t swallow and emits a deepening wheezing sound as they gasp for breath. This can go on for two or three days before death relieves them of their misery. The American retail industry is emitting an unmistakable wheezing sound as a long slow painful death approaches. Continue reading this...

Can the Top 10% Prop Up the Whole Economy? By Charles Hugh Smith

15 May 2014 — Washington’sBlog

Is the top 10% up to the task of borrowing and blowing enough money to prop up a debt and bubble-dependent economy?

Since the entire economy depends on consumption for its “growth,” and discretionary consumption is financed with either cash or debt, that leads to two questions: 1) who has cash to spend on non-essentials and 2) who is credit-worthy enough to borrow money for non-essentials?

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Video: Indebted citizenship – an interview with David Harvey in Teatro Valle

24 February 2014 — OpenDemocracy

Austerity doesn’t make sense economically: but it does make sense as a politics of autocracy and the securitized state. Europe should learn from China and Latin America, interviewed by Andrea Mura. (Video, 17 minutes).

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How the Credit Card Gravy Train Is Running Over You By Ellen Brown

18 February 2014 — Ellen Brown

The credit card business is now the banking industry’s biggest cash cow, and it’s largely due to lucrative hidden fees. 

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Repeal Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act!

14 October 2013 — Liberty

At Liberty we’ve long argued that Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 is ripe for misuse and discrimination.

The power allows for people to be detained for nine hours, fingerprinted, strip searched and asked questions without a right of access to a lawyer. It can be exercised without the need for any grounds to suspect the person is involved in terrorism, or any other criminal activity. This means it can be used against anyone a police, immigration or customs officer chooses and has been used disproportionately against those of Asian origin.

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Smooth…And By the Numbers 4: Christmas in July, Snowballs in Hell By S. Artesian

5 September 2013 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

“Hold on baby” –Freddie Scott

1.  This past July, the EU parliament voted to repeal the law capping bonuses and other payouts to its poor, exploited, downtrodden, huddled masses of investment bankers.  The deciding votes securing the repeal were cast by two representatives from Greece, both of whom just happened to be members of the Communist Party of Greece, the Kommounistikó Kómma Elládas (KKE).   Said the sponsor of the original legislating that had capped the bonuses, “The Stalinists were half the problem.”

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Video: Jailed Journalist Barrett Brown Faces 105 Years For Reporting on Hacked Private Intelligence Firms

11 July 2013 — Democracy Now!

Journalist Barrett Brown spent his 300th day behind bars this week on a range of charges filed after he used information obtained by the hacker group Anonymous to report on the operations of private intelligence firms. Brown faces 17 charges ranging from threatening an FBI agent to credit card fraud for posting a link online to a document that contained stolen credit card data. But according to his supporters, Brown is being unfairly targeted for daring to investigate the highly secretive world of private intelligence and military contractors. Continue reading this...

It Would Only Take $20 Million to Start a Public Bank

4 June 2013 — Washington’s Blog

Ellen Brown – author of Web of Debt, and the soon-to-released book  The Public Banking Solution gave some stunning statistics at last night’s Public Banking Institute conference:

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Pardon the Extrusion, Part 2 By S. Artesian

12 May 2013 — The Wolf Report: Non-Confidential Analysis for the non-investor

I.  Now back to our subject. Marx, concludes his Notebook VI of the Grundrisse with an extended discussion of circulation,  the impact of fixed assets, machinery, on the turnover of capital,  the impact of fixed capital on the labor process, and the impact of circulation time on the reproduction of capital.  Writes our friend Karl: Continue reading this...

The Global Economic Crisis: Causes and Devastating Consequences By Global Research

9 May, 2013 — Global Research

The Global Economic Crisis:
The Great Depression of the XXI Century
Michel Chossudovsky and Andrew Gavin Marshall (Editors)

This important collection provides the reader with “a most comprehensive analysis of the various facets – especially the financial, social and military ramifications – from an outstanding list of world-class social thinkers.”

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Financial Cleansing: The Cyprus Bail-in Template By grtv

11 April 2013 — grtv

The recent bail-in in Cyprus has given the world a glimpse at the future of the banking landscape. Now, as Canada gets set to hardwire the bail-in process into law, analysts like Michel Chossudovsky are warning how the big banks can use this template to further consolidate their monopoly of economic control. This is the GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV.

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The Confiscation of Bank Savings to “Save the Banks”: The Diabolical Bank “Bail-In” Proposal By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

3 April, 2013 — Global Research

Is the Cyprus Bank “Bail-in” a “dress rehearsal” for things to come?

Is a “Savings Heist” in the European Union and North America envisaged which could result in the outright confiscation of bank deposits?

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The World’s Debts Shall Not Be Repaid By Ingo Schmidt

28 March 2013 — The Bullet • Socialist Project • E-Bulletin No. 791

“On the eve of the crisis, the bourgeois, with the self-sufficiency that springs from intoxicating prosperity, declares money to be a vain imagination. Commodities alone are money. But now the cry is everywhere: money alone is a commodity! As the hart pants after fresh water, so pants his soul after money, the only wealth.” Capital, Karl Marx.

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Pocket Rocket Guide to Marxism By S. Artesian

26 March 2013 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

Some brief considerations on turnover, circulation, circulation time and labor time:

Capitalists imagine their mode of production as production for exchange and imagines its origins in trade, in the circulation of the commodities between producers and …..producers, between producers and consumers, producers and “circulators,” merchants. 

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