Oceans on the brink of ecological collapse By Simon Butler

14 October 2013 – Climate and Capitalism

Marine scientists say the health of the oceans is in crisis. A ‘deadly trio’ of emission impacts may have already initiated a mass extinction event, a mass die-off of species and catastrophic loss of biodiversity.

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Nigeria: Hidden Histories By William Bowles

24 June 2006 — williambowles.info

Harold Smith, who died 3 January 2010 is almost unknown except for the few who are aware of his courageous and lifelong struggle to expose the murderous duplicity of British Imperialism in Nigeria. Smith, in 1960 then a novice, young colonial administrator in Nigeria attempted to expose the rigged and phoney ‘independence’ that the British had foisted on the Nigerian people. I wrote this back in 2006 and given all the current events in Africa, I felt it worthwhile reprinting it. There is also a followup piece, ‘Hidden histories confirmed: So much for the ‘Mother of Parliaments’‘, that I wrote a couple of years later. There is also a tribute page to Harold here. WB Continue reading this...

Housmans Books News Update: Ticket offer/ Ralph Miliband Sale/ Late additions to October events

2 Otober 2013 — Housmans


1. Housmans Peace Diary 2014

2. Special Offer for Housmans supporters – half-price tickets to a benefit gig for our sister organisation Peace News
‘COME OUT! WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED: A Celebration of People Power’

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The Folly of World War I: and the folly of ‘commemorating’ war By Lesley Docksey

9 September 2013 — williambowles.info

Any student of history knows that many of the problems the Middle East and Africa are now experiencing stem from the Great Powers having parceled up the land, drawn borders where none had existed and put into power various friendly leaders in the aftermath of World War I.  That includes the failures of Western actions in Iraq and Libya, and the ongoing failure of Syria, the West’s refusal to accept a popular President in Bashar al Assad and its efforts to undermine him, resulting in a horrific humanitarian mess.

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The Unnatural Death of Dr. David Kelly: Template for “Legalised Cover-up” of Political Assassinations By Dr. Miriam Stevenson

2 September 2013

At the time of writing it is September 2013. What would happen if Dr Kelly’s body were to be found today? Or, what if the campaign to re-open his inquest were successful? Could citizens feel confident that an inquest would be opened, chaired by an appropriately skilled (medically qualified) Coroner who can call a jury, subpoena witnesses, place witnesses under oath and deliver an independent, evidence-based verdict? Most would agree that all these criteria would need to be met as minimal conditions for justice to be done and seen to be done after years of obfuscation by the executive. What the citizenry want for Dr Kelly is due process in a proper courtroom. Dream on.

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Video: Syria: Proxies, Pipelines and People

30 August 2013 — stopimperialism.com

Eric Draitser of StopImperialism.com appears on AMTV to discuss the current situation in Syria. He explains some of the motivations of key regional players and their Western backers in terms of economics and geopolitics.  Draitser examines various scenarios that could play out in the coming weeks and months depending on how events unfold on the ground and diplomatically. Additionally, he explores the discredited US narrative about the use of chemical weapons and the historical precedents for such lies.

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War as Way to Cover Evidence that West Used Chemical Weapons By Alexander MEZYAEV

30 August 2013 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The United States announced its plans to strike Syria pretty soon. Moscow reacted immediately. The Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement was very resolute. «All of this makes one recall the events that happened 10 years ago, when, using false information about Iraqis having weapons of mass destruction, the US bypassed the United Nations and started a scheme whose consequences are well known to everyone», the Ministry said in a web-posted statement. Continue reading this...

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Egypt in the Calculations of Regional and Global Political Powers By Nikolai MALISHEVSKI

20 August 2013 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The vivid pictures filling the world media of what has been happening recently in Egypt are very reminiscent of the most critical moments of the «revolution» of 2011. At that time the local and world television channels were also filled with reports in a style very similar to today’s events: a furious, seething mob, bewildered policemen, Western correspondents broadcasting with tense, focused expressions on their faces…

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Reclaim our rail network!

8 August 2013 — Compass

Our privatised rail system isn’t working for anyone –  not for commuters who can’t afford price hikes, rural communities who are stranded, travellers who don’t feel safe, businesses who see rising costs or rail workers who are voiceless. The government could save £1.2 billion a year by bringing the railways into public ownership or it could continue to hand over millions in subsidies to a small group of people who own the train companies.

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NSA paid British spy agency $150 mln in secret funds – new leak

1 August 2013 — RT

The NSA has made hush-hush payments of at least $150 million to Britain’s GCHQ spying agency over the past three years to influence British intelligence gathering operations. The payouts were revealed in new Snowden leaks published by The Guardian.

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