Notices of Eviction as served in Palestine

9 October 2011 —

“You are to be evicted from your land. Failure to comply with this order will result in forcible eviction and demolition of property.”

We enclose a Notice which, like many hundreds of them, will be served (in Hebrew of course) by the Zionist authorities, upon the Palestinian indigenous population of the Jordan Valley in yet another attempt at stealing and confiscating their Palestinian property in broad daylight while the world (and the PA) looks on.

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ELECTRONIC INTIFADA 9 June 2011: Rafah closed | Antony Loewenstein interviewed | Jordan Valley | Gaza-Jerusalem diary

9 June 2011 — Electronic Intifada


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URUK Net Newsletter, 30 October, 2010: Child Labour in Jordan Valley Settlements

30 October, 2010 — URUK Net

The Tariq Aziz Sentence: The Audacity, Bestiality and Venality of Victors
Monish Chatterjee
October 30, 2010 – …Throughout the late 1980s, until the criminal invasion by the U.S. and its chattels in 2003, most of us were rather familiar with Tariq Aziz- either as Iraq’s foreign minister, or later as deputy Prime Minister of that country. It is definitely not my place to decide the degree of flaws or virtues invested in leaders of other countries, certainly not with the kind of moral certitude that it is commonplace for U.S. leaders to identify good and evil around the world. Regardless, I usually found myself in agreement with some of Aziz’s statements (the few released to the public by the American media), often delivered at the United Nations (an institution, while generally toothless, nevertheless defiled, vilified and routinely manipulated by the U.S.). I felt sympathetic towards Mr. Aziz primarily because he would speak out against imperialism, and the typical Western bullying of the darker nations. Most awakened human beings are well aware of the long-standing exploitation and pauperization of darker nations by the U.S., its ubiquitous partner-in-crime, Great Britain, and world-domination outfits such as NATO, the World Bank and the IMF. Hence, I am reasonably certain that I am not alone in my sympathies for those that vocalize against racist and corporatist thuggery applied against people of former colonies…

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