Five Lies Invented to Spin UN Report on Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack By Tony Cartalucci

18 September 2013 — Global Research

As predicted days before the UN’s Syrian chemical weapons report was made public, the West has begun spinning the findings to bolster their faltering narrative regarding alleged chemical weapon attacks on August 21, 2013 in eastern Damascus, Syria. The goal of course, is to continue demonizing the Syrian government while simultaneously sabotaging a recent Syrian-Russian deal to have Syria’s chemical weapon stockpiles verified and disarmed by independent observers.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 7 September 2013: Resist Israel’s unjust system, don’t operate within it

7 September 2013VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

More Veteran Detainees To Be Released November 29
IMEMC – Palestinian Minister of Detainees, Issa Qaraqe , stated that the second phase of releasing political prisoners, held by Israel since before the first Oslo Agreement of 1993, will be conducted on November 29, then a third phase on December 29, and the fourth on March 28 2014. 26 detainees were released last month. …

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Chemical weapons sent from Turkey to Syria: Former Turkish provincial official

5 September 2013 — Press TV

A former member of a city council in the Turkish province of Hatay says that the chemical weapons used in last month’s attack in Syria were transported from Turkey, Press TV reports.

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The Russian position on the chemical attack on East Ghouta affirmed

31 August 2013 — Australians for reconciliation in Syria

Taken from Al-Hadath News and translated from Arabic,  23 August 2013. It confirms what was already apparent from other reports including the Saudi connection.

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US fabricating pretexts to justify military act against Syria: Analyst

26 August 2013 — Press TV

A political commentator says the United States is fabricating pretexts to justify its potential military intervention in the Syrian crisis, Press TV reports.

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Chemicals Seep Through the Cracks in Western-led Axis Against Syria By Finian CUNNINGHAM

24 August 2013 — Strategic Culture Foundation

A recurring pattern throughout the Syrian crisis is the coincidence of massacres suspiciously at times when there is a shift in the political backdrop. This is important to bear in mind when assessing reports this week of an alleged chemical weapon massacre near Damascus where some reports put the death toll at over 1,100. The Syrian government has vehemently denied responsibility for the incident and has even questioned whether such weapons were actually used.

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Defeated NATO Dangerously Desperate in Syria By Tony Cartalucci

25 August 2013 — Land Destroyer

Did the West Gas Thousands to Rescue Failed Syrian War? 

(Tony Cartalucci) – As far back as 2007, it was a documented fact that the West, including the United States and its allies Saudi Arabia and Israel, conspired to use terrorists drawn from the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda in an attempt to overthrow the governments of Iran and Syria.

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ICH 11 August 2013

11 August 2013 — Information Clearing House

Burqas and Empire, Again

By Zillah Eisenstein

The lead up to the Afghan war in post-9/11 used the rhetoric of “women’s rights” to mobilise the American public. We were supposed to save their women from the Taliban and their “backward ways”.


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US-Backed Death Squads Massacre Hundreds of Syrian Kurds By Stephen Lendman

9 August 2013 — Global Research


Western leaders are silent. The mainstream media ignore what demands headlines. Cold-blooded murder doesn’t matter. It’s too insignificant to report. Managed news misinformation substitutes.

Syria is America’s war. It was planned years ago. Death squads were recruited. Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, and other terrorists are Washington’s shock troops.

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“Progressive” Mainstream Media Supports the Destabilization and Balkanization of Syria By Phil Greaves

25 July 2013 — Global Research

Since the onset of the Syrian crisis, Martin Chulov of the Guardian has continuously been one of the most prominent “journalists” whose coverage, to put kindly, has been skewed beyond any recognition of objective journalism. His narratives have systematically relied on sectarian overtones and cherry picked “activist” quotes from such bastions of objectivity as the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Chulov has gone to great to lengths to portray the conflict in simplistic and sectarian terms: “Assad the Alawite, versus the Sunni majority.”

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FBI blocks release of Ibragim Todashev autopsy report By Thomas Gaist

18 July 2013 — WSWS

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has blocked Florida officials from releasing the autopsy report on Ibragim Todashev, the 27-year-old Chechen and associate of Tamerlan Tsarnaev who was killed by federal agents during an interrogation on May 22.

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Qatar: US Proxy in America’s Terror War in Syria By Phil Greaves

1 July 2013 — Global Research

A recent report in the New York Times (NYT) claims, through trusted “sources”, that Qatar began weapons shipments to opposition militants in Syria at the same time they “increased” support for Al Qaeda linked militants fighting Colonel Gaddafi in Libya in 2011. Gaddafi was ousted (murdered) in October 2011; one must assume that any “increase” in Qatari efforts to arm the militants in Libya were delivered long in advance of Gaddafi’s ouster, meaning the synonymous shipments to “rebels” in Syria also commenced well before October 2011.

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Escalation of Syria War: Ahmed Al-Assir, America’s Pawn in Lebanon By Phil Greaves

28 June, 2013 — Global Research

This weeks conflagration near Sidon, a majority Sunni city in the South of Lebanon has been on the cards for some time. Sheikh Al Assir, the instigator of the street battle’s with the Lebanese Armed Forces, (LAF) has been on a concerted campaign to incite sectarian strife and division between the Sunni and Shi’a sects in Lebanon, with one major goal; to draw Hezbollah into a sectarian-based conflict.

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Assad’s army retakes control of strategic Lebanon-bordering Qusayr

5 June 2013 — RT

Syrian regime forces seize control of the strategically important town of Qusayr on the Lebanon border after a long battle with rebel fighters. Victory is being hailed as a turning point in the civil war, rebels blame defeat on the exiled Council. Continue reading this...

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