Video: Portugal’s Architect of Austerity Resigns After Nationwide Protests

4 July 2013 — The Real News Network

President Silva’s austerity policies made Portugal a darling of the troika, but highly unpopular at home (inc. transcript)

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The Wolf Report 27 June 2013: The Lost Art…

26 June, 2013 — The Wolf Report nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

1….of staring blankly into space

Everywhere.  And everyone.  Smartphones.  Everybody’s staring at his or her smartphone.  Some are staring at their smartphones, multi-multi-tasking I suppose.  Or just showing off, as if one flat screen can’t possibly make him or her available enough to all those out there dying to connect. Multiple smartphones.  On the first day of Christmas, the true love offers one Blackberry.  On the second day, two Samsung Galaxy 4s.  On the third, three Iphones.  But nobody’s giving anybody Nokias, that’s for sure.  There is no Christmas for Finland.

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The Manifesto of the Mediterranean Meeting in Tunisia

3 May 2013 — The Bullet • Socialist Project E-Bulletin No. 815

We, the representatives of progressive political parties from the Mediterranean region, gathered in Tunis from March 23 to 24, 2013, at the call of the Popular Front, and adopted the following resolution.

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Crisis and Resistance in Portugal By Mark Bergfeld

14 December 2012 — The Bullet • Socialist Project • E-Bulletin No. 745

A day before the right wing coalition government in Portugal was to vote through its 2013 budget, the German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble met his Portuguese counterpart Vitor Gaspar and proclaimed, “Portugal is on the right path and is, for all of us in the Eurozone, a brilliant example that the approach we have been following to stabilize the Euro is correct.” Continue reading this...

Video: Portugal General Strike: This is What Austerity Looks Like By grtv

15 November 2012GRtv

Excerpt from: The Strike in Southern Europe:

A storm is brewing in Southern Europe. In Greece on November 6 and 7 another general strike will take place. On November 14 Portuguese, Cypriot, Spanish and Italian trade unions intend to go on strike in opposition to the austerity policies of the European Union. Belgian and British trade unions, as well as the European and German trade union confederations, are also calling for action. If the mobilization is successful, this transnational strike will be a milestone in the formation of a European protest movement desperately needed to prevent the final demolition of the European welfare states… Continue reading this...

VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 24 March 2012: Ambassadors Of Portugal, South Africa, Teargased Near Ramallah

24 March 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Soldiers Attack Detainees, Conduct Forced DNA Tests
IMEMC – The Palestinian Ministry of Detainees reported Saturday that Palestinian political prisoners in Nafha, Majiddo, Galboa’, and Ramon Israeli prisons, returned their meals on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning, in protest to forced DNA tests conducted on them by, under gunpoint, the Israeli soldiers. …

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Europe’s Economic Crisis: Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Belgium are Heading in the Same Direction as Greece by Bob Chapman

14 March 2012 — Global Research

It isn’t over until it is over. Of course, we are referring to Europe and its version of 1984. We find it profound that the bankers, politicians and bureaucrats of Europe can do what they have done with a straight face. Investor had a haircut shoved down their throats and the ECB, the European Central Bank and the IMF were exempt.

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Syria And UNSC: New Provocation Against Russia, China And UN Itself By Alexander Mezyaev

6 February 2012Stop NATOStrategic Culture Foundation Edited by RR

On February 4 the UN Security Council (UNSC) held a new session devoted to Syria. This time the targets of the strike were Russia and China. It was done in an open and demonstrative way. The provocative skills become more and more honed. This time around the number of the draft resolution sponsors was not four (like in October 2011) but nineteen. Besides seven Security Council members (the USA, France, Great Britain, Togo, Portugal, Germany, Colombia) there were twelve more ‘co-authors’: Morocco (the official author of the draft), Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, and even Libya. An attempt was made to present the draft as ‘an all Arabs stance.’

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Portugal: The General Strike By Boaventura de Sousa Santos

23 November 2011 — MRZine

General strikes were common in Europe and in the U.S. towards the end of the nineteenth century and in the first decades of the twentieth century.  They provoked great debates within the labor movement and within the revolutionary parties and movements (anarchist, communist, socialist).

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Portugal: General Strike 24 November 2011

19 October 2011 — GREVE GERAL

Against Exploitation and Impoverishment


Jobs, Salaries, Rights, Public Services
Following the agreement signed with the IMF/EU/ECB Troika, Portugal is confronted with a new and more severe austerity programme, unprecedented since the inauguration of democracy.

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General Strike in Portugal in 24 November

16 November 2011

“We are facing a programme of true aggression against the workers, people and country. The measures presented are a calamity. If implemented, they would plunge the country even deeper in economic recession (with the government admitting that it may be around 3% in 2012), which, instead of reducing it, will only increase the debt burden.

With a deeper recession, we will enter a destructive cycle of austerity policies, added recession and higher debt, repeating what is already happening, namely in Greece, with disastrous outcomes for the workers, people and country, which are very visible today.”

Read the “manifesto” of the strike in English here:

Stop NATO News: November 10, 2011

10 November 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Russia: IAEA’s Iran Report Replicates Iraq War Build-Up
  • NATO Chief Tells Iran To Halt Uranium Enrichment
  • NATO Allies U.S., Portugal To Collaborate Against Syria, Iran
  • U.S. Interceptor Missiles In Northern Seas Gravest Threat To Russia
  • Video And Text: Serbia Is Flashpoint In New World Disorder
  • Georgia ‘Lot Closer To NATO’: Rasmussen

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“Lessons on Libya” | Partido Comunista Português

10 September 2011 — Partido Comunista Português

[Apologies for the pretty bad translation. WB]

Translated ‘Avante!’ article by Luis Carapinha, member of the PCP Internaional Department

On the unfortunate war in Libya much has been written and talked about. Out from the dominant media channels many streams of lies and disinformation have spouted out, together with much folklore and shooting (many the time point-blank) at the same time. What atrociously stands out, within this very new corporative journalism embedded with imperialism, the assumed or agreed irrational non-will (times oblige one to do…) in reading and understanding reality.

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The Left Bloc and Resistance Across Europe

19 September 2011 — The BulletSocialist Project E-Bulletin No. 545

A major European Conference Against Austerity is slated for London on 1 October, as part of building and coordinating a set of mobilizations across the fall in Europe. A key zone for the anti-austerity struggle is Portugal. The administration of José Sócrates, of the ‘Third Wayist’ Partido Socialista, was already moving toward sharp public sector austerity. It was replaced by a right-wing coalition of Partido Social Democrata, under the leadership of Prime Minister Pedro Coelho, and the Partido Popular. The Portuguse party, Bloco de Esquerda (Left Bloc), has been the fulcrum of opposition to austerity.

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