Déjà vu and Syrian Chemical Weapons By Wayne MADSEN

26 August 2013 — Strategic Culture Foundation

President George W. Bush’s chief political adviser Karl Rove once infamously said of the United States under Bush, «We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality». And the reality created by Rove, Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and other war hawks convinced the world, wrongly, that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, that Saddam’s agents were seeking yellow cake uranium in Africa, and that Saddam’s army possessed mobile biological weapon laboratories capable of releasing anthrax.

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Black Agenda Report for April 17, 2013: Waking Up With an Obama-Ache, Obama & The Class War

17 April 2013 — Black Agenda Report

This week in Black Agenda Report

The Big Nausea: Waking Up With an Obama-Ache

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Who will defend the indefensible Obama? Answer: There will be fewer and fewer Obamapologists, as each day passes. “For the monumentally dysfunctional Black Misleadership Class, the winding down of the Age of Obama is cause for frantic repositioning, and for the revising of their own histories.”

Book: DESTROYING LIBYA AND WORLD ORDER – The Three-Decade U.S. Campaign to Terminate the Qaddafi Revolution By Francis A. Boyle

14 March 2013 — Clarity Press

An Inside Track on the Longest US War
–from 1981 to 2011–
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Mali: Here We Go Again By Sheldon Richman

28 January 2013 — Explore Freedom

In testimony before Senate and House committees, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton enthusiastically endorsed increased U.S. intervention in Africa. When government officials seem incapable of learning obvious lessons from the recent past, maybe their incentive is not to learn but to keep doing the same destructive things.

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Susan Rice: Being Attacked For All Of The Wrong Reasons By Sean Fenley

20 November, 2012 — Countercurrents.org

Susan Rice is, unequivocally, irascible, mean-spirited and a very disagreeable person. This has not previously been an impediment, though, to one becoming a US Secretary of State. We can probably all recall the fiendish relish that Hillary Clinton took in the illicit and barbarian slaughter of Col. Muammar Qaddafi. Seemingly possessed and gleefully uttering, “We came we saw he died!” Died at the hands of thuggish Salafi “democratic” ruffians, that were being resolutely backed by the NATO vehemency to overthrow the ostensible “mad dog of the Middle East”. Continue reading this...

After Libya, NATO Intervention Threatens To Destabilize Entire Region By John Cherian

24-26 March 2012 — Frontline

Slipping into chaos

One year after the NATO intervention, Libya faces disintegration as the oil-rich eastern region seeks semi-autonomy

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Imperialism, despotism, and democracy in Syria By Joseph Massad

6 February 2012 — MCW

democracy in SyriaIn the context of the US invasion of the Gulf in 1991, British academic Fred Halliday announced his new right-wing affiliations in the British newspaper the New Statesman by declaring: “If I have to choose between imperialism and fascism, I choose imperialism.” It never occurred to Halliday that he could have opposed both and supported home-grown democratic struggles instead.

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The Threat of War Against Iran and Syria is Real By Shamus Cooke

31 December 2011 — Global Research

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In Syria, the Libya war formula is being implemented with precision: in the name of protecting ‘human rights,’ the U.S. is enlisting the Arab League to open the gates for a U.S.-backed ‘coalition’ of regional countries to implement a ‘no fly zone,’ i.e. war.

Numerous U.S. news outlets reported–without verification– that protesters in Syria were ‘demanding a no fly zone’ and an ‘Arab army’ to invade and topple the Syrian government.

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Libya Newslinks 30 November 2011

30 November 2011 — williambowles.info

Qaddafi’s Daughter Urges Libyans to Topple Interim Government
Fox News
Libya’s new leaders, who received the backing of the US, France, Britain and other countries in their fight against Qaddafi, appear eager to assure the world of their commitment to democracy and human rights. Interior Minister Fawzy Abdul-Ali …

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Syria Newslinks 19-20 November 2011

20 November 2011 — williambowles.info

20 November 2011
The “Free Syria Army”: Placard-Waving Protesters are actually Machine Gun-Wielding Terrorists
GlobalResearch.ca Tomorrow at 04:56
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

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Libya Newslinks 19 November 2011

19 November 2011 — williambowles.info

Qaddafi son Saif caught in S. Libya
CBS News
Free Libya TV broadcast an image said to be Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam after his arrest in the south of Libya, Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011. (CBS) Muammar Qaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam — the only wanted member of the ousted ruling family to remain …

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Libya Newslinks 8-10 November 2011

10 November 2011 — williambowles.info

10 November 2011
Bout likens his trial to Kafka’s works in diary
Russiatoday.ruToday at 10:05
Russian businessman Viktor Bout has likened the way the US court handled his case with Kafka’s book The Process and also with the all-out attack on Libya.

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Libya Newslinks 1-4 November 2011

4 November 2011 — williambowles.info

4 November 2011
THE ROVING EYE : Fear and loathing in the Cannes debt festival
Asia Times Online Today at 11:00
After posing as the Great Liberator of Libya, French President Nicolas Sarkozy thought this week’s Cannes Group of 20 summit would crown his Napoleonic ambitions. Instead, the Greeks made the (invisible) God of the Market angrier than Zeus and more psychotic than a German chancellor. All eyes are on China, but the Middle Kingdom’s generosity carries a hefty price tag – European exceptionalism itself. – Pepe Escobar (Nov 4, ’11)

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America’s Death Pornography Culture: Celebrating brutal deaths of Qaddafi and Saddam By Wayne MADSEN

29 October 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The United States government and military revels in death and pornographic intimidation. The videos and photographs of howling Iraqis celebrating the hanging of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein after his U.S.-administered kangaroo court trial in Iraq and the physical abuse, alleged sodomizing, and execution of Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi by NATO-armed and directed rebels after his convoy in Sirte was reportedly struck by a U.S. drone-launched missile, exemplify America’s fixation with pornographic death scenes…

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