Sweden’s Politically Motivated Persecution of Wikileaks’ Assange By John Goss

28 June 2014 — The Greanville Post

For more than two years, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been a de facto political prisoner, confined to the grounds of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Back in August 2010, a Swedish press exclusive with the emotionally charged word “rape,” in connection with Julian Assange’s name, spread rapidly across the world like a viral infection. Since then, it has been difficult to change any public misconception that he has been guilty of forcibly having sex with two women, on separate occasions, within the span of a week. This itself should ring alarm bells: two accusations, days apart. Sweden, against all other advanced legal systems, has its own interpretation of what constitutes rape, and this appears to be anything from consensual sexual relations to forced penetration, and judging from the high-profile Assange farce, it is not a country to which single men would be advised to travel.

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Syria: HUMANITARIAN MURDER: Killing in the Name of Peace By David Swanson

18 September 2013 — Counterpunch

This past Sunday night on “60 Minutes” John Miller of CBS News said, “I’ve spoken with intelligence analysts who have said an uncomfortable thing that has a ring of truth, which is: the longer this war in Syria goes on, in some sense the better off we are.”

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Story of Iran “Rape Threat” Written by Neo-Con Cartoon Character “Reza Kahlili” By Tony Cartalucci

8 September 2013 — Land Destroyer

“Reza Kahlili” is not his real name. Appearing either masked or silhouetted, “Reza Kahlili” is a reoccurring character in the US Neo-Con’s long-running pro-war, anti-Iranian propaganda campaign, stretching all the way back to the Bush administration. His biography, as stated on Neo-Con warmonger Joseph Farah’s “World Net Daily” (WND), is as follows:  Continue reading this...
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‘Limited But Persuasive’ Evidence – Syria, Sarin, Libya, Lies By David Edwards

13 June 2013 — Media Lens

ComRes poll supported by Media Lens interviewed 2,021 British adults, asking:

‘How many Iraqis, both combatants and civilians, do you think have died as a consequence of the war that began in Iraq in 2003?’

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Smearing those Who Speak the Truth: The Media Myth of “Regime Apologists” By Devon DB

8 April 2013 — Global Research

Given the current conflict in Syria, there are many in the alternative media whose main focus when reporting on the fighting is the actions of the rebels. This has earned such media outlets and writers the taunts and attacks of others who label them “regime apologists.” Continue reading this...


8 March 2013Pambazuka News



The authoritative electronic weekly newsletter and platform for social justice in Africa


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22 February 2013 — Pambazuka News

The authoritative electronic weekly newsletter and platform for social justice in Africa

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WikiLeaks is a rare truth-teller. Smearing Julian Assange is shameful By John Pilger

14 February 2013 — John Pilger

Last December, I stood with supporters of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange in the bitter cold outside the Ecuadorean embassy in London. Candles were lit; the faces were young and old and from all over the world. They were there to demonstrate their human solidarity with someone whose guts they admired. They were in no doubt about the importance of what Assange had revealed and achieved, and the grave dangers he now faced. Absent entirely were the lies, spite, jealousy, opportunism and pathetic animus of a few who claim the right to guard the limits of informed public debate. 
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The crisis in the SWP-Britain

30 January, 2013 — Socialist Worker (UK)

Since its national conference in January, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) in Britain, the country’s largest revolutionary organization, has been shaken by the most severe crisis in its history, stemming from the failure of its leadership to properly respond to rape and sexual harassment allegations made against a leading member, and, in turn, from attempts to stifle discussion of this failure and its consequences.

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Crisis in the Socialist Workers Party reveals a crisis of the left By William Bowles

17 January 2013 — williambowles.info

Hmmm… I’ve been watching the ‘left’ here in the UK tear itself apart literally for decades, and it had been going on for decades prior to my arrival on the scene. What’s difficult to swallow is the attitude expressed below (which I’m reprinting in its entirety), where the writer reacts to the events that are currently tearing the SWP apart, as if it’s something new on the ‘left’.

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NATO models Syria plot after Hitler’s rape of Czechoslovakia By Webster G. Tarpley

 31 December 2012PressTV

In the annals of international criminal aggression, the destabilization, dismemberment, and ultimate annihilation of independent Czechoslovakia in 1938 and 1939 by Hitler’s Nazi regime has come to occupy a place of particular infamy. 

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Greek lessons By Dan Hind

27 Aug 2012 – Aljazeera

Hind’s piece is followed by a response from Lenin’s tomb

Could political radicals learn a few lessons from how Syriza created a diverse coalition in Greece? By Dan Hind

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Assange / Wikileaks Newslinks 22 August 2012

22 August 2012 — williambowles.info

UK media lines up behind campaign to extradite Assange and silence WikiLeaks
World Socialist Web Site Today at 16:33 The British media has played a venal role throughout the ongoing efforts to witch-hunt and silence WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

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WikiLeaks under threat: Assange extradition judgement tomorrow


State of play of attacks against WikiLeaks to date Tuesday May 29, 2012 20:30 GMT


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