The Debtor’s War: A Modern Greek Tragedy By Andrew Gavin Marshall

7 November 2013 — Andrew Gavin Marshall

Early on Thursday, 7 November 2013, Greek riot police stormed the offices of Greece’s main public broadcaster, which had been under a five-month occupation by workers who opposed the government’s decision to shut down the broadcaster, firing thousands and destroying a major cultural institution. The broadcast seems to have come to an end.

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‘Unsafe’: Snowden’s advisor from WikiLeaks fears returning to UK

6 November 2013 — RT

The statement published by WikiLeaks on Wednesday explains how Sarah Harrison helped Snowden successfully get Russian temporary asylum, which he received on August 1, despite “substantial pressure from the United States.”  Continue reading this...

Corpwatch: Six Telecom Companies Face Formal Complaint for Collusion With UK Spy Agency

4 November 2013 – Corpwatch

WHAT’S NEW ON CORPWATCH: Holding Corporations Accountable

Six Telecom Companies Face Formal Complaint for Collusion With UK Spy Agency
Pratap Chatterjee
November 4th, 2013

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Police State UK: The NSA spy scandal and the attack on press freedom By Chris Marsden

6 November 2013 — WSWS

Recently released police documents on the August 18 arrest and questioning at London’s Heathrow airport of David Miranda, the domestic partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald, are a serious warning on the advanced stage of the decay of democracy in Britain and internationally.

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Legal Expert: “Under [the Government’s] Definition, The Pentagon Papers Could Be Treated As The Same Act As The 9-11 Bombings”

4 November 2013 —  WashingtonsBlog

“Espionage Or Terrorism … Classifications Are Now Entirely Arbitrary”

As we’ve documented ad nauseum, the American and British governments are treating whistleblowers and reporters as terrorists.

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Police State UK: British response to surveillance leaks ‘eroding’ freedom – human rights groups

4 November 2013 — RT

The UK government’s response to revelations of mass surveillance leaked by Edward Snowden is leading to the erosion of fundamental rights and freedoms in Britain, said a letter sent to PM David Cameron on behalf of global human rights organizations.

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Statewatch News Online, 4 November 2013 (19/13): Metropolitan police detained David Miranda for promoting ‘political’ causes

4 November 2013 — Statewatch

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Re Mass Meeting on Surveillance

2 November 2013

Re Mass Meeting on Surveillance:

As the article below doesn’t actually inform you as to date and location (and instead gives you a link to a damn Facebook page, here is the info):

Monday, 4 November 6:45 – 9pm at RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects?!)
66 Portland Place London W1B 1AD

Do the organisers NOT want people to attend? And why at RIBA? Here’s the actual invitation and a list of all the ‘usual suspects’ hosting it and note, not a single representative from the ‘left’ on the panel of speakers: Continue reading this...

Statewatch News Online, 28 October 2013 (17/13): EU rules on maritime rescue: Member States quibble while migrants drown

28 October 2013 — Statewatch News Online,  28 October 2013 (17/13)

Home page: 

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Police State UK: ‘Press handling with talking heads’: Snowden files reveal enormous GCHQ efforts to escape legal challenge

26 October 2013 — RT

The UK’s spy agency GCHQ was doing whatever it could to avoid igniting a “damaging public debate” and a subsequent possibility of a legal threat over its surveillance practices and cooperation with telecoms, new Snowden papers reveal.

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Get your Clause off our hospitals! By Jos Bell

26 October 2013 — Our NHS

The House of Lords has blown a hole in local people’s right to have a say if their hospital is closed – all eyes are now on the Commons.

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‘Go Home’ texts expose racist, anti-migrant British policy to the world By Les Back and Shamser Sinha

26 October 2013 — Our Kingdom

Last week two London academics exposed a racist government blunder, sparking international embarrassment and a statement from the Prime Minister. A small victory in the jaws of defeat, they say. Here is their report on one week in anti-immigrant times.


UK Labour seeks to outdo Conservatives with right-wing policies By Jordan Shilton

24 October 2013 — WSWS

Labour is intensifying its rightward shift and is seeking to outdo the Conservative-Liberal coalition on every area of government policy.

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“The struggle to tell the truth through stories”: An interview with British film and television producer Tony Garnett—Part 1

23 October 2013 — WSWS

Part 2 Here

In a retrospective this summer, “Seeing Red,” the British Film Institute (BFI) celebrated the work of veteran film and television producer Tony Garnett. The BFI described Garnett as one of television’s “most influential figures,” who “produced and fostered a succession of provocative, radical and sometimes incendiary dramas.” Continue reading this...