CCR Says: This is Your Victory: End Stop and Frisk Today

13 August 2013 — Center for Constitutional Rights

[It’s great to know, that every once in awhile, we, that is, we the People, achieve a significant victory over the forces of repression and reaction. And CCR’s legal battle to overturn ‘stop and frisk’ in NYC reminds me that back in 1980, the equivalent law here in the UK was called the “Suss Law” and its use against people of colour by the Met police eventually triggered riots that saw cities burn. The Suss Law was eventually repealed only to be re-instated (conveniently) by the phony ‘war on terror’ and used to stop hundreds of thousands of people, with virtually no ‘terror’ arrests. WB]

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UK council leaders warn of social unrest By Robert Stevens

8 January 2013 — World Socialist Website

The leaders of three Labour Party-controlled city councils wrote a letter to the Observer, published December 29, warning that the scale of the Conservative/Liberal Democrat austerity agenda could lead to “the break-up of civil society”.

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Washington “tests” new strategy on Syria By Ilya Kharlamov

2 November, 2012Voice of Russia

The US is making new attempts to intervene the domestic crisis in Syria. Washington has made up a list of individuals and organizations it wants to see in the renewed leadership of the Syrian opposition and the new Syrian government after the victory over the “regime”.

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Video: Bahrain crackdown: Tactics & weapons imported from UK — RT

15 February 2012 — Bahrain crackdown: Tactics & weapons imported from UK — RT

Pictures of a crackdown by heavily armed police on protesters in Bahrain appear to be similar to many others during the Arab Spring. This time the weapons, as well as the tactics, have been imported from the UK.

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Deaths in Syria: Counting them (politically) correctly — RT

9 February 2012Deaths in Syria: Counting them (politically) correctly — RT

High casualty numbers in Syria are reported daily by the media, even though a blackout makes them unverifiable. Things became murkier after a human rights site, which enjoyed frequent citations, split in two and began giving conflicting reports.

The British-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR) is one of the most widely-quoted sources of Syrian casualty figures. However the group is currently experiencing an ownership row, which has left media outlets wondering how reliable this source is.

Currently there are two sites, each claiming to be the official Observatory. The original one is in Arabic with an English version on Facebook. The splinter site was launched in December, with most posts in English. Both call each other impostors.

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Statewatch News Online, 22 December 2011

Home page:

1.    EU: ECJ: Judgment: France’s appeal against the judgment of the General Court removing the PMOI the EU
2.    UK: POLICE OFFICER ON JURY: ECHR: Police officer’s presence on jury made trial unfair
3.    EU: EURO CRISIS: Statewatch Analysis: Draft Agreement on Reinforced Economic Union (REU Treaty) by Steve Peers
4.    UK: AUGUST RIOTS: Policing Large Scale Disorder: Lessons from the disturbances of August 2011
5.    UK: AUGUST RIOTS: HMIC report: The rules of engagement A review of the August 2011 disorders
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Media Lens: Inciting Violence – Irony And The English Riots

28 September 2011 — Media Lens

Ironies abound in the media reaction to the English riots that erupted between August 6-10.

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Military whistleblower tells of ‘indiscriminate’ Israeli attacks By Donald Macintyre

16 September 2011 — The Independent

Troops fired tear gas during a curfew in a West Bank village to stop peaceful demonstrations

Palestinian protesters run from tear gas fired by Israeli troops in Nabi Saleh in January 2010 (Reuters)


Israeli troops fired tear gas indiscriminately and sometimes dangerously to enforce a daytime curfew inside a West Bank village to stop Palestinians holding a peaceful demonstration on their own land, a military whistleblower has told The Independent.

The soldier’s insight into the methods of troops comes as the Israeli military prepares for demonstrations predicted when the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas submits an application for the recognition of statehood to the UN next week.

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Video: British WWII veteran jailed for recording court hearing

28 August 2011 — RT

British prisons are full to bursting. Courts are working overtime sending young people to jail for their role in the recent riots in England. If they are sent to Leeds prison, they will be languishing alongside 85-year-old Norman Scarth.

­The senior citizen plied the Arctic Sea during the Second World War, risking his life taking essential supplies to the Soviet Union on the most dangerous journey in the world. Now, he is serving six months in prison on the whim of a British judge. His crime is recording a court hearing. He said he did it because he has hard of hearing, but the judge did not accept it.

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25 August 2011 — Manifesto Club

In the wake of the riots, home secretary Theresa May proposed broad new police powers ‘to impose a general curfew in a particular area’. Other politicians proposed powers to block social network sites, or to ban face coverings.

As we outlined in a Manifesto Club statement – there is absolutely no need for more police powers. The basic power of arrest for criminal damage and theft was all that was needed: yet this power was woefully applied.

Worse, open-ended powers (as with on-the-spot fines or dispersal orders) tend to be used in a petty way against perfectly innocent people. See our article, ‘Policing the Innocent, Ignoring the Riotous‘.

UK Riots: The violence of the violated By A. Sivanandan

16 August 2011 — IRR

The director of the Institute of Race Relations comments on the recent riots.

Everyone is clutching at explanations for the riots – gangs, greed, family breakdown, lack of respect. But I would like to go into their deeper causes.

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Statewatch News Online, 24 August 2011: Migrants / UK Riots

24 August 2011 — Home page: e-mail:

  1. Italy/north Africa: Concern over the violation of rights of migrants who were refused entry, expelled, held in detention centres
  2. France: “The law of France must be respected” :
  3. EU: European Commission: Report for 2010 on Regulation on public access to documents
  4. CoE: HR Commissioner, Thomas Hammarberg: Excessive use of pre-trial detention runs against human rights
  5. UK: Long Lartin unit for terror suspects criticised
  6. Spain: Neighbourhood groups’ report on racist identity checks in Madrid
  7. UK: Deaths in detention centres
  8. Statewatch Observatory: UK: Surveillance statistics: 1937 – 2010
  9. EU: Council of the European Union: European Police Chiefs Convention
  10. EU: Council of the European Union: Single permit Directive, Discrimination Directive, Asylum reception conditions, TFTP
  11. EU: Council of the European Union: Directive on the right of access to a lawyer in criminal proceedings
  12. UK: Report by the Children’s Commissioner: Landing in Kent: The experiences of unaccompanied children arriving in the UK

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UK Riots This from Channel 4 News Email…

UK Riots: This from Channel 4 News Email, 19 August 2011:

First off a special investigation into just what happened in the crucial hours in and around Tottenham police station in north London, in the lead up to the recent riots. This programme has uncovered some startling new information about what the police and the IPPC – the police complaints investigation body – did or did not do as the family of Mark Duggan waited….and waited….and waited for answers about why he had been shot.

And as they waited at the police station, bystanders gathered, onlookers arrived, the word was out that trouble was brewing – so what actions did the police take? What was the plan which they put into place knowing a demonstration over the shooting was about to unfold.

Tonight we do not go into the whys and wherefores of how and why Mr Duggan was shot that day – that is not our focus. What we uncover though are some pretty stark indications that more could have been done – way more – in the vital hours which led up to violent street disorder

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Broken Britain: Broken record By Ann Czernik

16 August 2011 — Morning Star

If riots are the voices of the unheard, they’ve come over loud and clear. But nothing we’ve heard from government [that] will bring an end to the causes of unrest.

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