You ain’t gonna know me ‘cos you think you know me – Louis Moholo-Moholo

13 April 2017 — Youtube

I can’t get enough of this music, so here’s a very famous song, dedicated to former Blue Notes  trumpeter, Mongezi Feza and written in his memory. From the album Spirits Rejoice! 1978 (Ogun).

Louis Moholo – drums
Harry Miller – bass
Johnny Dyani – bass
Nick Evans – trombone
Radu Malfatti – trombone
Evan Parker – tenor sax
Keith Tippet – piano
Kenny Wheeler – trumpet

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An Interview with Louis Moholo-Moholo

13 April 2017 — Cafe Oto

My friend, the fabulous, and apparently immortal Bra Louis Moholo-Moholo is performing at Cafe Oto tomorrow, Friday 14 April. It’s been nine months since he was here, so all you London bods who are into SA music should try and make it. He will be joined by longtime music partners The Four Blokes (now upgraded to The Five Blokes), Jason Yarde and Shabaka Hutchings (saxophones), John Edwards (bass), and Alexander Hawkins (piano) and of course, Bra Louis on drums.

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Video: Rebels of the 9th Art A documentary film by Nicoletta Fagiolo

30 October 2016 — Youtube

Rebels of the 9th Art A documentary film by Nicoletta Fagiolo, 2009, 24images.

A rising generation of African editorial cartoonists is addressing corruption, violence and the difficulties of daily life What are their styles? Who are their heroes? What is the “African angle” they portray? How do they see the west? What censorship issues do they face? Why are cartoonists in Africa assaulted, jailed, sacked, banned and even assassinated? And some even forced to flee into exile?

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Video: The Giant Is Falling Official Trailer 2016

10 October 2016 — Youtube

The Giant is Falling takes us through the big political events of recent years that signify the dying days of the ANC in South Africa. Locating the moment when things fell apart as the Marikana Massacre, the film charts the various ways people have collectively responded to the ANC’s failure to deliver on its promises. From the end of the ANC’s special relationship with the trade unions, to the #FeesMustFall student movement, to the more recent crushing electoral losses at the polls for the party of liberation, the film picks at the festering sore of inequality that is making the current status quo untenable.


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NSA: Proliferation Watch: U.S. Intelligence Assessments of Potential Nuclear Powers, 1977-2001

17 December 2013 — National Security Archive

First Publication of Recently Declassified Satellite Photographs of South African Nuclear Test Site–1977

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The U.S.’ South Africa Policy at the Time of Mandela’s Arrest By Lauren Harper

13 December 2013 — Unredacted

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 11.20.31 AMNelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison by a South African court on June 12, 1964, after being found guilty of sabotage and conspiracy to violently overthrow the apartheid government. While Mandela’s imprisonment was criticized in the U.S. and abroad, at the time of his arrest, U.S. policy towards South Africa was more concerned with preserving access to South Africa’s natural resources than directly confronting apartheid. The five documents included in today’s posting, all part of the Digital National Security Archive’s South Africa collection, provide a glimpse of the U.S. walking a tightrope between strategic concerns and human rights issues at the time of Mandela’s arrest, and contextualize the outpouring of response to Mandela’s recent passing.

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FOIA Sourcing: Cuban Intervention in Angola By Lauren Harper

2 November 2013 — Unredacted

Lobito Lighthouse 1995. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

In November 1975 while Angola was battling for independence and internal and external forces were competing for primacy, Cuban forces militarily intervened in support of the leftist MPLA movement and against US-supported movements.“By the end of 1975 the Cuban military in Angola numbered more than 25,000 troops. Following the retreat of Zaire and South Africa, Cuban forces remained in Angola to support the MPLA government against UNITA in the continuing Angolan Civil War.” Continue reading this...

G4S guard bludgeoned woman to death By Clare Sambrook

30 October 2013 — Our Kingdom

A murder conviction raises fresh doubts about a government outsourcer’s competence and integrity.

Last November a 42 year-old pharmaceutical worker from Thailand took part in a conference about HIV treatment at Glasgow’s Clyde Auditorium. Her name was Khanokporn Satjawat. A G4S guard checked Satjawat’s ID. He didn’t like her manner. Later he followed her into the toilets and bludgeoned her to death with a fire extinguisher.

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Abdullah Ibrahim: ‘The Mountain / Nisa / Mississippi’

17 October 2013 — Jazz on the Tube

Festival de Jazz de San Sebastian 2011. Filmed in Plaza de la Trinidad, Donosti, Spain. Beautiful music

Personnel: Abdullah Ibrahim, piano, Cleave Guyton, alto sax, flute, Keith Loftis , tenor sax, Andrae Murchinson, trombone, Toni Kofi, baritone sax, Belden Bullock, bass, George Gray, drums Continue reading this...

Abdullah Ibrahim: ‘Capetown Flower’

9 October 2013 — Jazz on the Tube

Born on 9 October 1934, Abdullah Ibrahim (formerly known as Dollar Brand), is perhaps one of South Africa’s best known musicians, and this, one of his best known and most beautiful compositions.

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Obama in South Africa: Washington tells Pretoria how to ‘play the game’ in Africa By Patrick Bond

1 July, 2013 – Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

US President Barack Barack Obama’s weekend trip to South Africa may have the desired effect of slowing the geopolitical realignment of Pretoria to the Brazil-India-Russia-China-South Africa (BRICS) axis. That shift to BRICS has not, however, meant deviation from the hosts’ political philosophy, best understood as “talk left, walk right” since it mixes anti-imperialist rhetoric with pro-corporate policies. Continue reading this...

Hugh Masekela – ‘Coal Train’

30 June 2013

Recorded at the Freedom Beat Festival on Clapham Common on June 28, 1986

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BLACK AGENDA TV – “Black Diamonds”: South Africa’s Black Millionaires Act as Middlemen for Corporate Power

16 May 2013 — Black Agenda Report

By The Editors

An elite class of Black millionaires has “accumulate wealth at the expense of the vast majority” of South Africa’s people, said community organizer and researcher Molefi Ndlovu, on the latest edition of Black Agenda Television. These “Black Diamonds,” as they are called, have become “a sort of middleman, people who push the envelop for the people who hold real power in the country.”

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BRICS: ‘Anti-imperialist’ or ‘sub-imperialist’? By Patrick Bond

20 March 2013 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

“We reaffirm the character of the ANC as a disciplined force of the left, a multi-class mass movement and an internationalist movement with an anti-imperialist outlook” — so said Jacob Zuma, orating to his masses at the year’s largest African National Congress celebration, in Durban on January 12, 2013.[1]

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