Gaza Friends: Israel Put on Notice Throughout the World

27 March 2014

Internationals from 20 countries came to Istanbul to hear testimony on March 27, 2014 against Israeli officials and to offer their support to the victims on board the Mavi Marmara. Many of these supporters had also been attacked on other flotilla boats; suffering wounds, unlawful detention, torture and theft of money, credit cards and possessions at the hands of the Israeli militants.

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Israeli Forces Kill a Judge in Cold Blood at al-Karamah Border Crossing with Jordan

11 March 2014 — PCHR - Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

Ref: 27/2014 – Date: 11 March 2014 – Time: 13:00 GMT

In a cold-blooded murder, on Monday morning 10 March 2014, Israeli forces stationed at the al-Karamah checkpoint with Jordan killed a judge working in Amman Magistrate’s Court while he was on his way back to the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).  Israeli forces claimed that the judge attempted to seize the weapon of an Israeli soldier who in response shot and killed him. Investigations conducted by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) refuted the Israeli claims and emphasized that the judge did not constitute any threat to the lives of the Israeli soldiers.

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Ariel Sharon, Another War Crime Surfaces: Expulsion and Massacre of the Bedouins By Jonathan Cook

14 February 2014 — Haaretz

Forty-two years late, another Israeli war crime emerges from the shadows. In this case, dozens, and more probably hundreds, of Israeli soldiers kept a decades-long vow of secrecy. One of them is Shlomo Gazit, today a respected (in Israel, at least) academic at Tel Aviv University.

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Why I Wrote the Song “Checkpoint” and Exposed the Apartheid I Witnessed in Palestine

12 February 2014 — Black Youth Project

I honestly had no intention on writing a song based on the trip I took to Palestine and Israel recently as part of a delegation of African-American activists and artists, sponsored by the Carter Center. I’m still having a difficult time processing what I witnessed. I spent much of the trip trying to get my head around how one group of human beings could be so inhumane to another group of human beings. I still can’t understand. By day 4 of our 7 day trip I wanted to come home. The mental intensity of what I saw that the brutality of the stories I heard had taken a toll on me to the point where I had enough. Continue reading this...