David Kay and the CIA By William Bowles

5 October 2003

David Kay“[David] Kay admitted that he made what he called a “Faustian bargain” with the intelligence community” – ‘Hans Blix and David Kay’, wanniski.com[1]

As I suggested in a previous piece (“Bush spells it out“[2]), the Iraq Survey Group’s interim report infers that Saddam pulled a ‘fast one’ on the USUK by ‘conning’ them into thinking Iraq had WMDs whereas in fact they didn’t and that this led to Iraq being invaded.

In an article headed “Hussein’s Weapons May Have Been Bluff“[3] (01/10/03), the lie has been given substance by the Washingtom Post (amongst others) where we read:

“With no chemical or biological weapons yet found in Iraq, the U.S. official in charge of the search for Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction is pursuing the possibility that the Iraqi leader was bluffing, pretending he had distributed them to his most loyal commanders to deter the United States from invading.”

The article goes on to say:

“David Albright, president of the Institute for Science and International Security and a former United Nations weapons inspector who has been in contact with Iraqi scientists since the war, said: “The idea of deployment and the authority to launch was very solid. But it’s now being looked at as possibly misinformation or that they were playing with us.”

This in spite of all the protestations to the contrary made in public statements as well as in statements made to the UN Security Council prior to the invasion. And what is this fantastic assertion based on?

“In particular, [David] Kay has examined prewar Iraqi communications collected by U.S. intelligence agencies indicating that Iraqi commanders — including Ali Hassan Majeed, also known as “Chemical Ali” — were given the authority to launch weapons of mass destruction against U.S. troops as they advanced north from Kuwait.”

But in spite of Albright’s assertion, Kay’s report to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Defense and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence contains not one mention of any kind of substantiated evidence to ‘fool the UN’ or anyone else into thinking that they possessed WMDs.

But of course, failing any actual proof of WMDs, what better excuse to conjure up than the fantasy that the USUK were ‘duped’ into invading!

Indeed, the report, if that’s what it can be called, is chock full of suppositions, suggestions, suspicions and maybes, but nothing that supports any of the headlines we have read since the release of the report last week, aside from the assertion that Saddam had “intentions” (Kay Report),[4] which of course, nobody is able to substantiate. Every key allegation in Kay’s report to Congress has a caveat that either, it remains to be proved or, the ‘evidence’ has been destroyed, or that there is the ‘suspicion’ that Saddam intended to do such and such.

Who is David Kay?
Even the most cursory investigation of David Kay’s past reveals that the mass media is not reporting his political involvement with intelligence agencies and his financial connection to corporations involved in ‘administering’ occupied Iraq. The investigation calls into question anything Kay has to say on the subject of Iraq’s alleged WMDs and his suitability for the position of heading the so-called Iraq Survey Group.

In fact, Kay’s connections to the Pentagon, the CIA, ultra right-wing Israeli ‘think-tanks’, a major military contractor called SAIC and the Iraqi Reconstruction and Redevelopment Council, all the members of whom are actually employees of SAIC, reveals a relationship extending back to the middle of 1990s and even before, to Ronald Reagan’s government. A relationship that the corporate press is not mentioning, and with good reason, for in doing so it would reveal the suspect nature of anything Kay has to say about Iraq’s alleged WMD ‘programme’ prior to the invasion.

“Under Reagan, he was a chief scientist for the Pentagon as well as serving as a section chief for the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Administration of the UN) from 1983 until 1991. During this time, Hans Blix – Kay’s boss – who was a man of integrity, was continually pressured…first [by] Reagan, then Bush [senior] to come up with ‘evidence’ that oil-rich Iraq posed a sufficient nuclear threat for the US to invade (and thus to capture the oil).”

Let the buyer beware
Kay also has connections to the man who supplied much of the totally discredited information on Iraq’s alleged nuclear weapons programme, Khidir Hamza who, surprise-surprise is also now an employee of SAIC as a member of the Iraqi Reconstruction and Redevelopment Council! Hamza has much to answer for and it’s more than likely that the fabled ‘other documents’ (if they exist at all) that Blah has referred to in connection with the faked Niger yellowcake documents, are the ones supplied to the IAEA in July 1995 by Hamza.

In article by Soloman Hughes written for GlobalResearch, quoting documents leaked from the IAEA:

“Dated July 1995, the IAEA letter describes “two single-page documents, which were represented as official Iraqi correspondence generated in April/May 1994, suggesting the reconstitution of a nuclear weapons programme”.

“There is also reference to ” an additional set of three documents”.

“According to the IAEA, “a detailed analysis of the form and content of the documents “found a large number of errors and inconsistencies”

“The UN weapons inspectors declared that as a result of this investigation, they had “reached the conclusion that, on the basis of all evidence available, these documents are not authentic”.

“Nuclear weapons inspector Maurizio Ferrero described one of the letters rather more bluntly as “a fake”

The documents, first published in the Sunday Times earned Hamza a central role in the US propaganda machine and propelled him right into the heart of the ‘neo-con’ clique that surrounds Bush the smaller. Later, Hamza was to not only disown the faked documents he’d peddled to the Sunday Times, he even claimed that it was a “fake Hamza” who had done the peddling! And no wonder, as it would have ruined his chances for his entré into the inner sanctum of the right-wing had it come to the attention of the public that he was not only peddling fake documents but also inflating his role in Iraq’s arms programme. Hamza, who is also a member of the Iraqi National Congress, was one of a stream of of Iraqi defectors, anxious to sell information to the US, who in turn, were anxious to get hold of any information that backed up their claims of Saddam’s WMD programme.

It was during this time (1995-97) that Kay was ‘doing the rounds’, peddling the lie that Iraq had advanced nuclear weapons, chemical and biological weapons programmes.

In September 2002, “Hamza is brought in by the Bush administration to testify before Congress to whom he makes a long list of allegations, including Saddam’s closeness to weapons production, his ties to Al Queda, etc. Despite Hamza’s earlier exposure as a liar, his testimony was still taken seriously by Congress and the media, and trumpeted as some of the most compelling cause for war.”

David Kay and the SAIC
Until October 2002 David Kay was Senior Vice President for the San Diego-based Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) when Kay leaves SAIC and becomes a ‘senior fellow’ at the Potomac Institute for Policy Research, and then is appointed to head up the Iraq Survey Group by the CIA, although it’s rumoured that he still holds considerable stock in SAIC, which if true, means he stands to benefit considerably from the US occupation of Iraq and the vast contracts awarded to SAIC. According to a report in the AsiaTimes by Katrin Dauenhauer and Jim Lobe:

“[The] SAIC, heavily involved with homeland security projects, has already acquired several reconstruction contracts in Iraq, and Kay and a number of other former company employees are firmly planted in [the] country. The company “has been running the Iraqi Reconstruction and Development Council (IRDC) since the body was established by the Pentagon in February,” Dauenhauer and Lobe reported. “SAIC is also a subcontractor under Vinnell Corporation, another big defense contractor that has long been in charge of training for the Saudi National Guard, hired to reconstitute and train a new Iraqi army.” And SAIC is also running the recently established Iraqi Media Network (IMN) project, whose charge was to “was to put together a new information ministry, complete with television, radio and a newspaper, and the content that would make all three attractive to average Iraqis.”

Bizarrely, it was in February 2003 that the Pentagon established the Iraqi Reconstruction and Development Council under the “Future of Iraq Project”, two months before the invasion, with offices near the Pentagon. The IRDC subsequently moved to Vienna, Austria prior to be being relocated to Baghdad in May under Kay’s sidekick Paul Bremer’s jurisdiction.

“[SAIC] was commissioned by G. W. Bush in 2002 to construct a replica of a mobile WMD laboratory of the sort used by Saddam. This mock up, supposedly destined to be used to train teams searching for WMDs in Iraq, was designed by Stephen Hatfill, the WMD expert now being harangued into isolation and thus silence by Bush’s FBI. Last spring, the Bush administration handed SAIC some of the biggest defense contract plums to be had -a billion-dollar chunk of the NexGen business and an unbelievably porky 10-year contract worth over $600 million.”

But it’s the blatant conflict of interest that’s the most important aspect of Kay’s role in peddling the lie of Saddam’s WMDs, through his relationship to SAIC (‘conveniently’ terminated last October) and of SAIC’s relationship to the Iraqi Reconstruction and Development Council, which is wholy owned by this US defense corporation! A corporation which also has contracts to supply services to the Department of Homeland Security. This is the reality of the 21st century mercenary, where the administration of an occupied country has been handed over, lock, stock and barrel to a company and also through a sub-contract from Vinnell Corp, another mercenary outfit hired by the US government to ‘police’ Iraq.

What the investigation of David Kay reveals is the incestuous and utterly corrupt, interlocking relationship that exists between defense corporations, the Pentagon, right-wing ideologues and the USUK governments at the highest level, that makes any assertions made by Kay, Bush or Blah not worth the paper they’re written on. With billions of dollars of contracts being handed out to corporations that are also involved via people such as Kay and who try and justify the policies that make such contracts possible, is crime of monstrous proportions. A crime that the media ignores completely. This is the real story, and the media need to be called to task for failing to report it.


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