Sami, The Bedouin – Adam, “the Terrorist”

6 August, 2009 — URUk Net

sami.jpgThis picture, of my wife and our little baby I got yesterday evening Aug. 5th 09, a moments before dusk. Today my wife went to visit her brother in the “israeli” jail, and of course she got to take our baby Adam with her.

Adam, our baby, is less than two months, he’s exactly 54 days old today as he went to visit his detained uncle for the first time.

The “israeli” jail is some 40km away from our home, and the journey to it takes some 30-40 minutes in a normal country. In a normal country everything is normal but in a racist regime like in “israel”, everything is hell for the “less human” native Palestinians. In a normal country the trip takes 30-40 minutes, but in a racist regime it takes more than 12 hours.

Today, my wife got up in down and prepared herself to go and meet her dad and sister in Jenin city before they go to the busses of the International Red-Cross to take them to the “israeli” jail. She went and took our baby and they all got in the busses and seemingly everything was OK.

The busses drove 20 minutes to reach the Israeli Apartheid Segregation Wall to get into the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948, ie inside the racist “israeli” regime.

When they got there, the busses were stopped and the “israeli” soldiers, or intelligence agents got into the busses scrutinizing every human and every aspect inside there, they intend to turn the visitor’s journey into hell and they always succeed.

The soldier, interrogator, security agent or who the hell he was kept searching until her reached my wife. He looked at her angrily asking of our baby: “Who’s this?”

-“It’s my baby.” Replied my wife.

-“And what is he doing here?”

-“He’s my baby.” Replied my wife amazed at his question.

-“You are violating the rules, he is not allowed to go in.” said the soldier decisively.

-“What? He’s just a baby.” Shouted my wife unbelieving what is going on.

-“He’s not allowed and you are violating the law. Next time you got to be punished.”

-“What?” still unbelieving what is going on.

-“He is not a first degree relative, and not allowed to visit accordingly.” Replied the soldier angrily.

And for those who don’t know the “israeli” “law”, their racist law anyway, only the first degree relatives are allowed to visit the prisoner, ie his mom, dad, sisters and brothers…. And Adam, our 54 days old baby is not allowed simply because he’s just a nephew and not first degree relative…. The hell with the racist “israeli” regime’s “law”!!!

For my wife’s luck, who didn’t see her brother in jail for seven months, she had her old father with her, some 70+ years old man. Her father suggested a solution that he would return and take the baby back to his grandma until she comes back from the visit, that finally it’s been a long time she didn’t see her brother in the jail.

Yes, it was like this today, a crazy racist country called “israel” prevented our 54 days old baby from visiting his uncle, that their “law” decided it is forbidden for a nephew to see his uncle even if he was less than two months old. But my little Adam was happy to spend a joyful day with his grandma until his mom came late in the evening frustrated and exhausted of a journey that lasted more than 12 hours!!

This is the racist “Israel” that Adam must know and fight against. I will teach him to fight for his freedom and I wouldn’t mind if he loose his life for a dignified life!!! The hell with the “israeli” law, the hell with all the racist regimes.

Sami, the Bedouin

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