NATO DAily Newslinks 11 May, 2010: Albania reportedly to be part of NATO missile shield – Petraeus And NATO Get In Bed With Wali Karzai

Afghan bomb kills two NATO soldiers
KABUL — A bomb attack killed two NATO soldiers in southern Afghanistan on
Tuesday, the military said. The deaths took to 189 the number of
international …

NATO Parliamentarians Attend Opening of Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT …
A delegation of ten members of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s Science
and Technology Committee (STC), led by STC Chairman Michael Mates (United
Kingdom) …

Bomb kills 2 US service members in Afghanistan
The Associated Press
Thousands of US, NATO and Afghan forces have poured into southern
Afghanistan in recent months to try to rout Taliban from areas long ruled
more by the …

Clinton reassures Afghans of US long-term support
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Karzai’s four-day trip to the US comes as Nato prepares for an assault in
southern Kandahar province. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) During a meeting
with …

Macedonia PM: We want deal with Greece over name dispute
He was re-elected in 2008 in a snap election called after Greece blocked
Macedonia’s entry to NATO. He was a World Bank economist before taking
leadership …

Military experts discuss NATO’s Afghan mission
People’s Daily Online
Military experts from six countries are discussing the NATO operation in
Afghanistan at a two-day conference, which started here Tuesday. …
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11/05/2010 France wants to strip down NATO command
Expatica France
One year after rejoining NATO military command, France wants to see the
alliance’s headquarters cut down in size, officials in Defence Minister
Herve …

World leaders crowd source solutions to global security
Participants deliberated ways the European Union and NATO could cooperate
to protect the world from rapidly evolving threats. Some global security
experts …

Albania reportedly to be part of NATO missile shield
Southeast European Times
TIRANA, Albania — Albania may be included in a list of countries where
NATO’s missile defence shield will be deployed, local media reported on
Sunday (May …

NATO – Meeting Future Challenges Together
ISRIA (registration)
About a year ago, when I was preparing for my new job as Secretary General,
I did some reading on NATO’s origins. One of the pieces I came across was
an …

Obama resubmits US-Russia nuclear energy deal
The Associated Press
The move is another sign of warming relations between the US and Russia,
which have previously clashed over NATO expansion plans and Moscow’s claim
of a …

UK lauds Tanzania for enacting anti-piracy law
The Citizen Daily
HMS Chatham is the flagship of the Nato naval forces, which are
participating in the international effort to combat piracy in the Gulf of
Aden and the …

UN Conference On Somalia To Address Security And Stability
RTT News
They also highlighted the role of the European Union, NATO, and other
partners in bringing suspects to justice, in co-operation with Somalia’s
transitional …

Mass Grave Unearthed In Serbia
IndyPosted (blog)
Serb forces then moved many of the bodies form mass graves in Albania to
locations in Serbia when it became clear that NATO was about to become
involved in …

No foreign attempts to mediate solution, US professor
Russians see no prospects for Georgia and Ukraine to be a NATO member
states. And what is your opinion? Georgia has a strong possibility of NATO
membership …

From Kalashnikovs to the M-16 — Afghan Army transitions to NATO weapons
NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan
The NATO basic armorer course is a six-week course designed to familiarize
soldiers and teach them basic maintenance on the variety of NATO weapons
they can …

LOGISTICS: The Central Asian Express
Strategy Page
May 11, 2010: NATO has negotiated a transportation deal to ship supplies
via railroad from Western Europe, through Ukraine, Belarus, Russia,
Kazakhstan and …

Roundtable on “Role of NATO in New Security Order” May 12
The New Nation
A roundtable on “Role of NATO in the New Security Order” will be held at
10am on May 12 at Dhaka Sheraton Hotel in the city. Bangladesh Institute of
Peace …

Governance in Afghanistan
Center For American Progress
But building legitimate, responsive, and self-sustaining Afghan government
institutions is essential if the United States and its NATO International

Afghanistan needs Canada: ambassador
Toronto Sun
Lundin said Afghanistan has benefited from the presence of Canadian and
NATO troops. “People say that we have been fighting the war in Afghanistan
longer …

Drone strike in North Waziristan kills 9
The Express Tribune
This is the second attack in North Waziristan after the head of US and NATO
troops in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, urged Pakistan to start
a …

There is no Greater Glory than to be a Soldier of Macedonia
American Chronicle
I know many of you have said “what are Macedonian soldiers doing supporting
NATO when NATO is not even willing to recognize Macedonia by its
constitutional …

Azerbaijani national leader Heydar Aliyev’s 87th anniversary marked in …
Trend News Agency
… national leader Heydar Aliyev, with the support of the Heydar Aliyev
Foundation, the Azerbaijani Embassy in Belgium and the mission to NATO. …

Speaking at the NPT-Review Conference
FAS Strategic Security Project (blog)
The topic: What prospects are there for a shift in NATO doctrine and for
the future of the US nuclear umbrella in Europe and Asia? What are the
connections …

Farmers block roads in protest
Hundreds of trucks carrying supplies from the Karachi harbour for Nato
troops in Afghanistan were also stranded, media reports said. …

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia to visit NATO
ISRIA (registration)
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tunisia, HE Mr. Kamel
Morjane, will visit NATO Headquarters on Monday 10 May 2010 at 12:30. …

Newsflash: post-communist countries are experiencing severe economic problems!
Contrast this situation to that in Romania, a democracy and a member of the
EU, and NATO. What is happening there? Well after declining by 7.1% in 2009
(for …

The Afghan war — as it really is
During his time there, he writes, the company’s 150 men endured nearly a
fifth of the combat fought by the 70000 NATO troops in Afghanistan. …

Azerbaijani militaries to attend bilateral cooperation programs
NATO logistics experts will hold its regular meeting on May 17-21 in Budva,
Montenegro, in addition to the Azerbaijan-NATO Individual Partnership Plan.

Victory Day military parade
MOSCOW, May 9 (UPI) — Soldiers from four NATO countries marched for the
first time in Russia’s annual Victory Day parade marking the victory in
World War …

New Documents Reveal Truth on NATO’s ‘Most Damaging’ Spy “ Sigmund …
This is the same man whom NATO, in a classified 141-page report, has
recognized as the spy who was “most damaging in Alliance history.” The
report alleges that Simm, as the former head of security at the Estonian
Defense Ministry, …

War News Updates: Nato Debates What To Do With 200 Old American …
By Bookyards
Each packs the power of many Hiroshimas. America’s oldest nuclear weapons,
unwanted, outdated, a legacy of the 20th century, are now the focus of a
political struggle that could shake the NATO alliance in the 21st. …

NATO Review – China: increasing interests, growing power? 2/2
By admin
Is China’s military a key part of the country’s economic drive? We look at
what China’s expanding global interests mean for its armed forces, its
economy and its foreign partners. This video is part of the NATO Review
edition 01/2010 …

Security: NATO and EU told major policy changes needed to protect …
By Mike Hitchen
The new SDA report to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and
European Union (EU) outlines 10 recommendations from the February Security
Jam, which brought together nearly 4000 military, diplomatic and civilian
experts from …

Nato Debates What To Do With 200 Old American Nuclear Weapons And …
By Mexico
“A frontal view of four B-61 nuclear free-fall bombs on a bomb cart.
(Released to Public) Location: BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, LOUISIANA (LA)
1 Dec 1986".

Petraeus And NATO Get In Bed With Wali Karzai | The Seminal
By CTuttle
A lot is happening in Afghanistan while the MSM is busy chasing after the
shiny Shahzad bauble…!

NATO troops march in Moscow for Victory Day celebrations “ Follow …
By seeker401
French and Polish soldiers also marched with the British and Americans as
the first Nato states to join the military parade of their former Cold War
adversary. President Medvedev used the occasion to appeal for international
solidarity, …

Iran – The innocent victim of US/UK/NATO aggression
By The Network
Iran – The innocent victim of US/UK/NATO aggression. Palestine Telegraph-
We have talked about the intended mass genocide of millions of people in
all the current and past areas of conflict namely: The Balkans, Kuwait,
Iraq, Afghanistan …

Nato has only seven months to take Kandahar from the Taleban “ New …
Nato has only seven months to take Kandahar from the Taleban. Times [UK],
by Anthony Loyd Posted By: Photoonist- Tue, 11 May 2010 04:00:42 GMT
Kandahar ‘ The campaign to drive the Taleban out of Kandahar province has
until the end of …

Afghan bomb kills two NATO soldiers | Geo News Blog
By GeoNewsBlog.Com
KABUL: A bomb attack killed two NATO soldiers in southern Afghanistan on
Tuesday, the military said. The deaths took to 189 the number of
international forces killed in Afghanistan this year so far. Two NATO
soldiers, one of them …

Emergent BioSolutions Hosts Biopreparedness Forum for Members of …
By admin
Emergent BioSolutions’ senior management team, headed by Fuad El-Hibri,
chairman and chief executive officer and Daniel J. Abdun-Nabi, president
and chief.

Nato has only seven months to take Kandahar from the Taleban …
By admin
The campaign to drive the Taleban out of Kandahar province has until the
end of the year to succeed if it is to capitalise on maximum troop numbers
and political unity, Nato commanders and Western diplomats told The Times.

Eurasia Press & News “ Albania reportedly to be part of NATO …
By Mircea Birca
Albania may be included in a list of countries where NATO’s missile defence
shield will be deployed, local media reported on Sunday (May 9th).
According to diplomatic sources, NATO is looking into whether to include
Albania alongside …

Nato troops march in Moscow event – The Irish Times – Sun, May 09 …
President Dmitry Medvedev struck a conciliatory note at Russia’s Victory
Day military parade today, urging world powers to unite for peace and
defending his …

BBC News – Afghanistan suicide bomber targets Nato base in Khost
A suicide car bomber targets the same base where seven CIA agents were
killed in the Afghan province of Khost in 2009.

NATO calls for pan-European missile shield
Brussels (UPI) May 6, 2010 – Building a European-wide missile shield would
cost no more than $250 million, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh
Rasmussen …

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