Bradley Manning Daily News roundup 26 December, 2010

26 December, 2010 —

Journalist Sees Decline in Manning’s Health Over Last Several Months
The Moderate Voice
The only person to visit Wikileaks suspect Pte Bradley Manning in custody
other than his lawyer says his health has declined in the past four months.

Jailed Soldier Has Support of Resisters
New York Times
By AARON GLANTZ The small office of Courage to Resist, a nonprofit group in
Oakland, is full of items featuring the smiling face of Pfc. Bradley
Manning, …

Bradley Manning confidant David House reports on the alleged whistle-blower’s …
Bradley Manning, the 23-year-old Army private accused of leaking classified
information to Wikileaks, has been held in the brig at Quantico Marine Corp
Base …

Feds mishandled secret documents
Green Bay Press Gazette
Perhaps we will witness the further loss of secret documents, accompanied
by the sounds of a Berkeley parade honoring Bradley Manning?

Assange fears he will get killed in USA
In an interview with the London-based daily, Assange said that Obama’s
administrations is “trying to strike a plea deal” with 23-year-old Bradley
Manning, …

Glenn Greenwald Itemizes Wikileaks’ 2010 Accomplishments
The Moderate Voice
… has been “outrage” directed, “not to the crimes that have been
exposed but rather to those who exposed them: WikiLeaks and (allegedly)
Bradley Manning. …

They’re “Slow Torturing” Bradley Manning Right Under Our Noses
By John Grant (about the author) Page 1 of 2 page(s) On December 18, David
House, an MIT researcher, visited Bradley Manning at the Quantico,
Virginia, …

Letter: Wikileaks does a public service
Rather than criminal charges, I suggest we owe Wikileaks and Bradley
Manning our thanks and our support for the opportunity for a more moral
response to the …

The year in trumped-up pseudo-scandals
I do not know the situation with Bradley Manning, or the UN’s capabilities
wrt human rights. But this much is clear, mouth-breather: Christine
O’Donnell …

Julian Assange: A hero or a villain?
The US feels embarrassed and outraged not only by the Wiki Leaks
disclosures, but also by the let down by one of its own, Private Bradley
Manning, …

The Christmas Truce of 1914: “Threat to National Security”?
Huffington Post (blog)
As we celebrate Christmas 2010, 100000 US troops languish in Afghanistan,
and Bradley Manning sits in “maximum custody” in Quantico for the alleged
crime of …

Under-Appreciated Heroes of 2010
Big Think
Under-Appreciated Person One: Bradley Manning. While we were all fixated on
Julian Assange, the story of the young American soldier who actually leaked
the …

WikiLeaks Suspect’s Health Declining
AP Pvt. Bradley Manning, who has been held in solitary confinement since
June on suspicion of leaking documents to the WikiLeaks site, is reportedly
ailing, …

UN looking into WikiLeaks suspect’s treatment
The office of Manfred Nowak, special rapporteur on torture in Geneva,
received a complaint from one of Pfc. Bradley Manning’s supporters alleging
conditions …

America’s net is closing on Assange
Tehran Times
A report in the Independent newspaper suggests that US authorities have
been trying to lure Bradley Manning — the young army private in their
custody …

Army WikiLeaks probe could lead to new charges
Kingsport Times News
1 to complete a report that will look at everything from how Pfc. Bradley
Manning was selected for his job and trained to whether his superiors
missed …

They’re ‘Slow Torturing’ Bradley Manning Right Under Our Noses …
By dlindorff
On December 18, David House, an MIT researcher, visited Bradley Manning at
the Quantico, Virginia, military prison where he is being held in solitary
confinement. Other than Manning’s attorney, House is the rare person
allowed to visit …

Don’t forget Bradley Manning: A real hero
By Herbie
Below is an excerpt from a Johann Hari article in the Independent UK. We
post it here as it gives a little background on the political prisoner and
young hero, Bradley Manning. Haris’ full piece is here …

AmericanMercenary: Merry Christmas Bradley Manning
Lately a lot of people have been raising concerns about PFC Bradley
Manning’s experience in the Brig. Let me explain to you exactly why his
treatment is justified for his continued well being. PFC Manning was
demoted for striking …

Sanity for Superheroes: WikiLeaker Bradley Manning’s Brutal …
By Elyssa D’Educrat
Bradley Manning, the 22-year-old U.S. Army Private accused of leaking
classified documents to WikiLeaks, has never been convicted of that crime,
nor of any other crime. Despite that, he has been detained at the U.S.
Marine brig in …

Speak Out Against the Inhumane Imprisonment of Bradley Manning …
By denverabc
Bradley Manning is kept in solitary confinement, being denied adequate
exercise, human contact and is sleep deprived from intentional disruptions
throughout the night. Read the full press statement here. …

Sons of Light: Bradley Manning & Federal Gov’t TORTURE
By GodSend
Bradley Manning & Federal Gov’t TORTURE. What is America’s CRIMINAL Federal
Gov’ t ‘up to’ with Bradley Manning? Click on image. Posted by GodSend at
1:08 PM. 0 comments: Post a Comment · Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post
Comments …

Julian Assange & David House over Bradley Manning | MRWONKISH.NL
By mrwonkish
Tweet December 24, 2010 “Information Clearing House” — Bradley
Manning, the 23- year-old Army private accused of leaking classified
information to Wikileaks, has been held in the brig at Quantico Marine Corp
Base for five months in …

Daphne Eviatar: Bradley Manning’s Confi | Art for the Soul
By shankargallery
Daphne Eviatar: Bradley Manning’s Confi. Daphne Eviatar: Bradley Manning’s
Confinement Conditions Are ‘Not Customary’ Share this:
Share . Leave a Comment. Filed under shankargallery richardlazzara …

WikiLeaks and “White Privilege”
By Farooq A. Kperogi
Julian Assange and Bradley Manning. Manning, who has been arrested, put in
solitary confinement since May 2010 and awaiting court-martial next year,
has an interesting demographic profile. He is a blue-eyed, blond-haired
white male …

WikiLeaks Manning Held as Political Prisoner, UN to Investigate …
By (Admin)
WikiLeaks Manning Held as Political Prisoner, UN to Investigate. Dylan
Ratigan Show, MSNBC—Dec. 23, 2010—Julian Assange calls Bradley Manning a
political prisoner. United Nations to investigate. Bradley’s friend
discusses on Dylan …

Tom McMahon: I Make The Mistake of Trying to Engage the Repeal …
By Tom McMahon
Tom McMahon The mole who allegedly gave WikiLeaks the mountains of secret
documents is Pfc. Bradley Manning, Army intelligence analyst and angry gay.
We’ ve heard 1 billion times about the Army translator who just wanted to
serve his …

Christmas, 2010 — Remembering the Forgotten Ones –
By John Ballard
Hari’s writing and list are also important, but he was right to begin with
Bradley Manning. All indications are that this man is being subjected to
torture in the form of solitary confinement. There is no way to know how
his story will …

Licky Weeks
By Dan McIntyre
Meanwhile, the probable leaker of the State Department documents, a file
clerk named Bradley Manning, sits in solitary in violation of international
rules which call the use of extended solitary “torture”, and in violation
of U.S. laws …

Journalist Sees Decline in Manning’s Health Over Last Several …
By admin
The only person to visit Wikileaks suspect Pte Bradley Manning in custody
other than his lawyer says his health has declined in the past four months.
[…] US journalist David House, who has been visiting him since September,

The Solution to a problem, will create more problems – Wikileaks …
By impactexecutives
Private First Class Bradley Manning, under cover of lip-synching to Lady
Gaga, was able to down load in his words “possibly the largest data
spillage in American history”. Historians will record the Manning
Spillage on the same pages as …

Le Café Politique De Camus De Café: A Litany Of Wikileaks Evidence …
By Ed. Dickau
8:35 Bradley Manning has sent out a brief holiday message: “I greatly
appreciate everyone’s support and well wishes during this time. I am also
thankful for everything that has been done to aid in my defense. I ask that
everyone takes …

Leave a Comment – In Dreams
By okami
… it only took them seven months) WikiLeaks: Army Opens Probe Into How
Bradley Manning Allege… 1 hour ago; (they’re getting
better; it only took them seven months) WikiLeaks: Army Opens Probe Into
How Bradley… …

The Common Ills: The buried realities
By Common Ills
Monday June 7th, the US military announced that they had arrested Bradley
Manning and he stood accused of being the leaker of the video. Leila Fadel
( Washington Post) reported in August that Manning had been charged — “two
charges …

The power of the state of exception “ The Menso Guide to War …
By Menso
No less depressing is the state of Bradley Manning, stuck in solitary
confinement for leaking documents that compromised the US’s and other
governments’ ability to hide their crimes. Manning has not been charged; he
has no access to the …

SIRATYST: “Bereaved Gaza Doctor to Sue Israel”
By LJansen
“Alleged Wikileaks Source [Bradley Manning] Suffer… Culture of Resistance
Only Answer Now Per Dr. Marg… Bus Ad Campaign to Protest Israel’s Assault
on Gaz… “Lynne Stewart Transferred to Texas” — [WHAT CRA. …

US torturing Manning in confinement “ Silver Lining
By realistic bird
US journalist David House, who has been visiting Private Bradley Manning in
a high-security military prison at Quantico marine base in Virginia since
September, said the US trooper looked “frazzled.” Manning’s lawyer and
another …

“Caught up…” : NO QUARTER
By John Batchelor
Now we find this gem that Julian Assange, in a broad and peculiarly
ungrammatical Oz patter, is concerned with this unusually innocent American
soldier Bradley Manning, who has been “caught up” in the Wikileaks
story. …

Wikileaks: a Big Dangerous US Government Con Job? “ DumpDC
By dumpdc
A discontented 22-year old US Army soldier on duty in Baghdad, Bradley
Manning, a low-grade US Army intelligence analyst, described as a loner, a
gay in the military, a disgruntled “computer geek,” sifts through
classified information …

AND SO IT BEGINS… at Desert Conservative
By Lee S. Gliddon, Jr.
That’s when you get instances like PFC Bradley Manning, who is a
homosexual. Because of his personal beliefs and bitterness toward the
military he decided to leak 150000 sensitive wires that have done
irreparable damage to our nation. …

YouTube – The Secrets of Gold “ Nofunclub V-log
By manipulated
Bradley Manning An “Ethical Giant” Manning Speaks About His Conditions By
David House Bradley Manning confidant David House reports on the alleged
whistle- blower’s confinement. Continue The Government’s One-way Mirror By
Glenn Greenwald …

Brick TeeVee New Year’s Madness!
By FilthyRich
Glenn Greenwald Dec 20, 2010: Glenn Greenwald, blogger and former
constitutional lawyer, discusses the inhumane detention conditions of
accused WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning; eyewitness accounts of Manning’s
deteriorating …

Christmas Morning, The Muppets, and Me | Firedoglake
By Peterr
FDL timeline of Bradley Manning’s detention. DONATE TO FIREDOGLAKE. Like
what you’re reading? Make a contribution to Firedoglake and help us
maintain the kind of fiercely independent journalism and activism you love.

Naomi Wolf: Use of Espionage Act in WikiLeaks Case Would Amount to …
By Heather
As U.N. Probes Whether His Confinement is Torture, Bradley Manning Speaks.
http: //… U.N. to investigate
treatment of Bradley Manning.

WikiLeaks: Army Opens Probe Into How Bradley Manning Allegedly …
A poster of Bradley Manning is posted to a tree during a rally in Virginia
in support of the detained Private. (Photo: mar is sea Y / Flickr) …

YouTube – Bradley Manning confidant David House reports on the …
House appeared on MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Show, guest-hosted by Jonathan
Capehart, to describe his latest visit with alleged WikiLeaks
whistle-blower Army PFC …

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