Sami Jamil Jadallah – The Palestine Papers; time to bury the PLO and PA

28 January, 2011 — Palestine Think Tank

For the past few days I have been spending much of my time reading the released documents on Aljazeera ( and the Guardian of Manchester, watching Aljazeera and reading other publications. One thing for sure the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah is in a panic, caught with its pants down, offering different spins talking non-sense, shifting the discourse from what the papers shows to discrediting Aljazeera for publishing ‘fake documents’, ‘partial and selective’, ‘nothing new’ and accusing both Aljazeera and the ruler of Qatar of inciting the public against the Palestinian leadership and defending the indefensible, the sell out of the Palestinian people down the drain. Personally I never believed in claimed mission of the PLO, never believed in or trusted the leadership, never believed its lies about its ‘institutions’, never believed in the competency let alone the integrity of the leadership, and always believed the PLO and its leadership as criminal mafia. The PLO and the leadership squandered the lives of hundreds of thousands, and squandered tens of billions that remained unaccounted for.

Events since 1970 from the fights in Amman to the move to Lebanon and the establishment of the ‘Fakhani Republic’ and later the routing of the PLO out of Beirut in 82 by the invading Israelis and the move to Tunis, the siding of Arafat and leadership on the side of criminal and thug Saddam Hussein in his invasion of Kuwait, subsequent exile of more than 350,000 of Palestinians out of Kuwait, to the Madrid Conference and the undermining the efforts of the honorable the late Haider Abdul-Shafi through appointment of ‘Arafat spies and cronies’ and later the opening of secret negotiations in Oslo by an incompetent inept and reckless team concluding with the signing of Oslo Accord convinced me more than ever the PLO, Fatah and the entire leadership past and present are nothing a lie and fraud, misleading the people all these years, with an agenda that has nothing to do with ending the Israeli Occupation of 67 let alone the return of the Palestinians exiles back to their homes and villages in what is known today as Israel.

If anything the Palestine Papers prove once again the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah never gave a damn about the ‘Diaspora Palestinians’ just like Arafat never gave a damn about the Palestinians under Occupation while he was the King of Beirut and Tunis. Arafat totally ignored the people under Occupation from his agenda while Abbas totally ignored the Diaspora Palestinians from his agenda. The Palestine Papers proved Oslo is nothing about ending the Occupation, nothing to do with building ‘Palestinian institutions’ nothing to do with building a Palestinian state. The PLO became a civil, security and financial contractor for the Occupation paying itself along the way.

The Oslo Accord as it was negotiated, implemented, and carried out by both Palestinian leadership and Israel is equal to if not more damaging to the Palestinian people and cause than ‘Nakba’. Oslo not only gave full recognition of Israel with open borders and East Jerusalem, it also conceded to Israel Area C representing more than 58% of the Occupied Territories, it legitimized the Occupation, legitimized the Settlements, legitimized the ‘Israeli Veto’, squandering international laws in favor of recklessly signed bilateral agreements and committing the PLO and Palestinian Authority to guarantee the security and safety of Israeli killing machines represented by its army and settlers/squatters.

The Palestine Papers show and prove the Palestinian leadership and its negotiating team having sold the store from underneath the Palestinian people and all this talk of ‘Palestinian Thawabet’ of return of refugees, return of East Jerusalem, illegality of and evacuations of Jewish settlements and working for an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital are nothing but empty lies and empty rhetoric and hogwash. The PLO and PA are nothing more than an instrument of the Israeli Occupation even worse than the Vichy government of Occupied France reporting to its masters in Tel-Aviv and reporting to the Israeli High Commissioner sitting in Biet El.

I do not know what the Palestinian people are waiting for. I have no idea why the silence all these years. Never understood why there was never any accountability and transparency and holding the leadership accountable for all of its failures all these years. Time to bury the PLO and PA and for those under occupation to chase them out of Ramallah and for the Diaspora to organize under the umbrella of ‘Palestine Agency’ representing themselves, since the PLO gave up that role a long time ago. Shame, on all the members of the PLO Executive Committee for their silence, indifference and criminal negligence. The only way forward is a One State solution.

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