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26 March 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Blast in Jerusalem

25.03.2011 | 09:29 | SEDOV Dmitriy
Israel has not seen terrorist attacks for quite a long time. It seemed that after 2004 Israeli people and Palestinians have learnt how to walk a narrow path between Scylla and Charybdis and not let the worst happen… Now we are dealing with something new – the blast in Jerusalem on March 23 can not be regarded out of the context of the recent events in the entire region… The first thing we can think about is the new round of Israel’s campaign against Iran, which contributes to the continuing destabilization on the Middle East…

Libya: Largest Military Undertaking since the Invasion of Iraq. Towards a Protracted Military Operation

24.03.2011 | 07:51 | CHOSSUDOVSKY Michel
Outright lies by the international media: Bombs and missiles are presented as an instrument of peace and democratization… This is not a humanitarian operation. The war on Libya opens up a new regional war theater. There are three distinct war theaters in the Middle East Central Asian region. Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq. What is unfolding is a fourth US-NATO War Theater in North Africa, with the risk of escalation…

What Ukraine and Russia should do to avoid Libya’s fate

23.03.2011 | 13:35 | SAVCHENKO Alexander
I feel sorry for Libyans. But similar fate also expects other nations, which have rich natural resources – oil, gas, ores, arable lands and fresh water. Though these resources were given to them by God “the new Crusaders” think that they don’t deserve these gifts. We should be ready that the Libyan scenario may repeat in other countries…

Obama’s Libyan scenario for Venezuela

22.03.2011 | 09:53 | NIKANDROV Nil
…Aggression against Libya will whip up the processes of destabilization in Venezuela and prompt active moves by Chavez opponents in 2011 and 2012, in the run-up to presidential elections. The plan will obviously rely on concerted action by external (the US) and internal (the opposition, the “fifth column”, “Chavism without Chavez”) forces that all seek to prevent the Venezuelan leader from running in the future presidential election.

A Strategy Aimed at Ruining Libya

21.03.2011 | 15:15 | PONOMAREVA Elena
A death sentence to Libya’s sovereignty was handed out long before the protests inspired by Western intelligence services shook the country and the UN Security Council responded to the situation with anti-Libyan resolutions. There are fundamental causes behind the strategy aimed at ruining Libya. Years ago, it was designated as a target by the architects of the new world order, and the air raids against Libya were just a matter of time…

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