Operation Scorching Summer: Israel attacks Gaza (again)

8 April 2011 — Australians for Palestine


Israeli apache helicopters open fire at Palestinian houses in the heavily populated neighbourhood of Shuja’eya east of Gaza. There are also reports of Israeli military boats firing at houses. Palestinian sources say that an ambulance was hit in one of the strikes. Five people have been killed, one a man of 50 by an Israel tank shell and the latest victim is Saleh Tarabin (38). Some 30-40 people have been wounded. Israeli warplanes are opening fire on Khan Younis city, south of Gaza, but so far no casualties have been reported. Heavy shelling in Rafah and tunnels being targeted. Bombs falling on the border between Gaza and Egypt. F-16s over Gaza City now. Israeli airstrikes have targeted two high voltage electricity converters in Khan Younis and Gaza City causing power outages. All hospitals in Gaza have now declared a state of emergency. UN staff have been evacuated from Gaza.

This is the number for the IDF Gaza War Crimes office +97286741400 or from abroad +97286741400. Flood their lines, get your Embassy to call and let them know what you think.


Sonja Karkar
Australians for Palestine

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