Syria may become another Iraq – author — RT

7 June 2011 — RT

France and Britain are building the diplomatic pressure against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, saying he has lost his legitimacy. They are calling for a special UN resolution on Syria, which Russia strongly opposes. Author Jean Bricmont says that what France and Britain are doing is ‘crazy.’

‘They haven’t finished the war with Libya, which was supposed to last days, not weeks and months, and now they are going to start another war with Syria,’ Bricmont said. ‘I believe they think they have a unique capability to solve all the problems in the world, which is not true.’

Bricmont also voiced grave doubts about NATO saying its main goal in Libya is to protect civilians.

‘Civilians are being killed in Libya by NATO – I doubt Syrians need such help,’ the author told RT. ‘There’s been a demonstration of Syrians in Paris asking not to intervene in Syria.’

Bricmont stated that the Syrian situation is very different from the one in Libya. If the government collapses in Syria, he said, it would have a far bigger effect on the Middle East than the fall of the Gaddafi regime.

‘If the Syrian regime collapses, it is going to be another Iraq,’ Bricmont declared. ‘It seems certain the people hate the Assad regime and want it to go no matter what. The problem is Syria is militarily stronger than Libya, so it will be more difficult to intervene there.

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