Egypt Newslinks 14 July 2011

14 July 2011 —

Egypt Delays Vote, Fires Police
Wall Street Journal
By MATT BRADLEY Egypt’s revolutionaries are still able to mobilize large crowds to Cairo’s Tahrir Square, as seen Wednesday. CAIRO—Egypt’s interim government on Wednesday said it would delay parliamentary elections and fire police officers implicated …

Arab Spring drifts into summer stalemates
The Seattle Times
Among the protest banners in Cairo’s Tahrir Square was a hand-drawn map of
the Arab Spring with black target symbols covering each country hit by
anti-government uprisings since the leaders of Tunisia and Egypt were
ousted earlier this year. …

Egypt first
Ahram Online
The past few weeks have witnessed a marked deterioration in the
relationship between the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and
demonstrators in Tahrir Square and other parts of Egypt. Protesters have
taken to the streets once more to demand …

Hopes Dim for US Bid to Spur Mideast Peace
Photographer: Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images July 11 (Bloomberg) —
Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris talks about investing in Italy and the
political situation in Egypt. He speaks in Rome with Bloomberg’s Flavia
Rotondi. …

Egypt, America and the future
Ahram Online
But on the whole, cooperation and coordination with the United States
gathered pace, culminating in Egypt’s participation in the international
coalition President George Bush Sr put together to drive Saddam Hussein out
of Kuwait in 1991. …

Egypt Says Gas Exports to Start 10 Days After Pipeline Repairs
By Nayla Razzouk – Wed Jul 13 16:56:49 GMT 2011 Egypt’s natural-gas exports
to Jordan are due to start within 10 days after repairs on the network that
will take at least a week following sabotage yesterday, Energy Minister
Khalid Touqan said. …

MIDEAST WEEKAHEAD-Gulf investors worried; Egypt seen pressured
Egypt’s market looks set to be buffeted again next week by the political
turbulence that weighed on the benchmark index , pushing it down more than
7 percent in the first three days of this week. Protesters have been camped
in Cairo’s Tahrir Square …

Egypt arrests Italian for taking pictures
Bikya Masr
Egypt’s state-run MENA news agency reported that the Italian citizen “was
transferred to a specialized unit for investigation,” not giving further
details. Egyptian law forbids the photographing of state buildings,
military facilities, police stations …

Police shake-up
Ahram Online
Yesterday, Egypt witnessed an unprecedented police reshuffle that included
some 4000 officers. Minister of Interior Mansour El-Eissawi on Wednesday
announced the reshuffle promised in an attempt to purge corrupt officers
from among his forces. …

Egypt Shares Rise Most Since May as Government Cedes to Demands
By Ahmed A. Namatalla and Alaa Shahine – Wed Jul 13 13:01:03 GMT 2011
Egyptian shares rallied the most in seven weeks after the government moved
to appease demonstrators in several cities and former ministers were jailed
for wasting public funds. …

Arab world’s ratings of Obama, US plummet: poll
An overwhelming majority of more than 4000 people surveyed in Egypt,
Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, told
the Arab American Institute that they felt that Obama had not met the
expectations he laid out in the June …

Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s Indiana Jones and One-Time Mubarak Ally, Tries to Cozy Up …
Scientific American
By Jeffrey Bartholet | July 13, 2011 Egypt’s minister of state for
antiquities research focus Hawass brings a bigger-than-life personality to
the quest to find Cleopatra’s tomb and other Egyptian treasures. A
consummate marketer and political operator …

PEgypt seen struggling to finance spending this year
Ahram Online
Economists and diplomats say the numbers do not add up, and that Egypt may
not have enough money to cover projected spending over the financial year,
which ends on 30 June, 2012. The military rulers who took over after Hosni
Mubarak was ousted may have …

Culture Watch: Seun Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80, ‘From Africa with Fury: Rise’
Los Angeles Times
In his second album fronting his father’s band, Egypt 80, 27-year-old Seun
Kuti establishes himself as every bit the musical powerhouse as his older
brother Femi, to say nothing of how remarkably his music also recalls their
father. …

More for more
Ahram Online
The objective of Barroso’s visit, which will last two days, is to discuss
Egypt’s steps towards democracy and the economic and other forms of
assistance that the European Union (EU) could be willing to lend to
expedite this within the framework of the …

Chronicles of a sit-in: Day 4
Ahram Online
Stomping and chanting, the protesters marched back towards the square
bearing a flag several metres long and shouting “Egypt, Egypt!” Some
shouted at the soldiers: “Those soldiers there are piteous and Tantawi is
the king of the jungle. …

Egypt justice ministry to investigate foreign funding of civil society
Bikya Masr
And just last week, Gouda Abdel Khaleq, the Minister of Solidarity and
Social Justice, described US funding for Egyptian civil society projects as
a violation of Egypt’s sovereignty, reported Al-Masry Al-Youm.
Interestingly enough, despite heavy …

Ayman Nour supports Egypt’s military council, tears into prime minister
Ahram Online
Ayman Nour, a likely candidate for the Egyptian presidency and founder of
the Ghad Party, has said he is in agreement with the ruling military
council’s recent statement regarding mass protests and political transition
in the country. …,-tears.aspx

Egypt Fires 669 Police Officers
By Max Read
The Egyptian government is firing some 669 police officers (including 164
officers) “over the killing of protestors” during this year’s successful
revolution—a key concession to the new crop of protests that has sprung
up this month.

Why Egypt’s revolution stalled: 3 theories – The Week
By The Week
Protesters are back on the streets of Cairo, demanding faster democratic
reforms. How did they go from jubilation to frustration so quickly?

Egypt: Tahrir protests cheat sheet – Blog – The Arabist
By Issandr El Amrani
Putting Mubarak and the members of his clique on trial for the political
crimes they committed against Egypt and its people. Revoking the current
budget and the drawing up of a new draft budget that courageously acts to
respond to the …

Commentary: Egypt to Remain Military State | The National Interest
By Shadi Hamid, Samuel Plumbly
Egypt has not had its second revolution, and remains governed by an
institution—the military—that was long the backbone of the Mubarak
regime. With tens of thousands returning to protest across the country on
July 8, the frustration …

Egypt Fires Nearly 600 Police Officers — Daily Intel
By Mike Vilensky
Egypt’s interim government on Wednesday announced its plan to fire nearly
600 officers who had been accused of killing protesters during the
country’s recent uprising, while transferring nearly 4000 more. The huge
personnel shake-up …

Egypt fires 669 officers to cleanse police force | Home » Other …
Egypt’s government, meeting a key demand by protesters, fired nearly 700
top police officers on Wednesday to cleanse the discredited and widely
unpopular force, state television reported.

A democratic Egypt: Worker justice and civilian rule / Waging …
By Jake Olzen
After months of good-faith reforms and patience, the drama is back in
Egypt’s Tahrir Square as protesters are preparing for a potential showdown
with the state’s military rule. The movement, among other things, is
demanding an end to …

Egypt dismisses 600 police officers over crackdown on protesters …
By admin
By PNA / RIA Novosti and U.S. News Agency / Asian. More than 600 top police
officers have been fired in Egypt over abuse of power during a popular
uprising against President Hosni Mubarak, Al Jazeera has said. …

Muhlberger’s World History: Teargas poems from Egypt
By Steve Muhlberger
Teargas poems from Egypt. And the Arabist: I loved these revolutionary
poems, by Egyptian poet Kareem Abdulsalam and translated by Elliott Colla
over at Jadaliyya. The first two probably deal with events that took place
on January 28. …

Egypt fires hundreds of police as protests grow | The Associated …
By The Associated Press
Egypt’s security chief fired nearly 700 police officers Wednesday in a step
to cleanse the much-hated force, the latest concession military rulers have
made under pressure from protesters holding a sit-in in Cairo’s Tahrir
Square for …

The Incredibly Significant Missing Element in Egypt’s Revolution
By Barry Rubin
There is a powerful Muslim Brotherhood, openly seeking state power and
Egypt’s fundamental transformation into an Islamist state. Then there are
the Salafists–a new label applied to even more radical Islamist
groups–that were in the …

Rifts Develop In Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood – Care2 News Network
By Cal Mendelsohn
Analysts say the group enjoyed far more unity and loyalty when it faced a
common enemy: Hosni Mubarak. He and his government accused the group of
treason and terrorism and aggressively pursued brotherhood members.

By Ruth King
He said all of this in the context of the current controversy in Egypt with
the Christian businessman Naguib Sawiris, a billionaire and founder of the
Free Egyptians Party. Late last month Sawiris tweeted a picture of Mickey
Mouse …

Obama commits to $2 billion dollars for Egypt’s new government
By admin
by SS&SS Obama commits to billion dollars for Egypt’s new government
President Obama’s approval rating will suffer a lot after followers find
out that he promised the new government of Egypt to forget about the
Billion dollars debt and …

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