Information Clearing House Newsletter August 9, 2011: "I Don't Call it Rioting, I Call it an Insurrection"

9 August 2011 — Information Clearing House

U.S. Debt Crisis Sidelines an Emergency Attack on Iran
By Amir Oren
The American trigger finger is itchy. Itchy, but flinching – the wallet is emptier than the magazine.

Israel Buys UN Votes On Palestinian Statehood
81 Congress Members To Visit Israel

By Herb Keinon
Eighty-one congressmen, or about 20 percent of the US House of Representatives, will visit Israel over the next three weeks during Congress’s summer recess.

It’s Still Occupied Territory
By Philip Giraldi
That twenty per cent of the House of Representatives will be spending its recess holiday on American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) paid tours of Israel does not seem to have made the mainstream news.

Curb Your Racism
US Comedy Portrays Palestinians As Anti-Semitic

By Eleanor Kilroy
I’ve watched every episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm I could get hold of, and the clip from this Season 8 episode has left me grim-faced and angry.

Dead Men Don’t Cry!
Pentagon: Press Coverage for 30 Killed in Afghanistan

By Julian E. Barnes
Nancy Youssef, the president of the Pentagon Press Association, said the organization was protesting the decision to ban media coverage and was seeking to have the decision reversed.

China Lectures Washington on S&P Downgrade
By John Chan
“The US government has to come to terms with the painful fact that the good old days when it could just borrow its way out of messes of its own making are finally gone.”

The S&P Debt Downgrade: What It Means
By Paul Craig Roberts
Will Americans be so afraid of terrorists that they will give up their entitlements? Will false flag terrorist events be perpetrated in order to elevate this fear?

The Poor Have Become Invisible
By Tavis Smiley & Cornel West
Debt Ceiling Agreement Was A Declaration Of War On The Poor!”

Turning Poverty Into an American Crime
By Barbara Ehrenreich
Report: “Hardships in America: The Real Story of Working Families,” found an astounding 29% of American families living in what could be more reasonably defined as poverty.

Texas Gov. Prayer Rally Dwarfed by Back-to-School Event
By Democracy Now
An estimated 100,000 people showed up to receive free backpacks, school supplies, uniforms, haircut vouchers, immunizations and fresh produce.

Panic on the Streets of London.
By Laurie Penny
We will wake up to fear, and to racism, and to condemnation on left and right, none of which will stop this happening again, as the prospect of a second stock market clash teeters terrifyingly at the bottom of the news reports.

“I Don’t Call it Rioting, I Call it an Insurrection”
BBC Video
It is happening in Syria, it is happening in Clapham, it’s happening in Liverpool.

Chomsky: Public Education Under Massive Corporate Assault
What’s Next?
By Noam Chomsky
There’s no way to measure the human and social costs of converting schools and universities into facilities that produce commodities for the job market.

“I Gave Up On My Species”
By George Carlin
Nobody Wants To Rock The Boat.

NATO Kills 85 In Village ‘Massacre’:
Thirty-three children, 32 women and 20 men from 12 families were killed in the “massacre,” said Mussa.

Libya rebels push in eastern oil town, 2 killed:
A Libyan rebel spokesman says two people have been killed and 14 wounded in fighting around a strategic oil terminal town in the country’s east.

’17 killed in fresh Syria violence’:
The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in a statement that the Syrians were killed in the fresh round of violence that erupted in the eastern city on Tuesday, AFP reported.

At least six killed in Kabul, Afghanistan clashes: :
At least six people were killed and 18 others were wounded during clashes triggered by land disputes in Kabul, Afghanistan, officials said Tuesday.

Two French occupation force soldiers among four NATO troops killed in latest Afghan attacks :
Four coalition service members were killed as a result of two separate attacks in eastern and southern Afghanistan on Sunday, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said on Monday.

Three “al-Qaeda” militants killed in south Yemen:
At least three al-Qaeda militants were killed and an unknown number wounded in military raids Monday in Yemen’s southern Abyan governorate, a Yemeni security official reported

Ali Abdullah Saleh ‘will return to Yemen’:
Wounded Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh will return to his country from Saudi Arabia after a recovery period determined by his doctors, Yemen’s state news agency said on Tuesday.

Al-Sadr Warns U.S. Forces to Leave Iraq:
Muqtada al-Sadr’s comments came in a rare statement translated into English and directed at U.S. troops in Iraq. The statement was posted on his website

Good Behavior? Iraqis React to Release of Ringleader of Abu Ghraib Abuse:
Mr. Graner, 42, had been sentenced to 10 years in prison but was released after six and a half for good behavior.

‘Tortured’ veterans to sue Rumsfeld:
Donald Rumsfeld, the former US secretary of defence, must face a lawsuit filed against him by two American men claiming they were wrongfully held and tortured by US forces in Iraq.

‘Erekat denies Palestinian plans to delay bid for UN recognition’:
Chief Palestinian negotiator tells WAFA that ‘the recognition train has already left for New York’

Call to action!: Nationwide protests on September 15, 2011.:
Not only are our tax dollars being squandered, the United States is facing isolation on the world stage thanks to its special relationship with Israel.

U.S. ‘deeply concerned’ by Israel’s approval of East Jerusalem construction plans:
The State Department’s statement was made four days after AFP reported that EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton condemned Israel’s approval of the new housing units and five days after top Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat’s released a statement slamming the Israeli approval.

Academic claims Israeli school textbooks contain bias:
Nurit Peled-Elhanan of Hebrew University says textbooks depict Palestinians as ‘terrorists, refugees and primitive farmers’

Somalia offers al-Shabab amnesty:
Somalia’s government has offered an open amnesty to al-Shabab fighters after the rebels made a surprise withdrawal from the capital Mogadishu over the weekend.

Famine in Somalia: Hundreds of thousands of kids at risk:
Hundreds of thousands of Somali children could die in East Africa’s famine unless more help arrives, a top U.S. official warned Monday in the starkest death toll prediction yet. To highlight the crisis, the wife of Vice President Joe Biden visited a refugee camp filed with hungry Somalis.

Bank Of England To Downgrade Growth Forecast:
The UK’s economic forecasts will be slashed by the Bank of England on Wednesday for the second time this year, adding to fears that the recovery is in jeopardy.

London riots claim first death as Cameron vows to restore order:
Prime Minister David Cameron recalled parliament Tuesday and ordered thousands of extra police onto the streets after Britain’s worst rioting in decades left parts of London and other cities in flames.

London rioters: ‘Showing the rich we do what we want’:
Two girls who took part in Monday night’s riots in Croydon have boasted that they were showing police and “the rich” that “we can do what we want”.

London’s burning:
What sparked the London riots and what are the police doing to counter the violence?

If the rioting was a surprise, people weren’t looking:
Clear signs of deep problems in our youth were ignored as being a black problem

There is a context to London’s riots that can’t be ignored:
Those condemning the events in north London and elsewhere would do well to take a step back and consider the bigger picture

Clashes erupt in Indian capital during anti-graft protest: –
Police fired water cannons and tear gas at opposition party activists on the streets of the Indian capital Tuesday, as thousands of anti-government protesters rallied against the ruling Congress party over corruption scandals.

Treasurys, Gold Jump; Euro, Dollar, Stocks Tumble After Fed Announcement :
Stocks and the euro traded erratically before capitulating and falling on news the Federal Open Market Committee’s meeting has taken a decidedly negative view on the U.S. economy.

Who ‘made $10bn on 10/1 bet that U.S. credit rating would be downgraded’?:
There were mounting rumours that investor George Soros, 80, famously known as ‘the man who broke the Bank of England’, could be involved.

Obama Sides With Panetta On Need To Cut Medicare Over Defense:
Congressional Democrats were blindsided by newly-confirmed Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who basically nixed any further cuts to military spending, and demanded that lawmakers trim from programs like Medicare and raise taxes to reduce future deficits.

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590”
Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,792
Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,617

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan
Total Cost of Wars Since 2001

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