VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 11 August, 2011: Israel approves 1,600 Jerusalem settler homes

11 August , 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Abbas: “Future State Will Be Under NATO Security Forces Headed By The USA”
IMEMC – Friday August 12, 2011 – 03:12, Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, stated Thursday that the future Palestinian state will be under the security responsibility of a third party, NATO forces, led by the United States of America.

Iran Names A Street After An American Activist
IMEMC – Thursday August 11, 2011 – 19:43, Iran names one of the streets in Tehran after Rachel Corrie, the American activist who was crushed to death by an Israeli military bulldozer in the Gaza Strip in 2003.

Netanyahu Believes UN Recognition Of State Diminishes Peace
IMEMC – Thursday August 11, 2011 – 10:56, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated that the chances of reaching a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians will diminish should the United Nations approve the Palestinian demand on international recognition of an independent state this September.

Israel To Build 1600 Units For Settlers In East Jerusalem
IMEMC – Thursday August 11, 2011 – 10:29, The Israeli government decided to start the construction of additional 1600 apartments for Jewish settlers in occupied East Jerusalem, and will approve additional 2700 units in the coming few days.

Qassam Fighter Killed In An Explosion In Rafah
IMEMC – Thursday August 11, 2011 – 09:53, The Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, reported that one of its fighters was killed, on Wednesday before midnight, in an explosion that took place in his home in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza, Strip.

Ma’an News

Israel approves 1,600 Jerusalem settler homes
8/12/2011 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel’s interior minister Eli Yishai has given final approval for the construction of 1,600 new settler homes in east Jerusalem, his spokesman told AFP on Thursday. The move is likely to anger both the Palestinians and the international community, as it struggles to find a way to relaunch peace talks in….

UN envoy alarmed by ‘provocative’ settlement plan
8/11/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — United Nations envoy for the peace process expressed alarm on Thursday over the announcement by the Israeli government of plans to develop new housing units in occupied East Jerusalem. Robert Serry said in a statement that “this provocative action undermines ongoing efforts by the international community to bring the parties back….

Man detained by soldiers after 40 days on release from jail
8/11/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — A Palestinian man was detained on Tuesday night less than 40 days after being released from an Israeli prison, the Palestinian prisoners’ society said Thursday. Ayed Doden, 44, was detained by Israeli forces after they raided his home in the village of Dura near Hebron. They ordered his family out….

Lebanon set to establish diplomatic ties with Palestine
8/11/2011 – BEIRUT (Ma’an) — The Lebanese cabinet has decided to implement its agreement to establish diplomatic ties with Palestine, ministers said Thursday in a meeting headed by President Michel Suleiman….

UNRWA operations in Jenin suspended indefinitely
8/12/2011 – JENIN (Ma’an) — UNRWA announced on Thursday the suspension of its operations indefinitely in the West Bank city of Jenin and its refugee camp beginning Friday. The organization called the step “regrettable” and said it came in response to “continued threats to our employees and staff in the area” without elaborating on the nature….

Families of political prisoners rally in Hebron
8/11/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Relatives of political prisoners organized a sit-in and rally in the West Bank city of Hebron on Thursday, protesting an escalation in arrests by Palestinian Authority security forces. Hamas officials said the rally demanded the release of prisoners and an end to arrests, particularly as Palestinian factions meet in Cairo to….

PA rejects Israeli sanction threats
8/12/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) —Adviser to President Abbas, Nimir Hammad, said Thursday that the PA will not be intimidated by threats, after Israeli media reported that the government is considering sanctions against the PA if it continues with the September UN bid.” The Palestinian Authority considers the Israeli sanction threat to be an expression of….

Arabs to urge yes vote on Palestinian UN bid
8/12/2011 – RAMALLAH (AFP) — A delegation of Arab foreign ministers will urge permanent members of the Security Council next week to vote for Palestinian UN membership, a top Palestinian official said Thursday. Negotiator Saeb Erekat said the group would talk with representatives from the veto-wielding Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States in a bid to….

Britain bans radical Israeli rabbi
8/11/2011 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — The British border agency has informed a fundamentalist Rabbi that he will not be allowed to enter the country for the next three years, Israeli daily Haaretz reported Thursday. Rabbi Yosef Elitzur received a letter from the British authorities, signed by the home secretary, informing him of their decision….

Report: ‘Hamas engineer’ cooperating with interrogators
8/12/2011 – i>More psyops? – ed. ] TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — A Gaza engineer kidnapped by Israel earlier this year in the Ukraine has provided interrogators information on Hamas’ technical capabilities, an Israeli newspaper said Thursday. Dirar Abu Sisi, head of the Gaza power plant, was kidnapped in Kiev in February. After being brought….

Abbas: UN bid for recognition not meant to delegitimize Israel
8/12/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — President Mahmoud Abbas said Thursday that going to the UN to achieve recognition of a Palestinian state did not conflict with the goals of the peace process. The move is not aimed at isolating Israel or delegitimizing it, he said during a meeting with a delegation of US lawmakers headed by….

Israel’s Lieberman rules out flotilla apology
8/11/2011 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Monday ruled out an apology to Turkey over May 2010’s deadly naval raid on an aid flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip.”Erdogan will not make do with just an apology “¦ He also demands lifting the blockade on the….

Israel army ‘preparing for Syria tension after UN bid’
8/11/2011 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Israel’s army is readying for possible engagement with the Syrian military in September, should Palestinians in Syria storm the border after a UN vote on statehood, local media reported. Israel’s Haaretz daily said the army thinks it may be necessary to deal with Syrian military….

Abbas calls Haniyeh to discuss unity deal
8/12/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh received a phone call Thursday from President Mahmoud Abbas, and the two discussed recent developments on a unity deal signed in May, officials said. Abbas stressed during the call the necessity to keep moving forward on wrapping up the agreement, officials in Gaza said….

PA formulates policies to avert financial crisis
8/12/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinian Authority spokesman Ghassan Al-Khatib said Thursday the PA was formulating ideas for next year’s budget in order to avert a financial crisis. The objective is to increase local revenue and reduce expenditures without affecting health, education services or PA employees’ salaries, Al-Khatib told Ma’an. The….

Young make up one-third of Palestinian population
8/11/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics released a demographic study Thursday which showed that young people form one third of the Palestinian population. The results were published on the eve of International Youth Day and present statistics about the Palestinian population, above all about the young demographic. Results showed that around….

Conductor Barenboim to be Nobel nominee
8/11/2011 – BUENOS AIRES (AFP) — Argentine-Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim will be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for using music to bring peace to the Middle East, supporters announced Wednesday. An official announcement about the 69-year-old musician’s nomination will take place on August 17 at the Academia Argentina de Letras language academy in Buenos….

In photos: Boycott activists rally in Ramallah
8/11/2011 – Protesters in Ramallah’s Manara square call on businesses and shoppers to boycott Israeli goods, holding signs reading “Don’t pay for their bullets” and “Boycott their goods, boycott their terrorism.”The campaign is part of a nationwide effort throughout the occupied territories during Ramadan to educate Palestinians about local efforts to boycott….

Al-Qassam brigades member killed in explosion
8/11/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A member of Hamas’ military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, was killed on Wednesday night in an explosion in his Rafah home, southern Gaza. The body of Ali Nayef, 20, from Yabna refugee camp was taken to Abu Yousef An-Najjar hospital, local witnesses told Ma’an. His body was….

Sweden contributes €4 million to pay PA salaries
8/11/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — The Swedish government has donated four million euros to the Palestinian Authority to help it cover employee salaries, a PA official said. Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad signed the agreement on Thursday with Swedish consul to the PA Axel Wernhoff. The Ramallah PM thanked the Swedish government for their economic….

Police arrest 23 people in Jericho
8/11/2011 – JERICHO (Ma’an) — Palestinian police arrested 23 people in the city of Jericho on Thursday, a statement said. The individuals were wanted for unpaid debts and fines. The police also issued 48 arrest warrants in the city. In a separate incident, two people were injured in a car crash in Jericho. Both victims were….

Israel ex-president rape conviction appeal ends
8/11/2011 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — The final appeal hearings in the trial of former Israeli President Moshe Katzav, convicted for rape and sexual harassment, were completed Thursday, Israeli media reported. Katsav’s lawyers had appealed his conviction and sentence and the Supreme Court is expected to reach a decision within weeks. Katsav, 65, was sentenced in March….

Egypt agriculture minister to go on trial
8/12/2011 – CAIRO (AFP) — An agriculture minister who served under ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak will go on trial for unlawfully seizing land, the official MENA news agency reported on Thursday. Amin Abaza, who is under arrest, will be tried for seizing state land in the Sinai peninsula, home to some of the country’s most….

Libyan rebels at the gates of oil hub Brega
8/12/2011 – BREGA, Libya (AFP) — Libyan rebels fighting to oust strongman Moammar Gadhafi have no doubt about it — in just a “a few days” they plan to retake the strategic oil hub of Brega, nestled on the Gulf of Syrte. Rebels, backed by NATO helicopters, have tried for the past three weeks to seize this vital port….

14 killed as Syria army storms new towns
8/11/2011 – DAMASCUS (AFP) — The United States and Turkey agreed on the need for a “transition to democracy” in Syria on Thursday, as President Bashar al-Assad’s forces killed at least 14 people after storming two more towns in pursuit of anti-regime protesters. The White House said that President Barack Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Recep….

Lebanese ex-ministers meet with UN investigators
8/11/2011 – BEIRUT (AFP) — Two Lebanese ex-ministers who survived assassination attempts were given a “troubling” update on Thursday by UN investigators probing their cases, one of the ministers said. Former telecommunication minister Marwan Hamadeh said he and ex-defense minister Elias Murr were summoned by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, based in the Netherlands, for a briefing.” We….

3 dead in Iraq, spate of bombs hit Baghdad
8/11/2011 – BAGHDAD (AFP) — Twin bomb attacks in western Iraq killed three people Thursday evening while a string of four explosions in Baghdad wounded 10 others, security and medical officials said. A total of 39 people were wounded in violence on Thursday. In the capital, two bombs went off near alcohol shops in the commercial district of….


Report claims Saleh ‘positive’ on GCC plan
AlJazeera 11 Aug 2011 – Head of UN-backed tribunal probing murder of ex-Lebanon PM says suspects will get fair trial if they hand themselves in.

Jordan PM cleared on corruption charges
AlJazeera 11 Aug 2011 – Yemen’s injured leader reopens talks on a power-transfer plan and repeats his promises to return home.

Hariri tribunal judge appeals to suspects
AlJazeera 11 Aug 2011 – Interior minister approves new construction in occupied East Jerusalem, linking them to country’s economic protests.

Israel to build 1,600 more settler homes
AlJazeera 11 Aug 2011 – Blast north of Lebanese capital kills two people, as interior minister says investigations do not point to sabotage.

Israel’s housing shortage leads to internal tensions
AlJazeera 11 Aug 2011 – Committee to discuss socio-economic reform, after hundreds of thousands protest across Israel over high cost of living.

Palestine News Network

Israel Backs Out of Apology to Turkey
PNN – Jerusalem – PNN – Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman stated that an Israeli apology to Turkey for events that happened with the Gaza Flotilla will not improve relations between the two countries….

East Jerusalem Settlement Construction Approved
PNN – Jerusalem – PNN – Israel’s interior minister announced Thursday the government has given permission for the construction of 1,600 new housing units in the Ramat Shlomo settlement block in East Jerusalem. Approval…

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

PCHR Calls for Reconsideration of Decision to Make Amendments to the Executive Bill of Charitable Associations and Community Organizations Law No. 1/2000
Palestinian Center for Human Rights Thursday, 11 August 2011

Victims Cannot Be Forgotten: PLO Must Pursue ‘Goldstone’ Accountability at UN General Assembly
Palestinian Center for Human Rights Thursday, 11 August 2011

Alternative Information Center

Palestinian Initiatives at the UN: Legal and Political Implications
Alternative Information Center – With September rapidly approaching, debate within Palestinian society is increasing about the likelihood and wisdom of the Palestinian Authority acting on its declared intentions to go to the United Nations in a bid for membership and…

Israel Announces Expansion of East Jerusalem Settlements as International Community Scrambles
Alternative Information Center – In the midst of the international lobby war leading up to the September UN General Assembly, the Israeli authorities made an announcement that undoubtedly annoyed more than one person in the White House.

Appeal to Riverdance Company not to Tour Israel
Alternative Information Center – Since management of the Irish troupe Riverdance is determined to tour Israel in September 2011, the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign and others encourage individual members of the company to refuse to participate in this tour.

Relief Web

Saudi Arabia pledges $71 million for Gaza housing
Relief Web 11 Aug 2011 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: occupied Palestinian territory , Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia through the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) will finance refugee housing in Rafah, Gaza, to the tune of US$…

Sweden to contribute SEK 40 million to the Palestinian Authority
Relief Web 11 Aug 2011 – Source: Government of Sweden Country: occupied Palestinian territory , Sweden Sweden is to contribute SEK 40 million this year via the EU financing mechanism PEGASE (Palestinian-European Mechanism for Management of Socio- Economic Aid) in direct support to the Palestinian Authority. The…

Safe motherhood committees women take command
Relief Web 11 Aug 2011 – Source: Palestine Red Crescent Society Country: occupied Palestinian territory Tens of ladies from Beit Iksa, Beit Sourik, Biddou, Qattanna and Beit Inan meet regularly at the Safe Motherhood Committee’s Fitness Center in Biddou where they talk, exchange experiences and manage…

Community based special education programme – building bridges and tearing down wall
Relief Web 11 Aug 2011 – Source: Palestine Red Crescent Society Country: occupied Palestinian territory Founded in 2000 by the Palestine Red Crescent Society in partnership with the Norwegian Red Cross, the Community Based Special Education program has been opening doors for Palestinian children with mental…

Japan supports the 5th payment of PA’s “Private Sector Reconstruction in Gaza” programme through EU’s PEGASE mechanism
Relief Web 11 Aug 2011 – Source: European Union Country: occupied Palestinian territory , Japan PR/19/2011 Jerusalem: The Japanese Government has contributed over €1.1 million (c. US$ 1.6 million), out of a total package of €6.2 million, to the fifth payment under the Palestinian Authority’s “Private Sector…

On the frontline of the health services in PRCS’s hospital: the neuralgic center of the organization’s activities in East Jerusalem
Relief Web 11 Aug 2011 – Source: Palestine Red Crescent Society Country: occupied Palestinian territory Simon Delmore – PRCS Volunteer Traffic is light on this Thursday afternoon in Jerusalem. We are driving in one of the city’s old Palestinian neighborhood. Shops are opened; children wander around…

Easing restrictions in the West Bank and Gaza during Ramadan
Relief Web 10 Aug 2011 – Source: Government of Israel Country: occupied Palestinian territory These policies are intended to improve the welfare of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza during the month of Ramadan. (Communicated by the IDF and Coordinator of Government Activities in the…

Palestine Telegraph

Palestinian Refugee Camps in Syria – An Overview
11 Aug 2011 – For the Palestinian Return Centre JPRS Magazine – Syria has served as a host country to Palestinians fleeing Apartheid Israel’s policies of expulsion, extermination, murder and occupation of Palestinian land since1948. In fact, 85 percent of Syria’s Palestinians fled their homes in 1948. Another influx came in 1967, when more than 100,000 fled the Golan Heights. Then, in 1982, the…

Palestinian presidency slams new Israeli settlements
11 Aug 2011 – Palestine, (Pal Telegraph)-Palestinian presidency on Thursday strongly denounced Israeli’s approval to build 4300 new settlement units in East Jerusalem.

Israeli gunboats target Palestinian fishermen in Gaza
11 Aug 2011 – Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli gunboats opened fire on Thursday morning  at Palestinian fishing boats off the coast of central Gaza Strip. No injuries were reported.

Israel approves 4300 new settlement homes in Jerusalem
11 Aug 2011 – Palestine, (Pal Telegraph)- Israeli’s interior minister,  Eli Yishai, on Thursday approved the building of 4300 housing units in the occupied Jerusalem in order to solve the current housing crisis in Israel.

Settlers seize Palestinian houses in Hebron
11 Aug 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Extremist settlers stormed Thursday the Old city in Hebron and seized a number of Palestinian houses after displacing their inhabitants.

Israel injures 3 Palestinians, arrests 10 foreign activists near Bethlehem
11 Aug 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Three Palestinian were injured and ten foreign solidity activists were arrested yesterday as Israeli forces attacked anti-wall protest held in al-Walaja village in the northwest of Bethlehem.

The National

US tells Saleh to stay out of Yemen
The National 10 Aug 2011 – Critics and rivals of Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh urge the country to move on without him and the US tells him the same thing.

Bahrain monument gone, but grievances linger
The National 10 Aug 2011 – Six months on, the Pearl Roundabout, where tens of thousands of Bahrainis converged to demand reforms, is gone but the problems that provoked the protests linger.

Islamists ‘proud’ to condemn Syria
The National 10 Aug 2011 – As hundreds of police watch, several members of the Kuwaiti parliament and influential Islamists call on the government to expel the Syrian ambassador.

Iran gloats over English riots, chastises politicians
The National 10 Aug 2011 – The authoritarian regime in Tehran, long at odds with the Britain, is gloating over the scenes of anarchy, looting and arson on the streets of London and other English cities.

Israel and Arab states to discuss nuclear-free region
The National 10 Aug 2011 – Israel is commonly considered to be the only Middle East nation with atomic weapons – and its secretive nuclear programme has long been a subject of contention with its neighbours.


White House: Syria would be a better place without Assad
Ha’aretz – The White House said Obama and Erdogan also agreed that the demands of the Syrian people for a transition to democracy must be met, and that the pair agreed to consult closely in the coming days as the situation in Syria develops.

UN calls on Israel not to build new settlements in East Jerusalem
Ha’aretz – Israel approves construction of 1,600 units in Ramat Shlomo in East Jerusalem after it lifted a 10-month freeze on settlement activities in September 2010.

Israel’s Interior Minister says ruling coalition may fall in light of social protests
Ha’aretz – Foreign Minister Lieberman throws support behind government, calling Israel an “island of stability” in comparison to riots occurring across Britain.

Hundreds of Israeli families attend ‘stroller marches’ for third straight week
Ha’aretz – Families in Eilat, Holon, Bat Yam, Kiryat Motzkin, Rehovot, Hadera, and Tel Aviv march in favor education reform, extending maternity leaves, and easing tax burdens on families with child care expenses.

Palestinian envoy to UN: Recognition of Palestine would be investment in peace
Ha’aretz – Riyad Mansour tells France 24 there are ‘other options’ besides applying to the Security Council; says close to 130 countries recognize Palestinian state.

Palestinian engineer admits helping Hamas develop rockets to be fired at Israel
Ha’aretz – Dirar Abu Sisi, who according to foreign reports was abducted in February in the Ukraine, tells Israeli interrogators he was tasked with extending the rockets’ range.

Lieberman: Israeli apology for Gaza flotilla raid would not improve Turkey ties
Ha’aretz – FM says Turkish PM will not make do with an apology since he demands ending Gaza blockade; Army Radio reports U.S. secured an Israel-Turkey reconciliation deal but Netanyahu backed out at last minute.

Carlo Strenger / Israel’s version of the French Revolution: Liberty, fraternity, creativity
Ha’aretz – Israel’s creative class has had enough. The nation-wide protest against a political system run by parasites that disenfranchises the productive classes is only gaining momentum.

WikiLeaks: France doubted Israeli role in Syrian general’s assassination
Ha’aretz – French government believes assassination of General Muhammad Suleiman was an inside job that occurred in ‘classic mafia fashion’, believes President Assad directly behind the killing.

Chabad Rabbi in Ecuador kidnapped and released
Ha’aretz – Rabbi Tomer Rotem was kidnapped by an Israeli-headed crime ring that demanded a ransom of half a million dollars for his release.

Israel to build thousands of new housing units in East Jerusalem
Ha’aretz – Interior minister gives final authorization to build 1,600 new apartments in Ramat Shlomo neighborhood, due to approve 2,700 more apartments in coming days.

Jerusalem Post

Syria presses crackdown as US imposes new sanctions
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – Turkey says Assad will launch reforms within weeks; Damascus’s UN envoy compares unrest to UK riots, slams Britain’s ‘hypocrisy’

Hallelujah! J’lem’s light rail to finally roll
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – ‘Operation Passover’ under way to clean tracks for train’s opening.

Remand for two toddler-death suspects extended again
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – Three-year-old Tali Darikova died on Monday after being forgotten in a van used to transport toddlers to and from a preschool in Netanya.

Analysis: Al-Qaida’s ‘Doomsday’ revenge?
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – The frightening prospect is the new al-Qaida will seek to retaliate directly against the US in a big way with weapons of mass destruction.

Savir’s corner: An Israeli spring
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – “The courageous youth on Rothschild Blvd. must accept that our society and the Palestinian one are interdependent.”

Clinton calls on world nations to speak out against Assad
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – US Secretary of State says sanctions needed on Syria’s oil and gas industry; Obama, Erdogan confer on Syria violence.

Fayyad, Abbas send Congressmen mixed messages on UN bid
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – PA prime minister tells visiting US lawmakers no final decision yet made on statehood bid, while Abbas talks as if deal is done; Abbas: Previous talks with PM hit wall over demand for IDF presence in Jordan Valley.

Shapiro and Pollard
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – New US Ambassador Shapiro passes the buck and calls Pollard’s fate “an issue for the American legal system.”

Likud ‘sick of’ Mofaz as Foreign Affairs and Defense head
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – “Mofaz uses the committee for his own political benefit, to fight against Livni and the Likud,” source says.

Syrian forces kill 11 in swoop on northern towns
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – Tanks sweep into Qusair, near the Lebanon border; US envoy to Damascus warns Syria of more US sanctions if violence doesn’t stop.

E. J’lem building plans draw ire of Palestinians, world
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – “Unilateral actions…that appear to prejudice the outcome of the negotiations are counterproductive,” US says.

Most Brits not surprised riots so violent
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – Years of police force cutbacks, continuing economic recession, and massive immigration have led to “moral collapse” in society.

Comment: How Israel should face hostile Norway gov’t
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – In order to develop a new attitude toward the Norwegian gov’t, one must understand characteristics of country’s “progressive elite.”

Social justice movement plans to take to the periphery
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – “The government has always neglected these areas and we want to show that we aren’t neglecting them too,” protest leader says.

Into the fray: Suicide Nation?
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – Once again the nation is being lured into disaster by the “pied-pipers of Oslo,” this time playing a new tune.

Women’s soccer making headway in Saudi Arabia
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – Saudi Arabian Football Federation official has been quietly visiting university campuses to help women develop soccer teams.

Gaza engineer describes Hamas rocket experiments
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – Sections of investigation into Dirar Abu Sisi, taken into custody from Ukraine and brought to Israel, released for publication.

Abbas to Hamas: Don’t give up on reconciliation
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – PA president calls Hamas PM, urging him to implement agreements reached between factions; Haniyeh: “There will be no return backward.”

Yishai says he may ‘shake up’ coalition over social issues
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – Labor party decides against lobbying effort to topple Netanyahu government until after September primary elections.

‘Syrian forces kill five, storm towns in north and west’
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – Tanks, armored vehicles enter towns along Turkish, Lebanese borders; at least 100 reportedly arrested, 16 wounded in armed raids.

The Weekly Schmooze: The comedian peace plan
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – A Jpost column wrapping up Jewish culture news worldwide: Roseanne for prime minister; Kosher hair products.

‘Syrian forces storm town near Turkey border’
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – Tanks, armored vehicles enter northern province; at least 100 reportedly arrested; “They started firing randomly, storming houses,” resident says.

CITYsights: Jerusalem raises its game for summer
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – The capital is bursting with so many things to do and see for the young, old, and everyone in between; check out this comprehensive list of what’s on offer.

Yishai approves 1,600 units in east Jerusalem
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – Interior Minister: People need to live. If there was room to build in Rehavia, Nahlaot, we’d build there, but there’s no land for building.

Katsav sticks to ‘consensual’ defense in last day of appeal
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – Supreme Court Justices expected to rule on the case in around 3 months – if his appeal is rejected, the former president faces 7 years.

‘How to protect kids from dangerous online relationships’
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – Israeli company develops technology called Kangaroo to detect and protect young Internet users from dangers in the virtual environment.

Hamas: PA is clamping down on our preachers
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – They want to isolate us because they fear our influence. People won’t give up on us Islamists because we’re credible, legislator says.

Yishai approves 1,000 housing units in east Jerusalem
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – Interior minister is expected to approve an additional 2,700 units one week after US, EU slam go-ahead on Har Homa construction project.

State attorneys threaten labor dispute
Jerusalem Post 11 Aug 2011 – The labor dispute warning follows announcement of decision made by the State Prosecutor’s Office that certain civil cases are to be outsourced.

The Guardian

Israel approves 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem
The Guardian 11 Aug 2011 – Palestinians and Israeli anti-settlement group condemn construction in disputed area Israel has authorised the construction of 1,600 flats in disputed East Jerusalem and will approve 2,700 more in the next few days, officials have said, detailing…

Iran names street after Rachel Corrie
The Guardian 11 Aug 2011 – Tehran pays tribute to US activist crushed to death by bulldozer while trying stop the demolition of Palestinian homes Tehran city council has named a street after an American activist who was crushed to death by…

Inter Press Service

MIDEAST: In Prison, and Denied Education
IPS Access to education for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails is getting worse as international organisations remain unwilling or unable to intervene. Secondary- school students here completed their exams in June, and received their results by end of July. However, the 1,800 Palestinian prisoners who were supposed to complete their exams…

Syrian Opposition Members Disappearing in Lebanon
IPS A wave of mysterious disappearances is befalling members of the Syrian opposition in Lebanon, where Syria’s military and intelligence apparatus had a strong presence during its occupation of the country from 1976 until 2005.


Gaza Ramadan, Hard, Meaningful
Uruknet August 11, 2011 – The Muslim holy month of Ramadan began six days ago here in Gaza, and this year it’s scorching (it’s based on the lunar cycle, so varies yearly). I’ve dabbled in Ramadan before, but have never had the privilege of spending it with a family for more than one iftar (the celebratory evening ‘breakfast’). Living…

Abbas: “Future State Will Be Under NATO Security Forces Headed By The USA”
Uruknet August 11, 2011 – Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, stated Thursday that the future Palestinian state will be under the security responsibility of a third party, NATO forces, led by the United States of America. His statements came as he welcomed US Senators and legislators visiting the presidential headquarters in the Central West Bank city of Ramallah, the Maan…

Libya: Weapons Transfers – the French and Qatar Connections
Uruknet 11 August 2011 – Qatar’s arming of the Libyan rebels is particularly problematic as Qatar imports the vast majority of its arms, and hence would have been required to endorse end-user certificates. Over the past five years Qatar’s main arms supplier has been the United States (in monetary terms), but it has also imported arms from many other…

Throwing rocks at the occupation – and Western prejudice too
Uruknet August 11, 2011 – I had denied it for too long now but for a Palestinian, my rock throwing is abysmal. On one of the Fridays I spent in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, I had grumbled out loud at this particular incompetence of mine and I suddenly found myself surrounded by eager teachers. It was…

Execution of detainees within Syrian security branches
Uruknet August 11, 2011 – 9 detainees have died under torture inside the interrogation centres of security branches over the past 10 days, demonstrating a significant increase in such killings. The total number of detainees who have been killed due to torture under interrogation has now reached 65 cases. The past 10 days have witnessed the death of the…

Israel approves 1,600 Jerusalem settler homes
Uruknet August 11, 2011 — Israel’s interior minister Eli Yishai has given final approval for the construction of 1,600 new settler homes in east Jerusalem, his spokesman told AFP on Thursday. The move is likely to anger both the Palestinians and the international community, as it struggles to find a way to relaunch peace talks in a bid to…

Where is a resolution of UN Security Council on imposing a no-fly zone over Britain?
Uruknet August 11, 2011 – On Saturday, August, 6th in the suburbs of London, a rebellion of democratically minded progressive young people dissatisfied with the dictatorship of ruling for about a half of a century, Queen Elizabeth II, broke out. They demand respect for their rights, democratic freedoms and reforms in the UK. The international community expressed support for…

Iraq snapshot – August 10, 2011
Uruknet August 10, 2011. Chaos and violence continue, the financial cost of war is noted (pay attention, Steve Inskeep), talk of extending the US military presence in Iraq continues, Iraqi Youth issue a statement, and more….The US needs to leave Iraq. It needs to leave Iraq immediately. If the carpets need cleaned or replace, a bill can be sent….

Compensate Victims of U.S. Chemical Warfare in Vietnam
Uruknet August 10, 2011 – Today marks the 50th anniversary of the start of the chemical warfare program in Vietnam without sufficient remedial action by the U.S. government. One of the most shameful legacies of the Vietnam War, Agent Orange continues to poison Vietnam and the people exposed to the chemicals, as well as their offspring. H.R. 2634, the…

Syria News – August 10, 2011 (Videos)
Uruknet August 10, 2010 – Number of martyrs raised to 22 martyr 18 in Homs,1 Martyr in Hama, 1 Marytr in Nawa, 1 Martyr in Taftanaz “idlib”, 1 Martyr in Saqba “Damascus Suburbs” Homs – Baba Amer, Martyrs neighborhood : The army resumed shelling Baba Amro, the neighborhood that emerged with the begining of the revolution as the first neighborhood…

Palestinians Prisoners Languish in Administrative Detention
Uruknet August 10, 2011 – “I’m sick with worry about my daughter. I’m afraid of what they are doing to her. She has done nothing to deserve this. If they have anything against her why don’t they bring her to trial?” Yehiya Al Shalabi asked IPS rhetorically. Hana Al Shalabi, 27, Yehiya’s daughter, has been languishing in Israeli administrative…

Video Study: The Qala’a Massacre
Uruknet August 10, 2011 – …As I said above, I suspect the rebels filmed this themselves, and posted it online. Why? Did they think their own discovery on video would make it possible to claim loyalist forces were responsible? Was it just one rebel faction running across the work of an allied network? What was their motive for filming…

How Freedom* Came to Libya, part 2: How the Rebels Gave Africa the Boot [graphic]
Uruknet August 10, 2011 – Black Libyan soldiers, African workers, racist rebels, the Mercenary meme, and Libya’s “liberation” by lynch mobs.

On requests for #j14 solidarity
Uruknet August 10, 2011 – There is a certain notion among articulate opinion on the Israeli “new left” that Palestinians/Palestine solidarity activists should be patting their heads and chucking them under the chin for mobilizing politically against social injustice within Israel, or within Jewish Israel. Here’s what I think. This protest is good, and has caught the world’s attention,…

The prisoner abuse in Iraq
Uruknet August 10, 2011 – At the start of the week, the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights released [PDF format warning] “2010 Report on Human Rights in Iraq.”… “It was observed that prisoners and detainees were often not provided with adequate food, sometimes only being fed a handful…

What would UN recognition of a Palestinian state mean?
Uruknet August 10, 2011 – There is no doubt about the importance of the UN recognising Palestine as a state, and more importantly its acceptance as a full member state. If such recognition is given in September, it will confirm the importance of activating the option of international legitimacy. However, we should not get too excited about possible UN…

Israel uses drones to watch offshore gas fields
Uruknet August 10, 2011 – The Israel Defence Forces have deployed unmanned drones to watch over offshore gas fields for fear of an attack by Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Reports in the Jerusalem Post claim that the decision to deploy drones was made in order to maintain a 24-hour presence over the site following threats by Hezbollah to launch a military…

Growing Israeli Tyranny –
Uruknet August 10, 2011 – For years, America and Israel followed similar paths toward full-blown tyranny, threatening all their citizens. Believing either is democratic and egalitarian is ludicrous and nonsensical, especially now under right-wing neoliberal governments, cracking down hard against challenges to their authority. In Israel, moreover, Arabs have no rights. In fact, they’re treated more like fifth-column threats…

Marwan Barghouti warns of protests if US wields veto
Uruknet August 10, 2011 — A Palestinian leader jailed in Israel has warned Washington that vetoing a Palestinian state at the United Nations would spark huge regional protests, Egypt’s official MENA news agency reported Wednesday. Marwan Barghouti, a leading member of the dominant Fatah party convicted of organizing attacks against Israelis during the second intifada, gave an interview to…

Debt Crisis: Military Spending And Wars Collapsing America
Uruknet August 10, 2011 – Last week, after months of grandstanding GOP rhetoric, Congress with the clock winding down finally raised the debt ceiling. But why are the most virulently, pretentious pontificators of addressing America’s debt so silent about the devouring of the nation’s treasury by the ongoing immoral overseas wars? The Budget Control Act of 2011 was passed…

Daily Star

Syrian forces sweep border towns, killing 14 in their wake
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 The United States and Turkey agreed on the need for a transition to democracy in Syria Thursday

Explosion rocks Antelias, kills 2
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 An explosion in a parking lot in the Antelias district north of Beirut Thursday killed two people and wounded two others, sources told The Daily Star…

Assassination attempts ‘linked’ to Hariri killing
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 The U.N.-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon Thursday informed two Lebanese officials, who were targets of assassination attempts…

Sleiman: Dialogue needed amid Arab unrest
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 President Michel Sleiman warned Thursday that Lebanon is facing difficulties and challenges as a result of the current popular upheavals sweeping the Arab world…

Foreign minister meets with UAE deportees
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour met Thursday with a group of Lebanese who have been deported from the United Arab Emirates.

Human Rights committee follows up prison worries
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 The Human Rights parliamentary committee held a meeting Thursday to follow up on prison conditions, according to the National News Agency.

Iranian ambassador meets with grand mufti
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Iranian Ambassador Ghazanfar Rukn Abadi visited Thursday Grand Mufti Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Qabbani to congratulate him on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.

Pro- and anti-Assad protesters clash near Syrian Embassy
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Supporters of Syrian President Bashar Assad clashed Thursday with anti-Assad protesters who were holding a demonstration in front of the Syrian Embassy in the Hamra district of Beirut.

Arslan meets Nassif, says Syria reports not true
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Lebanese Democratic Party leader Talal Arslan discussed the latest political developments in the region Thursday with Maj. Gen. Mohammad Nassif, the assistant of the Syrian vice president.

Syria ambassador praises Mikati government
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdel-Karim Ali said Thursday that Syria will emerge stronger from its current crisis later this month.

Jumblatt’s message to Syria mirrors that of Turkey
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 As soon as Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt expressed his support for the Syrian people’s right to freedom and democracy…

Future Movement MPs lash out at Aoun’s electricity proposal
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 The Future Movement-led March 14 alliance launched Thursday a scathing attack against Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun over a draft law to establish a $1.2 billion fund…

Cassese calls on 4 STL suspects to surrender or get lawyers
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 The head of the U.N.-backed court probing the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri appealed Thursday to the four individuals accused of the crime to turn themselves in to the tribunal.

Mikati: Diversity should not be source of conflict
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Prime Minister Najib Mikati told youth delegations from rival factions Thursday that belonging to various political parties should not be a cause of conflict among the Lebanese, urging the youth to adopt diversity as a basis…

Red Cross, Civil Defense save man who fell in well
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Red Cross and Civil Defense workers rescued a man shortly after he fell into a well in the village of Alma in Zghorta, the National News Agency reported Thursday.

Tourism Ministry urged to prevent drownings
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Future bloc MP Mohammad Hajjar asked the Tourism Ministry Thursday to detail the steps it will take to prevent drownings at tourist resorts.

Army, civil defense join forces to extinguish fires
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Civil Defense and Lebanese Army personnel extinguished several fires that broke out in villages across the country Wednesday, the army said in a statement Thursday.

Nabatieh police arrest 5 men over a mix of thefts
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Nabatieh police arrested an Iranian man over the weekend for allegedly stealing $4,350 from a gas station in Nabatieh after tricking a station worker, the Internal Security Forces said in statement Thursday.

Ras al-Nabaa residents urge measures over horse disease
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 A neighborhood association in Ras al-Nabaa called Thursday for the authorities to take steps to tackle the issue of a horse disease that had been spreading through the country’s horse population last month.

Mufti: Those unable to fast should give to charity
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Mufti of the Republic Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Qabbani has specified how much should be donated to charity by Muslims in lieu of fasting.

Metn villagers rap Kanaan over electricity grid
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Local committees from several Metn villages responded Thursday to Change and Reform bloc MP Ibrahim Kanaan’s comments on the controversial project to install a high-tension electricity grid in Metn, the Central News Agency said.

Beirut police remove illegal constructions in Raouche
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Police from the capital supervised the removal of illegal construction on public land in the area of Raouche on Thursday, in what was described as an exceptional operation that left no other illegally built structures in…

Lebanon in dire need of a new media law
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 With a rich print media heritage and the freest press in the Arab region, Lebanon has long prided itself as a haven for freedom of expression…

Cabinet policies on disabled generating hope
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Recent efforts by the new government to fulfill the rights of the country’s disabled community are being well-received by activists, as some continue to urge action on boosting the role of the National Council for the…

Egyptian activists call for the expulsion of Syria’s ENVOY
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Activists in Egypt have launched a series of Facebook campaigns demanding the expulsion of the Syrian ambassador to Egypt.

Egypt to abolish reviled 30-year-old emergency law
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Egypt has begun procedures to end the country’s three-decade old state of emergency, the government said Thursday, a key demand of the protesters who ousted President Hosni Mubarak in February.

Iranian capital renames street after U.S. activist Rachel Corrie
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Tehran’s municipal council has named a street after an American activist who was crushed to death by an Israeli military bulldozer in the Gaza Strip in 2003, local newspaper reported Thursday.

U.K. set to unfreeze more Libyan rebel assets
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 More countries are likely to announce next week that they will free up frozen assets for the use of rebels in Libya, a British official said Thursday…

Tunisians face long wait for justice
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 As the Arab world watched Hosni Mubarak’s trial last week, transfixed by the sight of Egypt’s longtime leader behind a courtroom cage, Tunisia quietly released its reviled former justice minister.

Tunisia building 3 special prison wards for Ben Ali clan, official says
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Three wards are being built at Tunisia’s Monarguia prison to house ousted president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali allies currently detained on a military base, a top official said Thursday.

WFP claims more access inSomalia, Mogadishu a challenge
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 The U.N.’s food agency said it has been able to reach more parts of famine-struck Somalia in the last month but there were still significant security challenges in Mogadishu even though Islamist rebels have left the…

Israeli Summer protest movement has the scent of Arab Spring
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Israelis, living in an island of comfort and surrounded by countries they generally view with disdain, are not accustomed to taking their cues from Arabs.

Netanyahu will not cut defense spending despite economic reform
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Israel’s prime minister opposes cutting the defense budget to pay for economic reforms being demanded by a burgeoning social protest movement, the daily newspaper Yediot Aharonot reported Thursday.

Yemeni president stalls on revived power transfer deal
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Yemen’s embattled president is objecting to key points of a U.S.-backed deal that calls for him to step down in return for immunity from prosecution, a member of his ruling party said Thursday…

Al-Jazeera says Manama denied free access for documentary
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 The head of the Qatar-based satellite news channel Al-Jazeera English defended a documentary about this year’s unrest in Bahrain, in comments published Thursday, after an angry response by Bahraini authorities.

Israel to approve 4,300 new East Jerusalem homes
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Israel’s interior minister gave final authorization to build 1,600 apartments in occupied East Jerusalem and will approve 2,700 more in days…

Syrian forces kill five in swoop on northern towns
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Syrian forces killed at least five people in an assault on two northern towns Thursday, activists said, pursuing a military campaign to crush protests against President Bashar Assad.

UK tells Iran happy to talk human rights after riot criticism
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Britain told Iran on Thursday it was happy to discuss its handling of street unrest after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused its police of “savage” aggression against demonstrators.

Iran names street after American activist
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Tehran’s municipal council has named a street after an American activist who was crushed to death by an Israeli military bulldozer in the Gaza Strip in 2003, local newspaper reported on Thursday.

STL urges Hezbollah suspects to surrender
Daily Star 11 Aug 2011 Court’s president urges four suspects indicted in the 2005 assassination of former statesman Rafik Hariri to surrender and seek legal counsel.

Stop The Wall

The Enterprise of Declaring a State
Stop The Wall – Aug 11, 2011— A number of Palestinian civil society organizations and networks have released a document that is the result of long discussions regarding possible Palestinian statehood in September 2011. The paper “Enterprise of Declaring a State” is meant to pose political and legal questions about the establishment of a Palestinian state within 1967 borders. [

YNet News

US, Turkey: Assad must end bloodshed
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – US President Barack Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed during a phone call Thursday on the need for a “transition to democracy” in Syria, the … ….

US urges Israel, PA to avoid unilateral moves
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – The White House urged Israel and the Palestinians on Thursday not to take unilateral actions that could undermine chances to renew long-stalled peace talks. White … ….

Qassam rocket explodes near kibbutz
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – Rocket attacks continue: A Qassam rocket fired from the Gaza Strip Thursday evening exploded near a kibbutz in the Shaar HaNegev regional council. Local residents … ….

Parents, doctors march in protest nationwide
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – Hundreds of young parents were joined by housing protesters and doctors in a nationwide march for better living conditions on Thursday evening. Some 400 parents, … ….

Protestors drive away Minister Katz
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – Transportation Minister Katz was forced to leave Tel Aviv’s tent city on Rothschild Boulevard Thursday, after tensions flared as displeased protesters shouted: “We demand … ….

British envoy praises Israeli protestors
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – The social protest sweeping through Israel and the riots ravaging the UK are a world apart, British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould said in an interview with Ynet … ….

Top Hamas engineer tells all
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – Hamas engineer Dirar Abu Sisi, nabbed by Israeli security forces earlier this year, provided interrogators with priceless information on Hamas’ modus operandi, the terror … ….

Tourists nabbed with cocaine inside stomachs
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – An x-ray examination reveals 2.5 kilograms of liquid cocaine concealed inside….

Yishai ‘ready to carry out political shockwave’
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – Interior minister threatens to resign from coalition if socio-economic protests….

Iran names street after American activist Rachel Corrie
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – Tehran municipal council names street after American activist who was killed by….

Guillotine display stuns Rothschild’s ‘tent city’
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – French Revolution symbol becomes main attraction at Tel Aviv’s protest center,….

Tourists impressed by tent city in Tel Aviv
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – Foreigners used to hearing about Israel in a political context are being exposed….

Holocaust survivors’ champion dead at 85
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – Noach Flug, who dedicated his life working diligently to promote Holocaust….

President Peres meets social team
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – Government-appointed team tasked with resolving social unrest apprises Peres of….

Netanyahu nixes 2012 defense budget supplement
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – PM worried that financial crisis in US, western Europe will have strong impact….

Jewish ‘guardians’ keep London streets safe
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – As riots escalate and with police caught unprepared, Jewish volunteers take to….

New housing projects planned for east Jerusalem
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – Interior Minister Eli Yishai signs off on three ventures which will see….

11 soldiers stage ‘AWOL protest’
YNet News, 11 Aug 2011 – Duchifat Battalion servicemen desert station, fail to return from weekend leave….

Palestinian Information Center

Ministry of prisoners calls for ending Israel’s crimes against female detainees
PIC – The ministry of prisoners’ affairs in Gaza appealed to international organizations concerned with women’s issues to move to stop Israel’s crimes and violations against Palestinian women in its jails.

IOF serves demolition notice to owner of water well
PIC – IOF served a notice to a Palestinian citizen in Nuwaima village, Jericho province, that his water well would be razed because it was built without permit in area C of the West Bank.

MP Yousuf appeals for curbing Israel’s violations against Palestinian MPs
PIC – Palestinian lawmaker Hasan Yousuf appealed to the international community to urgently move to defend the Palestinian MPs imprisoned in Israeli jails.

‘Complementary’ exchange of roles made between PA and Israel
PIC – An “complementary” exchange of roles is being made between the West Bank security forces and those of Israel, said Palestinian MP Hosni al-Borini (Hamas).

Israel offers to double restitution instead of apology to Turkey
PIC – Israel has offered to double compensation to the families of those killed in the May 2010 Mavi Marmara attack instead of officially apologizing for the attack as demanded by Turkey.

MP Masri holds Israel responsible for consequences of its Judaization plans
PIC – Hamas lawmaker Mushir Al-Masri held the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the consequences of its persistence in its settlement and Judaization activities in occupied Jerusalem.

Longest held administrative detainee arrested again
PIC – The longest held Palestinian prisoner in administrative detention Ayed Dudin, 44, has once again been arrested just 40 days after being released.

IOA flattens Palestinian home in occupied Jerusalem
PIC – The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) razed the home of Majed Al-Rajabi in Baka’a area to the southwest of occupied Jerusalem on Wednesday due to the usual pretext of lack of construction permit.

Jewish settlers seize Palestinian homes by force
PIC – Jewish settlers forced their way into Palestinian homes in the Old City of Al-Khalil and expelled their inhabitants out at dawn Thursday, eyewitnesses said.

Abbas congratulates Haneyya on Ramadan, confirms will for reconciliation
PIC – PA president Mahmoud Abbas phoned Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya on Thursday congratulating him on the holy month of Ramadan and assuring the need to preserve the reconciliation atmosphere.

UFree demands IOA to release Jazeera reporter Allawi right away
PIC – 11/08/2011 – 10:18 AM

IOA sanctions the building of 1600 settlement units in OJ
PIC – 11/08/2011 – 10:23 AM

Prisoner falls into coma amid medical neglect at Negev prison
PIC – 11/08/2011 – 10:34 AM

Hamas issues report on violations against historic Ma’manullah cemetery
PIC – 11/08/2011 – 10:57 AM


Ashrawi: Israel’s De Facto Policy Destroys the Peace Process

Abbas Tells US Lawmakers he wants State Empty of Settlements

UN Calls Israeli Plan to Expand Settlements ‘Provocative’

Official says Israel has Approved 7900 Housing Units in Jerusalem

Japan Supports Reconstruction in Gaza Program

Fatah says it will Fight Israeli Settlement Plans

Sweden Grants PA €4 Million to Pay Public Employees Salaries

Palestinian Authority Condemns Israeli Plan to Expand Settlements

India to Vote in UN for Palestinian State in September

Israel to Withhold Tax Revenues to Pressure Palestinians

Newspapers Review: US, Israeli Opposition to September Bid Focus of Dailies

Intifada Palestine

How Palestinian Authority’s UN “Statehood” Bid Endangers Palestinian Rights
Intifada-Palestine: 11 Aug 2011 – by Ali Abunimah / The Electronic Intifada The Palestinian Boycott National Committee (BNC), the steering group of the international boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign, has issued further guidance in the run up to the Palestinian Authority’s effort to gain UN membership… more

Los Angeles Times

Israel ministry OKs 1,600 new East Jerusalem housing units
LA Times 11 Aug 2011 – Interior Minister Eli Yishai suggests that expanding the Ramat Shlomo project on annexed land is aimed at alleviating a housing shortage that helped spark the last month’s protests by Israelis. Israel’s Interior Ministry approved plans Thursday for 1,600 new housing units in a development built…

U.S. pro-democracy effort rubs many in Egypt the wrong way
LA Times 10 Aug 2011 – The U.S. plan to pour funds into Egypt to help organize political parties has sparked a backlash from Cairo’s interim military government, its Islamist parties and even some reform-minded activists. Six months after pro-democracy protesters ousted longtime Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, U.S. efforts to help…

New York Times

Protests Force Israel to Confront Wealth Gap
New York Times 11 Aug 2011 – Protesters in Israel complain that a country once seen as a model of equality now has one of the largest gaps between rich and poor in the industrialized world.

Syrian Security Forces Kill 12 People in Attack on a Western Town, Activists Say
New York Times 11 Aug 2011 – President Bashar al-Assad faced new pressure from Turkey and the United States to end his harsh repression of the protest movement challenging his rule.

Israel Approves New Housing in East Jerusalem
New York Times 11 Aug 2011 – The approval of a 1,600-apartment complex could undercut efforts to salvage Middle East peace talks.

U.S. Threatens to Halt Gaza Aid Over Hamas Audits
New York Times 11 Aug 2011 – The State Department said Thursday that it would withdraw some $100 million if Hamas officials did not back off a demand to audit the books of American-financed charities operating there.

Support for Assad Government Shows Signs of Weakening
New York Times 11 Aug 2011 – As Syria, led by President Bashar al-Assad, continues its relentless assault on the uprising, its isolation is increasing as cracks form in the leadership.


State Department awards $200,000 to Elliott-Abrams-led thinktank repeatedly cited by mass murderer Breivik
Mondoweiss – Jim Lobe asks , How many times did mass murderer Anders Breivik refer to the Middle East Media Research Institute in his Islamophobic manifesto? Well I just went to Breivik’s manifesto and I counted, 23 references to MEMRI or MEMRITV. MEMRI is an Israel lobby shop. Its…

Who’s paying for Congress to summer in Israel? Liberal foundations that give halls to Princeton and Yale and fund Human Rights Watch
Mondoweiss – The center of student life at NYU is a striking building called the Kimmel Center on Washington Square. Martin and Helen Kimmel have given NYU millions. The Kimmels also give tons of money to the Metropolitan Opera, the Museum of African Art, Habitat for Humanity, the…

Netanyahu’s 5,524 ‘Concessions.’ Or, ‘All your onions chopped to perfection without shedding a single tear!’
Mondoweiss – The most tangible gain an Israeli protester can hope to win from the housing protests in Israel , is, well, a house (leave aside “intangibles” like political clout and minority rights , ok?). And the Israeli government is making concessions! No, really! Don’t change the channel! Has Netanyahu…

IAI unveils new UAV
Neged Neshek – Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will showcase a new UAV model at the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International exhibition in Washington, D.C. between 16-19 August. The Ghost is a mini-UAV with vertical take-off and landing capability first unveiled in March 2011.

Holy moley, Rick Perry says ‘my faith requires me to support Israel’
Mondoweiss – From Justin Elliott at Salon , more at the link: Josh Rogin…  digs up an interview Perry gave to the Weekly Standard in 2009 in which the Texas governor explicitly said his views on the Middle East are informed by his evangelical Christianity: “My faith requires me…

How could Congress be so tone-deaf as to go to Israel when US is in crisis?? Greta Van Susteren asks
Mondoweiss – TV personality Greta Van Susteren has nailed it .  “Please tell me Congress is not doing this… they could not be that tone deaf….no one could be.” Look at the comments. Those folks get it too. Her post in part: I just received a press release […

East Jerusalem’s Armenian Ceramic Art
Tikun Olam – The Olive Tree of Jerusalem (Armenian Ceramics, East Jerusalem) Tonight, I’m repaying a debt that is long overdue.  A few years ago when I was installing the slideshow you see in my banner above, I discovered a beautiful mural on a website called Tikkun Tree .  There…

Misc 2

Sudan: Sudan Applauds Lebanon Over UNAMID Mandate
allAfrica.com 11 Aug 2011 – Sudan has hailed Lebanon for its moves during the deliberations resulted in a Security Council Resolution extending the mandate of UNAMID in Sudan for another year.

Liberia: Country’s Ambassador Joins Fact-Finding Mission to Israel
allAfrica.com 11 Aug 2011 – Liberia’s ambassador to the United States William Bull was among 19 Washington-based ambassadors and one other senior diplomat who met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, the second day of a five-day fact-finding mission to Israel and the West Bank organized by The Israel…

Turkey warns of consequences of continued Jerusalem settlement expansion
Middle East Monitor 11 Aug 2011 – The Turkish Foreign Ministry has issued a warning to the Israeli government of the repercussions of its continued settlement activity in occupied Jerusalem, saying that settlement construction “aims at changing the demographics of this sacred city”. In a press release issued by the Turkish Foreign Ministry,…

100 Palestinians refuse security summonses since reconciliation agreement
Middle East Monitor 11 Aug 2011 – Since the signing of the Palestinian reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas over three months ago, there has been a notable rise in the phenomenon of individuals refusing to comply with security summonses issued by the Palestinian Authority’s security apparatus. Since the agreement was signed in…

Khaled Meshaal and the Emir of Qatar review Palestinian developments
Middle East Monitor 11 Aug 2011 – A high-ranking Hamas leadership delegation headed by the Political Bureau Chief, Khaled Meshaal, has made an official visit to the Qatari capital, Doha, to update the Qatari leadership on developments in Palestine. On Tuesday August 9, the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani,…

Turkey supports construction of new university hospital in Gaza
Middle East Monitor 11 Aug 2011 – EXCLUSIVE PICTURES The Islamic University in Gaza (IUG) held a ceremony yesterday to lay the foundation stone of a new university hospital in the liberated area formerly occupied by the Israeli Netzarim settlement south of Gaza city. The new hospital, to be named the Palestinian-Turkish Friendship…

Syrian troops ‘in fresh assaults’
BBC 11 Aug 2011 – Syrian forces reportedly kill 12 civilians, mainly in the province of Homs, as authorities continue to try to quell protests against President Assad’s rule.

Israel backs 1,600 settler homes
BBC 11 Aug 2011 – Israel gives final approval for the controversial building of 1,600 settler homes in occupied East Jerusalem.

AUDIO: Iran acid victim on why she forgave
BBC 11 Aug 2011 – An Iranian woman left blinded by a man who threw acid at her has forgiven her attacker seven years on.

VIDEO: Syria troops ‘back in Hama’
BBC 10 Aug 2011 – Syrian activists say that government forces are back in the city of Hama just one day after having reportedly pulled out.


VIDEO – They try to steal our history, not just our land
International Solidarity Movement 8/11/2011
      9 August 2011, International Solidarity Movement, West Bank
     The demonstrations in Nabi Saleh started the 21 of November 2009, after the illegal settlement of Halamish expanded, costing locals in land and their source of water for home and agricultural use, a spring declared holy by the settlers.
     Since the beginning of the demonstrations the village faced outstanding repression from the army and the Israeli government, who declared 10 house demolition orders. The Israeli army tried to negotiate with or blackmail members of the village, promising to withhold the demolition orders if they stop the demonstrations.
     More then 220 people have been injured since the beginning of their peaceful resistance to illegal Israeli occupation of their land. Some of the injured include an 11 year old boy who was shot with a rubber coated steel bullet in his head and is still paralyzed. Another example is man who was hit by a high velocity tear gas canister, illegal because unlike usual tear-gas canisters, it is made to be capable of breaking through walls, can fly long distances without sound, does not emit a smoke tail, and has a propeller to accelerate the weapon mid-air.
     At the moment there are around 90 Nabi Saleh locals still held in Israeli jails.
     We met Manal Tamimi, one of the most active women in the village, who made the point that their resistance is not just for her children in Nabi Saleh, but it is a resistance that involves all Palestine. — See also: YouTube: Video interview with Manal Tamimimore.. e-mail

Gaza and Somalia: Humanity lives on
Ramzy Baroud, Ma’an News Agency 8/11/2011
      I remember how exhilarated I felt when I was told I was old enough to fast for the month of Ramadan. My feelings had little to do with abstention from food and drink between dawn and sunset each day. For a child, there is little joy in that.
     The meaning and implications for me were much greater. I believed that the occasion signaled I had now become a man. I wanted to share this news with all my brothers, friends and neighbors.
     Three days into the fast, lethargy set it. The end seemed near. Although I fared well in my first attempt at fasting for an entire month, I had my weak and reprehensible moments. I hid in dark corners with my favorite snacks: a cucumber, a tomato, a loaf of pita bread. To be caught would be shameful and degrading, a regression back into childhood, a terrible example to my younger siblings, and a ripe topic of ridicule from my older brothers.
     Ramadan in a Gaza refugee camp is an entirely different experience from Ramadan anywhere else. A malnourished population of impoverished refugees abstains from food and gives endless thanks for life’s fortunes. The irony didn’t escape me then, as it doesn’t escape me now.
     The Imam of our refugee camp’s Great Mosque would spend much time thanking Allah for his numerous gifts. Hands extended to the sky, and faces lowered to the ground, the faithful would repeat in impressive unison: ‘Amen’. Even as Israeli helicopters buzzed above their heads and military vehicles speed nearby, the faithful kept their faces lowered. Even as the smell of gunpowder and teargas poisoned the atmosphere, their hands stayed extended.
     “Alhamdulilah,” said the Imam. Thanks to God. And the crowd repeated, “Amen.” more.. e-mail

Analysis: Solution for Jerusalem
aoud Kuttab, Ma’an News Agency 8/11/2011
      Chambers of commerce in some Palestinian cities held elections over the past few weeks and municipal elections are planned for October. One Palestinian city that will not see any local elections just happens to be Palestine’s capital in waiting.
     For the past 44 years, East Jerusalem has been prevented from carrying out any activity that might represent any sort of local government.
     Israel’s unilateral annexation of occupied East Jerusalem and the forced municipal unity with Israeli West Jerusalem has left the holy city in limbo. Palestinians rejected the annexation and unification of the city, and have boycotted municipal elections since 1967.
     A number of US-Israeli-Palestinian agreements give the PLO permission to hold offices in East Jerusalem and stipulate that Israel should not close down existing Palestinian organizations and institutions. But Israel has been ignoring these understandings and effectively ensured that Palestinians in the city remain leaderless.
     In addition to banning East Jerusalem municipal elections, Israel closed down the Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce, the Orient House and many other Palestinian institutions.
     Any public event Palestinians consider holding in East Jerusalem is quickly dubbed a “Palestinian Authority” event and therefore illegal, according to Israel’s draconian emergency laws.
     Last spring a celebration in honor of the West Bank champion football team, which happens to be from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sur Baher, was canceled by the Israeli police…. more.. e-mail

Throwing rocks at the occupation — and Western prejudice too
Electronic Intifada: 11 Aug 2011 – Linah Alsaafin The Electronic Intifada Nabi Saleh I asked a few Nabi Saleh children why they throw rocks. Their responses were simple: We don’t want the army here.more

Israel uses “primitive, racist” policies against Palestinian prisoners
Electronic Intifada: 10 Aug 2011 – Mel Frykberg The Electronic Intifada Ramallah The conditions for Palestinians held without charge under administrative detention are harsh, just as they are for all political prisoners.more

Frustration simmers over Egypt-Gaza border closure
Electronic Intifada: 11 Aug 2011 – Jared Malsin The Electronic Intifada Palestinians in Gaza are still waiting for Egypt’s promise to ease the closure of Rafah crossing to materialize.more

Gaza Ramadan, Hard, Meaningful
In Gaza: 10 Aug 2011 – Qateyefs (pancakes) being prepare for the evening feast.  (By Eva Bartlett, published at New Internationalist ) The Muslim holy month of Ramadan began six days ago here in Gaza, and this year it’s scorching (it’s based on the lunar cycle, so varies yearly). I’ve dabbled in Ramadan before, but have never had the privilege of spending it with a family for more than one iftar (the celebratory evening ‘breakfast’). Living with a fasting family is insightful in many ways. I see the considerable willpower they exhibit to ensure nothing passes their lips. For many going without water is the hardest. For the smokers, it’s the lack of nicotine that causes nerves to fray. And as the countdown to the evening call-to-prayer rolls on, drivers get more irritable and distracted. Were this any other time I’d assume that the many strained faces and lethargic movements I see from mid-afternoon to sunset were…more

In Prison, and Denied Education
Palestine Chronicle: 11 Aug 2011 – By Mohammed Omer – Gaza City Access to education for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails is getting worse as international organisations remain unwilling or unable to intervene. Secondary- school students here completed their exams in June, and received their results by end of July. However, the 1,800 Palestinian prisoners who were supposed to complete their exams were not permitted to do so by the Israeli Prison Service. In the early morning hours, Fatima Abu Jayyab, mother of Palestinian prisoner Eyad Khalid Abu Jayyab, gets ready for morning prayers. For the past nine years, every Monday morning this 57-year-old mother has stood outside the International Red Cross Committee (ICRC) office in Gaza City with a poster displaying her son. The Israeli authorities have prevented her from seeing him for the last five years. Israeli authorities imprisoned Eyad Khalid Abu Jayyab for what Fatima calls affiliation to a political party. “I think…more

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