Information Clearing House Newsletter 18 August, 2011: Debt Crisis is Just a 'Prelude to War'

18 August, 2011 — Information Clearing House

Shadow Warriors: Movin’ On Up
By Conn Hallinan
The U.S. is embarking on a military sea change that will replace massive deployments, like Iraq and Afghanistan, with stealthy night raids, secret assassinations, and death-dealing drones. Its implications for civilian control of foreign policy promises to be profound.

Drones Direct Hit Upon Rule of Law
By Rep. Dennis Kucinich
The legal justification for their use in Pakistan can and will be used to justify their use in other countries. Under this legal framework, the battlefield could be stretched to include anywhere in the world.

Those Huge Demonstrations In Syria
By Moon Of Alabama
The Western media have diffused an edited reality, corrected by a single source which nobody has deemed it necessary, it seems, to question.

War Criminal Calls For More Prisons
By Robin Beste
What price justice when war criminal Jack Straw is free to call for more prisons to be built so young people caught stealing a £3.50 case of water can be jailed for six months?

Welcome to the Terrordome
British Regime Jealous of America’s Savage Police
By Glen Ford
The United States is the Great Gulag Nation, the planetary prison dungeon, home to 25 percent of its prison inmates. One out of every eight imprisoned persons in the world is a Black American.

Crimogenic UK
By Max Keiser
This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at how quantitative easing is good for the rich, bad for the poor and how sterling is offering no refuge.

Debt Crisis in West is Just a ‘Prelude to War’
By K. Selim
The American dream no longer exists. The U.S. establishment, Democratic or Republican, is not prepared to cash in its last major comparative advantage – military supremacy.

Notes on the Social Crisis in America
By Naomi Spencer
Deteriorating social conditions found expression this week in a mass lineup for dental care in Georgia and a crackdown on a growing New Jersey tent city.

Capitalism Is The Crisis
“We Don’t Live in a Functioning Democracy”
Must Watch Documentary
Capitalism Is The Crisis, examines the ideological roots of the “austerity” agenda and proposes revolutionary paths out of the current crisis.

Suspect Everyone
30 Second Homeland Security Video
The Drop Off – If You See Something, Say Something .

26 killed in Afghanistan:
At least 26 people were killed in a series of violent attacks on Thursday in eastern and western Afghanistan, officials said.

Unconfirmed reports:
‘Huge Afghan blast kills 27 US soldiers’:
Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the deadly attack, saying the huge explosion left at least 27 American troops killed and 34 others wounded, a Press TV correspondent reported.

3 Afghan Policemen Killed in Shootout With Army:
A shootout between Afghan police officers and soldiers in a district near this southern city on Wednesday evening left three policemen dead and at least five civilians wounded in the crossfire

Violence in Pakistani city kills 39 in 2 days:
Victims tortured, shot, stuffed in sacks: The gangs are allegedly affiliated with the city’s main political parties and have been blamed for a surge in killings in recent months.

Gaddafi troops fight to maintain positions in strategic city of Zawiyah:
Libyan rebels launched an assault on the only functioning oil refinery in Zawiyah on Wednesday, with reports of heavy clashes in the key city, which is only 30 miles from the capital, Tripoli.

No, you will NOT re-arm the Libyan rebels:
Let us examine international law governing this issue and let it be clear that any attempt to arm the terrorists in Libya against the Government and any attempt to place boots on the ground is illegal.

Libyan Deaths, Media Silence: Were Dozens Killed in Majer NATO Airstrikes?:
Allegations of Libyan civilian deaths as a result of NATO bombing have often been covered in the corporate media as an opportunity to scoff at the Gadhafi regime’s unconvincing propaganda .

Fighting reported between Syrian army and defectors in Homs: –
Clashes erupted between defectors from the Syrian army and military forces in the central city of Homs, opposition activists said Thursday.

US, EU say Assad must go; Syria faces curbs:
President Barack Obama ordered Syrian government assets in the US frozen, banned US citizens from operating or investing in Syria and banned US import of Syria petroleum.

Seven killed in series of attacks in southern Israel:
Gunmen fired on bus traveling near Eilat, close to Egypt border; IDF trades fire with gunmen; mortars are fired from Egyptian border; IDF kills several terrorists.

Israeli attack kills six in Gaza: At least six people, including a child, were killed .
The attack targeted a group of “gunmen” from the Palestinian militant group Popular Resistance Committees. Media reports said

Fact or fiction?
PA to soften UN statehood bid?:
According to the proposed version, the PLO’s status within UN institutes will be significantly upgraded but without an official declaration of independence,7340,L-4110374,00.html

Turkey plans diplomatic assault on Israel after its refusal to apologize for Gaza flotilla raid:
Turkey now intends to implement “Plan B”, which will include an anti-Israel campaign in UN institutions, with an emphasis on the International Court of Justice. Turkey also plans to encourage the families of the raid’s victims to file suits against senior Israeli figures in European courts. .

Israel PM snubs Clinton over Turkey apology:
Israel’s two main radio stations said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday with a direct request that he make an apology – but he turned her down.

Gideon Levy: Israel’s swinish Zionism ought to be stopped:
Swine are insatiable, it is thought. They eat everything that comes their way and gorge themselves until they die. So do capitalism and Zionism.

Video survey: Racism rampant among Israeli youth:
The questions we asked pertained to a number of sensitive political topics and the idea was to get people to talk long enough to detect if there was any racism at play in their answers.

Obama hires former National Jewish Democratic Council chief in bid to secure Jewish votes:
Forman worked for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in the late 1970s

Venezuela Plans to Move Reserve Funds:
Venezuela plans to transfer billions of dollars in cash reserves from abroad to banks in Russia, China and Brazil and tons of gold from European banks to its central bank vaults, according to documents reviewed Tuesday by The Wall Street Journal.

Chavez Preparing Government Takeover of Venezuela’s Gold Mining Industry:
Chavez, who has said he wants to eliminate the “dictatorship” of the U.S. dollar, has called on Venezuela’s central bank to diversify its $28.7 billion in reserves away from U.S. institutions.

APNewsBreak: Oil sheen in Gulf, source unknown:
A new oil sheen has been found in the Gulf of Mexico, although oil giant BP said Thursday the discovery had nothing to do with its operations and was far from the site of its disaster-hit Macondo well.

National Outcry Builds Against Deportations:
When 20-year-old Isaura Garcia called the 911 emergency hotline while being physically abused by her partner, she never imagined that her plea to U.S. legal authorities would lead to imprisonment and possible deportation.

US bond yields hit record low on recession fears:
US Treasury bond yields plunged Thursday, with the 10-year yield hitting a record low as worries about a new recession in the United States and Europe battered stock markets.

Five charts that show the world’s markets are about to nosedive:
RBS chartists have gazed into their crystal ball and seen signs that UK, US, Japan and European equities may be about to shed more of their value, in some cases up to 10%

Tensions Explode On CNBC: “You Told People To Buy Bear Stearns!” :
A debate between CNBC anchors Jim Cramer and Simon Hobbs went out of control this morning amid the European bank rout.

Payback is a *itch: U.S. Inquiry Is Said to Focus on S.&P. Ratings:
The Justice Department is investigating whether the nation’s largest credit ratings agency, Standard & Poor’s, improperly rated dozens of mortgage securities in the years leading up to the financial crisis

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590”
Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,792
Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,681

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan
Total Cost of Wars Since 2001

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