Information Clearing House Newsletter October 25, 2011: Gaddafi Sodomized By NATO Supported Rebels

25 October 2011 — Information Clearing House

Gaddafi Sodomized By NATO Supported Rebels
Video shows abuse frame by frame (GRAPHIC)

By Tracey Shelton
An analysis appears to confirm that a rebel fighter sodomized Gaddafi with a knife.

Libya: Apparent Execution of 53 Gaddafi Supporters
By Human Rights Watch
“We found 53 decomposing bodies, apparently Gaddafi supporters, at an abandoned hotel in Sirte, and some had their hands bound behind their backs when they were shot,” said Peter Bouckaert, emergencies director at Human Rights Watch, who investigated the killings.

Used and Abused
The Murder of Gaddafi, and the War Crimes of Western Powers

By Peter Baofu, Ph.D.
His achievements are now forgotten, as the West had finished using him, and Western mainstream media is now spinning his historical legacy, in accordance to the dominant rhetoric of Western powers in world media.

U.S. Tightens Military Grip on Africa
By Glen Ford
American penetration of Africa has reached the point that any nation “such as Eritrea “that does not have a military relationship with the United States is marked for regime change.

Taking Down the Curtain
By George Capaccio
What a spectacle for the evening news and the well-paid pundits who love nothing more than another big time bad guy gone to his grave in America’s just pursuit of freedom and eternal security.

War and Serfdom
Is This The World We Really Want to Live In?
By Eric Blair
I’m raising three sons in a world that I don’t want them to live in. A world of hate, deception, war, injustice, and serfdom.

President Ahmadinejad Interview
“We think it is the will of the people that should work and prevail everywhere. Justice, freedom and respect to people — this is the right of all nations,” he said

Fraudulent Defense Contractors Paid $1 Trillion
By Bernie Sanders
“The ugly truth is that virtually all of the major defense contractors in this country for years have been engaged in systemic fraudulent behavior, while receiving hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money,” said Sanders.

Defending Bloated Military Spending
By Ryan Alexander
The $450 billion in Pentagon cuts that the debt ceiling deal enacted – isn’t actually a “cut” at all.

Immunity and Impunity in Elite America
By Glenn Greenwald
How the Legal System Was Deep-Sixed and Occupy Wall Street Swept the Land

TSA Thugs on the Loose!
By Ron Paul
Should we really hail the expansion of the police state as an enhancement to safety?

Occupy Wall Street and the Criminalization of Non-violent Dissent
By Ritt Goldstein
As ample video evidence has shown, too many today are far more interested in protecting privilege and property than people or their rights.

US kills 29 people in Somalia:
The Tuesday attack took place on Afmadow town in southern Somalia, a Press TV correspondent reported. Somalia is the sixth country where the US military has conducted such drone strikes.

Syria: Army deserters kills 7 Syrian Soldiers:
Syrian army deserters killed seven soldiers in an attack on an armored convoy on Tuesday. Residents and activists said the fighting took place at a roadblock on the edge of the northwestern town of Maarat al-Numaan,0,6427208.story

Journalist witnesses Syrian authorities torturing activists:
Internationally renowned film-maker Sean McAllister describes what he saw and heard while detained in a Syrian cell by the authorities.

NATO strikes in Syria unlikely: U.S. Assistant Secretary of State:
Feltman, who is also the U.S. envoy in Libya, said intervention similar to the NATO strikes on Libya was unlikely.

Nasrallah: NATO will not attack in Syria in fear of Israel security:
Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah has voiced confidence that Syria has overcome the danger, stressing that the regime of Bashar Assad has been targeted because of its “resisting identity.”

What’s behind the recall of the US ambassador to Syria?:
Experts believe that this move heralds America’s serious intentions concerning Syria.

Five civilians killed in Yemen protests, clashes:
Five civilians were killed Tuesday in clashes and protests in Yemen’s capital and second largest city, as calls mounted for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down despite a harsh crackdown.

Yemen calls truce, explosions heard:
Yemen’s government signed a cease-fire with a dissident general Tuesday to try to end weeks of escalating bloodshed, but explosions and gunfire could still be heard in the north of the capital.

Four killed in Pakistani bomb attack: –
A powerful roadside bomb ripped through a car in Pakistan’s northwest on Tuesday, killing at least four people, police said.

China seeks military bases in Pakistan:
While Pakistan wants China to build a naval base at its southwestern seaport of Gwadar in Balochistan province, Beijing is more interested in setting up military bases either in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan or in the Federally Administered Northern Areas (FANA) that border Xinjiang province.

Afghan lawmakers reject military agreement with ISAF:
Afghanistan’s lower house of parliament rejected on Monday an agreement on technical and military cooperation between the Afghan government and the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), the Pajhwok news agency reported.

Afghan Government Won’t Be Able to Fund Security Forces After 2014: Eikenberry:
A former US ambassador to Afghanistan said that the cost of maintaining Afghanistan’s security forces after 2014 will be more than three times government revenue, and the shortfall will have to be picked up by the international community.

Turkish premier denies media report that over thousand “terrorists” killed in combat on PKK:
“The figures given by the BBC which said that 1,300-1,400 terrorists have been killed, are baseless”

CIA’s Covert Iraq Mission:
As the U.S. military departs Iraq, the CIA is looking at how it can absorb and continue secret counterterrorism and intelligence programs run inside that country for years by the Joint Special Operations Command and other military organizations

US Iraqi police funding condemned:
A US government watchdog has criticised a programme to train Iraqi police, saying it could become a “bottomless pit” for American money

Yemen troops fire at anti-regime protest; 2 killed:
Yemeni troops loyal to embattled President Ali Abdullah Saleh opened fire Tuesday at thousands of protesters calling for his ouster in the capital Sanaa, killing two, a medical official said.

NATO may stay in Libya longer than planned – U.S. defense chief:
NATO may not end its mission in Libya as early as planned, CNN quoted U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta as saying on Tuesday.

Muammar Gaddafi buried in Libyan desert:
A Misrata military council official said Gaddafi, Muatassim and a top aide were buried in a secret location, with a few relatives and officials in attendance.

Ruling Military Council Intensifies Media Clampdown in Egypt:
The media clampdown in Egypt is worsening. Over the past six weeks, the ruling military council has censored the press, raided news organizations, shut down broadcasts and intimidated journalists.

U.S. Military on ‘High Alert’:
U.S. military personnel in three critical locations have been put on the very highest state of alert after being warned of potential terrorist attacks.

Nations condemn Cuba blockade:
While the United States intensified its economic blockade against Cuban trade and finance, the UN General Assembly advanced a new condemnation almost unanimously, against this siege, the twentieth in 20 consecutive years.

U.S. infiltrating criminal groups across Mexico:
U.S. law enforcement agencies have significantly built up networks of Mexican informants that have allowed them to secretly infiltrate some of that country’s most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations, according to security officials on both sides of the border.

Australian Police Turn Violent On Occupy Melbourne Protesters –

Top cop braces for more violence Occupiers target the Queen:
Victoria’s top police officer has not ruled out a repeat of Friday’s confrontation with Occupy Melbourne protesters if a demonstration to mark the Queen’s visit to the city this week turns violent.

Occupy Oakland: Police Eviction Underway, 75 Arrested, Video – Live Stream:
Right now, the police cops are here in force; the protestors have blocked the camp. The police are using a SOUND CANNON against the protestors.

In Pictures –
Police dismantling Occupy Oakland

Consumer confidence in October drops:
Consumers’ confidence fell in October to the lowest it’s been since March 2009 when the U.S. was in the middle of a deep recession, according to a report by a private research group released on Tuesday.

2012 and the Coming Financial Crises:
It looks to me as though 2012 is likely to be a truly awful financial year, with several crises converging:

7 U.S. Cities on the Verge of Bankruptcy:
Major cities are among the ranks of those in dire straits.

New Obama Foreclosure Plan Helps Banks At Taxpayers’ Expense:
A key new condition in the plan would shift the financial liability for refinanced loans from Wall Street banks to the American taxpayer. And by focusing on lower payments, the program does not confront what housing experts view as the core problem in the foreclosure crisis — borrower debt that exceeds the value of one’s home.

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590”
Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,798
Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,776

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan
Total Cost of Wars Since 2001

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