Syria Newslinks 3-4 November 2011

4 November 2011 —

4 November 2011
Exit NATO, Enter Libyan War Today at 13:48
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

Israeli sends out loud warning to Iran
Asia Times Online Today at 11:00
The Israeli government’s hints that it is preparing to strike Iran have been in noisy contrast to its traditionally secretive approach to dangerous and controversial operations. The threats and military exercises are either a bluff designed to corner Tehran as the United Nations prepares a potentially damning appraisal of its nuclear ambitions, or a counter to Syrian threats to ‘burn the region’. – Victor Kotsev (Nov 4, ’11)

Syrian opposition holds antigovernment protests
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 10:05

More deaths in Syria despite approval of Arab League plan
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 08:55

Syria forces ‘renew Homs attacks’
BBC News Today at 08:23
Syrian military forces resume attacks in the city of Homs, say activist groups, as big protests are planned later on Friday.

3 November 2011

Scores killed in Syrian clashes despite peace deal
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 19:34

Occupiers link up with Syria
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:35
It’s a long road from London to Damascus but that didn’t deter anti-capitalist activists camped outside St Paul’s from a project to link up with Syrian protesters last night via the internet.

Tank fire in Homs mocks Arab League peace deal
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:14
Syrian tanks mounted with machine-guns fired into crowds in the central city of Homs today – a day after the government said it had accepted an Arab League appeal to withdraw armoured vehicles from its streets.

‘Coordinated media attack against Syria will continue’ Yesterday at 16:14
While the Syrian government has agreed to an Arab league proposal that could put a stop to nearly eight months of violence, independent journalist James Corbert argues a media campaign is underway to help overthrow the…

“Islamists” on Probation: Western Reaction to Tunisian Elections
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 15:00
Following Tunisia’s first fair and free elections on October 27, the Western media responded with a characteristic sense of fear and alarm. For many, it seemed that the ghost of the Islamic menace was back to haunt ‘Western values’ throughout the Arab world. The narrative employed by media outlets was no more than cleverly disguised Islamophobia, masquerading as genuine concern for democracy and the welfare of women and minority groups.”

Syria: Amnesty International, Regime Change and an Ambassador
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 15:00
Absolutism, tempered by assassination.
— Ernst Munster, 1766-1839
Oh, well!  Time to move on, folks.  Nothing to see here. Now there is an oil man, who spent many years in the United States, shoed in as ‘interim Prime Minister’ in Libya.  It’s time to go a-toppling again.

Damascus sells peace but opposition isn’t buying Yesterday at 13:12
The Syrian government has agreed to an Arab League peace plan to end almost eight months of unrest that has left scores dead. However, with the opposition against any initiative that would leave Assad in power, the…

Syria agrees to Arab League plan
Asia Times Online Yesterday at 11:00
The Syrian government has accepted several measures suggested by the Arab League aimed at halting violence in the country that has claimed an estimated 3,000 lives since March, including the removal of tanks from the streets and the release of about 70,000 political prisoners. (Nov 3, ’11)

Tanks ‘open fire’ in Syrian city
BBC News Yesterday at 10:16
Government tanks open fire in the Syrian city of Homs, activists report, the day after an agreement to end the violence.

Syria Said to Accept Arab Plan to End Unrest
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 07:41

A stalemate in Syria?
Recent articles from Yesterday at 05:00
The Syrian revolution has defied enormous repression for eight months, but the Assad regime remains entrenched.

Syria approves Arab League’s peace plan
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 04:34

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