Egypt Newslinks 21 December 2011

21 December 2011 —

The Arab Winter: Violence from a US-backed Egyptian military junta Yesterday at 15:47
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Egypt: 10000 march in protest at woman dragged half-naked through street
Around 10000 women have marched through central Cairo demanding Egypt’s ruling military step down in an unprecedented show of outrage over soldiers who dragged women by the hair and stomped on them, and stripped one half-naked in the street. …

Syria, Egypt and Middle East unrest – live updates
The Guardian
11.18am: Mahmoud Salem, who blogs under the name Sandmonkey, has written a
lengthy post in which he details, among other things, his unsuccessful
campaign to be elected to the Egyptian parliament, election fraud, the
“disconnect between the …

A black Saturday for Egypt
Egyptian Gazette
By Maryam Raafat – The Egyptian Gazette CAIRO – Many Egyptians pass this
building every day on their way to work and they take great pride in it.
They knew the building was something special, but most of them never
realised that it was the Egypt’s …

Egyptian Islamists: We’ll negotiate with Israel
The radical Salafi movement’s Al-Nour party, which is currently placed
second in the Egyptian parliamentary elections behind the Muslim
Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party, has said it would be willing to
negotiate with Israel under certain …

Analysis – Egypt’s Christians wary of too much foreign support
Reuters UK
By Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor | CAIRO (Reuters) – The Arab Spring has
increased pressure on Egypt’s Coptic Christians, with attacks on churches
and bloody clashes with Muslims and the military. Many foreign Christians
feel driven to help. …

Egypt’s OCI to list new firm’s shares on exchange
Reuters Africa
CAIRO (Reuters) – Orascom Construction (OCI), Egypt’s biggest listed
company, will list the shares of its construction business on the Egyptian
stock exchange in a demerger process it hopes to complete in the first
quarter of 2012, it said on Wednesday …

Egypt’s runoffs begin in 9 governorates
Egyptian Gazette
By Hatem Khedr – The Egyptian Gazette CAIRO – Egyptians headed today to the
polling stations to cast their ballots in the runoffs in the second stage
of the People’s Assembly (PA) elections. An Egyptian woman casts her ballot
at a polling station in …’s%20runoffs%20begin%20in%209%20governorates

Continued Growth in Egypt’s Outsourcing Industry in 2011
MarketWatch (press release)
21, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Egypt’s Information Technology Industry
Development Agency (ITIDA) proudly announces it has been a landmark year
for the country’s outsourcing industry, having achieved its goal of
reaching $1.1 billion in ICT export …

Egypt starts run-off vote for second stage parliamentary polls
21 (Xinhua) — Egypt started on Wednesday the two-day run-off round of the
second stage of the parliamentary elections, with the presence of soldiers
and police to ensure security. The polling stations opened at 8:00 am local
time (0600 GMT) in Giza, …

Political unrest pushes Egypt towards economic meltdown
BBC News
By Jon Leyne BBC News, Cairo While clashes continue in the centre of Cairo,
Egypt is headed towards a major financial and economic crisis. The country
is haemorrhaging about $1bn (£638m) a month in foreign currency reserves,
and the Egyptian pound has …

Egypt: Prosecute Sexual Assaults on Protesters
Human Rights Watch
Images of military and police who strip, grope, and beat protesters have
horrified the world and brought into sharp focus the sexual brutality
Egyptian women face in public life.The military and civilian authorities
need to put a halt to criminal …

US asks Egypt to protect rights of its people
Hindu Business Line
PTI Expressing serious concern about continued violence in Egypt, the White
House has asked the Egyptian security forces to respect and protect the
universal rights of its people. “We remain deeply concerned about the
violence in Egypt. …

Egypt: Run-Off of the Second Phase of Parliamentary Elections Starts
At exactly eight o’clock Wednesday morning polling centres opened in the
first day of the run-off for the second phase of parliamentary elections.
In this phase election will be held in nine governorates namely, Giza,
Ismailia, Suez, Beni Suef, Aswan, …

Egypt/Uganda: Nation Claim Second Win Over Visiting Uganda
The Egyptian women’s football team was made to labour for (1-0) victory
against a plucky Uganda women’s side in the second of the two friendly
games played in Egypt. The two teams are preparing for ++the African
Women’s Championship 2012 qualifiers and …

Egypt default risk jumps most globally following unrest
The Daily Star
By Alaa Shahine Egypt’s default risk surged the most in the world as
violence escalated and foreign currency reserves tumbled, a sign investors
will demand higher yields at Tuesday’s sale of $1 billion in dollar
treasury bills. Five-year credit default …

Citi cuts target price for Centamin Egypt amid political unrest
Proactive Investors UK
Citi has decided to reduce its target price for gold mining company
Centamin Egypt (LON:CEY) due to political instability in Egypt, but said it
still remains a “buy” despite these risks. Centamin’s main asset is the
Sukari gold project in eastern Egypt …

Egypt: Greater Anger, Smaller Crowds
Sky News (blog)
You’ve gone more than 1000 kilometres, travelling through the part of Egypt
where the vast majority of Egypt’s 84 million population lives – within 18
miles of each side of the river. Apart from the thousand yards, on most of
your journey you will not …

Egypt has far too many people
Columbus Dispatch
Why, indeed, does Tunisia, whose unpopular and corrupt president, Zein Al
Abidine Ben Ali, was forced to flee to Saudi Arabia last winter, seem to be
calmly building a democratic state with solid institutions, while Egypt is
unable to come to grips …

Egypt: protesters ‘died of gunshot wounds’
Most of the 13 people killed in recent days of anti-military clashes in
Cairo died of gunshot wounds, and one died in detention after suffering
head trauma, Egypt’s chief forensic doctor said. Doctor Ehsan Kamil
Georgi’s report casts doubt on the …

Egypt’s economy stretches to breaking point
Washington Post
A stockbroker said he had lost hundreds of thousands of Egyptian pounds as
the market slumped. A livestock importer said his business had declined.
Like many Egyptians, these shoppers said they rejoiced when Mubarak stepped
down in February. …

US condemns Egyptian ‘Hitler’ remark
WASHINGTON — A US official voiced outrage Tuesday after an adviser to
Egypt’s military said that some protesters facing down troops in Cairo
should be “thrown into Hitler’s incinerators.” Retired general Abdelmoneim
Kato’s “anti-Semitic comments are …

Egyptian Stocks Retreat to Lowest in a Month on Deadly Clashes
20 (Bloomberg) — Egyptian stocks dropped to the lowest in a month after
security forces and protesters clashed for a fifth day in central Cairo and
the government removed subsidies on energy-intensive industries. Commercial
International Bank …

Social networking booming in Egypt, Russia, survey finds
And use of online social networks grew dramatically in Egypt and Russia
over the past year, most likely as part of the recent political upheavals
in those countries. These are among the results of a new report that
measured the usage of digital …

Mother of abducted Fayetteville boy briefly returns to US from Egypt
Chambersburg Public Opinion
The Fayetteville woman returned home for the first time since her son was
abducted by his noncustodial father in Egypt, but she hasn’t given up the
fight to find her son and bring him home safely. “It was very hard to get
on that plane,” she said in an …

Tourist vists to Egypt drop by a quarter in July-September
Ahram Online
The number of tourists that visited Egypt during the third quarter of 2011
dropped 24 per cent below the same period in 2010 to reach 2.8 million
tourists, according to the latest data from Egypt’s official statistics
body. …

Egypt: Gov’t, Iraq Eye More Cooperation in Power Field
The two ministers along with leaders of 35 Egyptian companies working in
the power domain agreed to hold an expanded meeting on Tuesday. Meanwhile,
Aftan asserted his country’s keenness to be linked by the Egyptian power to
implement projects and boost …

Egypt Shuts Gaza Borders for Dispute with Hamas
Egypt shut the Rafah crossing point for travelers leaving the Gaza Strip
Wednesday due to “technical” differences with the Islamic Hamas movement, a
Palestinian officer said. Hamas authorities have contracted a new company,
Taibeh, to replace Gaza Bus …

Egypt’s Rodney King Moment – by Ashraf Khalil
Foreign Policy (blog)
But it’s just Exhibit A in a long list of brutal acts committed by the
Egyptian army in its increasingly bitter and personal struggle with the
country’s activist forces. There’s video footage of army soldiers —
despite repeated government denials that …

Egypt’s ruling generals face mounting criticism
Kansas City Star
Egyptian book restoration officials surround a vehicle full of burnt and
damaged books which were saved from the research center, set up during the
three-year occupation of Egypt by France in the late 18th century, in
Cairo, Egypt, Monday, Dec. …

America Loves Selling Guns to Egypt
By Sam Biddle
Now that we’ve got YouTube, Google, and Facebook out of the way, how about
another Hottest Trends List! This one’s a little morose though. Like,
international arms sales morose. So who loves American best-in-the-world

JURIST – Paper Chase: UN rights chief condemns Egypt military …
By Katherine Getty
JURIST – Paper Chase: UN rights chief condemns Egypt military crackdown.

Women targeted as Egypt’s bloody chaos drags on – News – Mail …
Egyptian police and soldiers fired guns and teargas to clear protesters
from Tahrir Square on the sixth day of clashes that have killed 13 people.

Egypt and Elsewhere – Pictures of the Day –
December 20, 2011, 4:07 pm. Pictures of the Day: Egypt and Elsewhere. By
THE NEW YORK. In order to view this feature, you must download the latest
version of flash player here. Photographs from Egypt, North Korea,
Philippines and India. …

Egypt’s growing economic crisis | Shadow Government
By Michael Singh
The staggering Islamist victories in the initial rounds of parliamentary
voting and the spasms of violence which regularly gripping Cairo have
raised grave worries about Egypt’s political future. Less visible, however,
is a deepening economic …

Thousands of Rare Documents Burned in Egypt – Eastman’s Online …
By Dick Eastman
Here’s another example of how preserving information only on paper is high
risk. Institute d’Egypte, a research center set up by Napoleon Bonaparte
during France’s invasion in the late 18th century, caught fire during
clashes between …

Egypt Scientific Institute up in Flames | Informed Comment
By Juan
When I was working in the Egyptian Archives and the Egyptian National
Library in the 1980s, I pleaded with the American University in Cairo
librarian to find a way to get more rare materials microfilmed, but he
couldn’t see how that was AUC’s …

Egypt claim second win over visiting Uganda – Football News – CAF
The Egyptian women’s football team was made to labour for (1-0) victory
against a plucky Uganda women’s side in the second of the two friendly
games played in Egypt. The two teams are preparing for ++the African
Women’s Championship …

Salafis and Sufis in Egypt – Egypt’s Transition
By agallagher
As expected, Egypt’s first parliamentary election after the overthrow of
longtime leader Hosni Mubarak confirmed the popularity and organizational
strength of the Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party, which won
77 of the 156 …

Egypt’s Women Rally In Force To Protest Police Brutality Against …
By Derised1
December 20th, 2011 (3) Posted By Derised1. Tweet. ICYMI – Egyptian
Police Brutality Against Female Protester In Blue Bra Captured On Video
Which Has Inspired These Latest Protests And Outrage Around The World: Your
Ad Here …

Copts as Egypt’s Conscience | Al Akhbar English
By Adel
I remember very distinctly fearing for Egypt, at that time, as I had never
feared for the country before. There was already so much that was poisonous
about the atmosphere there – a stifling sense of corruption and
immobility that one could …

Great Women of Egypt; Lori Berenson On Parole; Lie of the Year …
By Tim Cavanaugh
House rejects two-month extension of payroll tax holiday. Republicans
insist on a year-long extension, not the 60 days the Senate recently
approved. The.

Is Egypt Screwed? – The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – The Daily Beast
By Andrew Sullivan
In Egypt, they are facing a new problem. They’ve changed rulers, but the
crops still won’t grow. As this Washington Postpiece shows, the Egyptian
economy has been going downhill ever since Pharaoh Hosni began to tremble
on his throne. …

Egypt Live Blog | Al Jazeera Blogs
Al Jazeera staff and correspondents update you on important developments in
Egypt as a new political landscape is shaped after a popular uprising
forced …

Egypt: UN human rights chief condemns brutality against protesters
The United Nations human rights chief today strongly condemned what she
described as the “brutal suppression” of demonstrations by the military
and security …

Egyptian soldiers battle protesters, three dead | Reuters
CAIRO (Reuters) – At least three people were killed and 257 wounded in
Cairo on Friday as troops fought demonstrators in the worst violence since
Egypt began …

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