Bradley Manning Newslinks 29 June 2012

29 June 2012—


Judge orders prosecution to explain stonewalling in Bradley Manning case

World Socialist Web Site

A military judge on June 25 ordered Army prosecutors to address accusations that they have withheld evidence from the defense team of accused whistleblower Bradley Manning.

Accused Wiki-Leaker Bradley Manning Wins Discovery in Court Case

The New American

The attorney for accused document leaker Private Bradley Manning won a pretrial motion for full discovery of exculpatory evidence in court June 25. by Thomas R. Eddlem.


US soldier in WikiLeaks case presses prosecutors for documents he hopes will …

The ruling came Monday during a pretrial hearing for Pfc. Bradley Manning

at Fort Meade. Manning’s lawyers claim prosecutors have shirked their duty

to share evidence helpful to the defence. Col. Denise Lind granted a

defence motion requiring …


My Turn: Why Obama shouldn’t win

… he continues to torture captives abroad (Baghram) in an archipelago of

secret prisons domestically for the undocumented, and in military brigade

(Jose Pedilla, Bradley Manning); he approved the murder of habeus corpus in

the NDAA; and he approves …


Julian Assange rejects police request to hand himself in

Bradley Manning, an alleged associate of mine, who is in prison, they say,

for interacting with me, has been found, has been placed under torturous

conditions by the UN rapporteur. His lawyer says that the reason he has

been placed in those conditions …


Partisan hypocrisy

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

Detained PFC Bradley Manning without trial for an extended period for

exposing U.S. war crimes. • Expanded Bush/Cheney’s drone warfare program

and expanded foreign wars, propping up the military-industrial complex’s

cash-for-bodies business.


WikiLeaks Grand Jury | Witness Profile, David House, June 15, 2011 …

By Alexa O’Brien

David House’s statement on the WikiLeaks Grand Jury,

“The prosecution initially attempted to prevent David House from taking

notes. This was the reason for the recess and reconvening at 4:00pm ET.

There was no legal …


This Day in WikiLeaks: 06/28/12

By m_cetera

Bradley Manning has been in jail without trial for 767 days. A secret Grand

Jury on WikiLeaks has been … The Bradley Manning Support Network

published detailed notes from Bradley’s June 25 motion hearing. Posted by

m_cetera at 4:29 PM …


Notes on Bradley Manning’s motion hearing, June 25

This separate media facility has been made available at every other

pre-trial hearing for Bradley Manning. It has included an audio-visual feed

that has a …


Bradley Manning Support Network » Attending Bradley’s Hearings

Alleged whistleblower PFC Bradley Manning is back in court July 16th-20th

for a motion hearing. We encourage everyone to attend! We will be holding a

vigil …


012 …

The Bradley Manning Support Network would like to thank everyone who

marched in …


Book Review: ‘The Passion of Bradley Manning’ by Chase Madar …

The Passion of Christ is the story of Jesus from the conspiracy against him

unto his crucifixion and death. It is a somewhat fitting analogy of the

story of Bradley …


25 June: Solidarity with Bradley Manning and Julian Assange in …

Bradley Manning has another pretrial court hearing on Monday 25 June in the

US. As well as demonstrations at Fort Meade and elsewhere around the world,

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