Isn't it time to stop drone wars?

4 October, 2012 — Voice of Russia

The inefficiency of drone attacks as a means of a war against terrorists have already been criticized by many scientists and military experts.

The US claims that the killing of its ambassador in the Libyan city of Benghazi was allegedly thoroughly planned by the northern African branch of Al-Qaeda. Now, the US is planning a response to these alleged terrorists. Two US drones, “Predator” and “Reaper,” will be sent to Libya very soon.

So, the US does not intend to reject the policy of drone wars. The fact that the previous US drone attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries killed more civilians than militants does not seem to bother the US authorities. Nor do they seem to be bothered with the fact that these attacks aggravated the US‘s relations with these countries.

The inefficiency of drone attacks as a means of a war against terrorists have already been criticized by many scientists and military experts. Last week, the Stanford University published a report that, in particular, says that in total, at least 2,292 people, about 900 of whom were civilians, were killed as a result of US drone attacks in various countries since 2004.

“We approached the problem from the point of view of common people,” one of the report’s authors Stephan Sonnenberg said in an interview with the Voice of Russia.

The “effectiveness” of drones has been criticized by US participants of the military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan as well. They say that within 3 years of wars in these countries, US drones killed only… 14 terrorists. Meanwhile, the number of the civilians who were killed “in passing” was more than 700! A simple calculation shows that the degree of the drones’ efficiency is only about 2%.

“This is due not only to the drones’ imperfect construction, but also to the human factor,” Russian military observer Igor Korotchenko is convinced.

“The fact that a drone is unmanned does not mean that it flies all by itself,” Mr. Korotchenko says. “It is managed by an operator either in the Pentagon or in the CIA‘s headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Thus, the results of a drone‘s flight depend on the operator’s skill – and, to a big extent, on the preliminary information from spies.”

However, it still looks as if the US authorities care very little about a thousand or two killed innocent Iraqis, Libyans or Syrians. The US authorities seem to be occupied with more important tasks – like provoking radical Islamists on acts of terror by publishing films like “Innocence of Moslems” on the Web. It is so convenient to justify the US‘s own dubious “victories” in Moslem countries by saying that they were responses to acts of terror by radical Islamists!

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