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14 April 2013 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Turkish PM To Visit Gaza In May
IMEMC – Turkish Prime Minister, Receb Tayyip Erdogan, stated that he intends to visit the Gaza Strip by the end of this coming May following his trip to the United States. Erdogan did not set an exact date for the visit, but Turkish sources said that his visit would be conducted directly after he concludes his visit to the Unites States to meet President Barack Obama on May 16. …

Ma’an News

Water restrictions in Area C threaten to displace villages
4/14/2013 – MASAFER YATTA (Ma’an) — “Life is hard, but I won’t leave the village,” Zahira al-Jundi says. Despite winter rainfall which has painted green patches on the rolling south Hebron hills, the 145 residents of Tuba face a daily struggle to access the most basic levels of water needed to survive. Like 70….

Poverty forces Gaza children into labor market
4/14/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Poverty in the Gaza Strip is forcing a growing number of Palestinian children to drop out of school and enter the job market. Israel’s siege on the coastal territory, the high cost of living and the loss of family members who were previously bread winners, have forced children….

Israel arrests 3 Hamas leaders in Jenin
4/14/2013 – JENIN (Ma’an) — Israeli forces on Sunday arrested three Hamas leaders from Jalqamus village east of Jenin, locals said. Israeli forces raided the village and detained two brothers, Abed al-Haj, 45, and Rabe, 44. They also detained Abed al-Rahim Sami al-Haj, 43, after raiding his house. Abed al-Basit al-Haj was the spokesman of Hamas….

Gaza farmers destroy goods bound for Europe
4/14/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Farmers in the Gaza Strip on Sunday destroyed three tons of rotten herbs and spices that were to be shipped to markets in Europe before Israel closed the border crossings. Muhammad Zuweid, a marketing official in Gaza, told Ma’an that three tons of mint, sage, basil, and tarragon….

Protesters set Israel watchtower on fire
4/14/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinian demonstrators on Saturday threw two home-made bombs toward a concrete military watchtower, causing soldiers to temporarily evacuate it. Israeli troops left the watchtower immediately and dozens of demonstrators piled burning tires against the Israeli separation wall around Aida refugee camp, witnesses said. Israeli forces fired tear gas and rubber-coated steel….

Fatah pleased with Fayyad resignation
4/14/2013 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Hours after President Mahmoud Abbas accepted the resignation of Salam Fayyad as prime minister, a top Fatah official said the movement was satisfied by the outcome. Amin Makboul, secretary of Fatah’s revolutionary council, told Ma’an on Sunday that Fayyad’s government had miserably failed to manage…. Related: No clear frontrunner to replace Fayyad

Fayyad quitting ‘may harm Palestine statehood bid’
4/14/2013 – RAMALLAH (AFP) — Palestinian Authority Prime minister Salam Fayyad’s resignation is likely to raise questions over donor support for the Palestinian Authority and may slow its steps towards statehood, experts warn. President Mahmoud Abbas accepted the US-educated economist’s resignation late on Saturday, ending a crisis of confidence sparked six weeks ago over….

Germany ‘may buy weaponized drones from Israel’
4/14/2013 – BERLIN (AFP) — Germany is in talks with Israel to buy weaponized drones for its military that are seen as more technologically advanced than US ones, the weekly Der Spiegel reported. The news magazine’s Monday edition said the German defense ministry had already held two meetings with Israeli military officials, in November 2012 and….

Erekat slams ‘racist’ Israeli citizenship law
4/14/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — PLO official Saeb Erekat on Sunday slammed Israel’s decision to extend a law which prohibits granting residency or citizenship to Palestinians from the occupied territories who are married to Palestinian citizens of Israel, a statement said.” What the Israeli government has approved is a racist law attempting to distort….

Turkey’s Erdogan to visit Gaza in May
4/14/2013 – ISTANBUL (AFP) — Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday announced plans to visit Gaza at the end of May, possibly after a key trip to Washington which brokered a rapprochement between Turkey and Israel last month.” God willing, we will be in Gaza at the end of May. We will embrace one another there….

University staff go on strike
4/14/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Staff at government universities launched open strike action on Sunday, the workers union said in a statement. The strike is an escalation against the PA ministry of education’s failure to meet their demands, a union spokesperson said. Last week the union said it would start a 3-day strike….

PPP leader: Haniyeh should resign to pave way for unity govt
4/14/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Gaza prime minister Ismail Haniyeh should resign following the departure of Salam Fayyad in order topave way for a unity government to be formed, the secretary-general of the Palestinian People’s Party said Sunday. Bassam Salhi told Ma’an that following the resignation of PA prime minister Salam Fayyad…. Related: Hamas says ready to implement reconciliation deal

Hamas says ready to implement reconciliation deal
4/14/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Hamas is ready to implement the 2011 reconciliation deal in its entirety, spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said Sunday. Fatah’s selectivity in implementing different clauses has slowed down the reconciliation process, he said. Senior leader of the Islamic Jihad movement Khalid al-Batsh said Sunday that Fayyad’s resignation…. Related: PPP leader: Haniyeh should resign to pave way for unity govt

No clear frontrunner to replace Fayyad
4/14/2013 – RAMALLAH (AFP) — Palestinians were on Sunday mulling the prospect of a new prime minister after Salam Fayyad resigned following months of tension with president Mahmoud Abbas. The resignation of the US-educated economist, who won international acclaim for his state-building efforts, came despite US efforts to head off the crisis, with Secretary of State John Kerry…. Related: Fatah pleased with Fayyad resignation

Gaza court sentences two men for collaboration with Israel
4/14/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A military court in the Gaza Strip on Sunday sentenced two people to custodial sentences for collaborating with Israel. One man was sentenced to 20 years in jail, and the other to seven years, on the charges of spying for Israel. On Friday, Hamas security forces began arresting alleged collaborators….

2 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria clashes
4/14/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) – Two Palestinian refugees were killed Saturday in the ongoing clashes between the Syrian regime forces and rebels, a Palestinian group said Sunday. The working group for Palestinians in Syria told Ma’an that Mahmoud Uqla was killed in clashes in Bab Hud neighborhood of Homs, and Anas Alkabra was killed….

Assad forces damage mosque that sparked Syria revolt
4/14/2013 – BEIRUT (AFP) — President Bashar Assad’s forces destroyed the minaret of the historic Omari mosque where Syria’s uprising erupted two years ago in the southern city of Daraa, opposition activists said on Sunday. In amateur video footage the activists uploaded to YouTube, the mosque can be seen at the end of a….

Airstrike kills 16 in northeast Syria village
4/14/2013 – BEIRUT (AFP) — An airstrike killed at least 16 people in a majority Kurdish village in the northeastern Syrian province of Hasakeh on Sunday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights watchdog said.” Sixteen people were martyred after a warplane targeted the village of Haddad, which is majority Kurdish. . . including at least three children and two women….

Syria troops break siege of key army camps
4/14/2013 – BEIRUT (AFP) — Syrian troops have broken a months-long rebel siege on two key military bases in the northwestern province of Idlib, killing at least 21 opposition fighters, a watchdog said on Sunday.” Regime forces managed to lift the siege on the Wadi Deif and Hamdiya military camps after the army went around the rebel fighters….

Syria reporters wounded in Aleppo car bomb
4/14/2013 – DAMASCUS (AFP) — A car bomb attack in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo on Sunday killed two people and wounded 18, including three state television journalists, the channel reported. Shadi Helw, the channel’s Aleppo correspondent, and two cameramen, Yahya Moussali and Ahmed Suleiman, were among the wounded, the broadcaster said.” Two terrorists….

Syria airstrikes kill 12 children, watchdog says
4/14/2013 – DAMASCUS (AFP) — Air strikes by regime warplanes killed at least 12 children in two incidents on Sunday, one targeting a Kurdish village in northeast Syria and the other a district of Damascus, a watchdog said. Elsewhere, activists accused the regime of destroying the minaret of the historic Omari mosque in southern Daraa, the so-called cradle….

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Israel’s Decisions to Close al-Dalu and al-Shawwa Cases Makes Mockery of Victims’ Rights and International Law
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

International Solidarity Movement

VIDEO: 13 year old boy arrested in Hebron
4/14/2013 – International Solidarity Movement – 13th April 2013, International Solidarity Movement, Hebron, Occupied Palestine – A thirteen year old boy was arrested from his home in the Old City of Hebron, blindfolded and detained inside several small checkpoint boxes as well as the military base on Hebron’s Shuhada Street. International activists who attempted to document the incident were physically….

The National

Syrian government’s air strikes kill at least 25, including 12 children
The National 14 Apr 2013 – Syrian warplanes carry out air strikes on a rebellious neighbourhood of the capital and on a village in the country’s north-east, killing at least 25 people, including 12 children, activists say.

Guantanamo Bay inmates clash with guards
The National 14 Apr 2013 – Months of tensions boil over between guards and prisoners as military takes action to end protest by detainees. Taimur Khan reports from New York 

Suicide attack on Somalia’s supreme court kills 16
The National 14 Apr 2013 – Nine Al Shabab militants, most of them wearing suicide vests, storm Somalia’s main court complex while the supreme court is in session, killing at least seven people and themselves.

Poor education can lead to poor driving, Sharjah police figures show
The National 14 Apr 2013 – According to last year’s figures of traffic accidents recently released, 352 accidents were caused by drivers without a school certificate – almost half the number of accidents reported in the emirate last year.

Drug users start abuse from age 12: UAE report
The National 14 Apr 2013 – The Ministry of Interior’s 999 magazine says pills are passed off as vitamins to hook children, but police dispute those findings.

Makeshift school under railway bridge helps students beat the odds
The National 14 Apr 2013 – When your parents are illiterate, it takes a special determination to get an education, and a special teacher too. Beneath a bridge in one of Delhi’s poorest districts, Suryatapa Bhattacharya found a remarkable ‘school’. 

Rush for gold in UAE as South Asians ring in the New Year
The National 14 Apr 2013 – The New Year is celebrated by communities from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka who traditionally buy gold jewellery and enjoy a festive feast together.

Fayyad’s departure may signal comeback for old-style West Bank politics
The National 14 Apr 2013 – The PA’s prime minister, whose resignation was accepted on Saturday, was one of the last independents in the Palestinian government. Hugh Naylor reports from Ramallah 


Court rejects case brought against state by former IDF interrogator
Ha’aretz – 14 Apr 2013

Thousands of Israelis attend alternative Memorial Day ceremony in Tel Aviv
Ha’aretz – 14 Apr 2013

Peres tells bereaved families: Our enemies know the IDF will always prevail
Ha’aretz – 14 Apr 2013

Netanyahu: The Jewish people have always had to fight for liberty
Ha’aretz – 14 Apr 2013

Israeli population exceeds 8 million on eve of Independence Day
Ha’aretz – 14 Apr 2013

Israel extends law restricting unification of citizens with spouses from ‘enemy states’
Ha’aretz – 14 Apr 2013

Erdogan confirms plan to visit Gaza in late May
Ha’aretz – 14 Apr 2013

East Jerusalem man facing eviction says harassed by police
Ha’aretz – 14 Apr 2013

On Memorial Day, Israel to honor 23,085 fallen soldiers and police officers
Ha’aretz – 14 Apr 2013

Jerusalem Post

PM: Israel has been forced to fight for its right to exist
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – At Remembrance Day ceremony in J’lem, Prime Minister Netanyahu says “only a strong defense force can ensure that we will not be harmed”; relates to families of fallen soldiers through his own personal loss. 

Yeshiva to honor fallen haredi soldiers
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – Students at the Modi’in Hesder Yeshiva will visit the graves of dozens of fallen haredi soldiers on Remembrance Day. 

Millions to head outdoors for Independence Day
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – Park authorities gearing up for hundreds of thousands of visitors. 

Lander Institute launches BA in Israel studies
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – Initiative an ‘important milestone in development of curriculum,’ says professor. 

Government approves sovereign wealth fund
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – Israel needs such a fund, now that it opened the Tamar gas field and plans to open the Leviathan field in 2016. 

Independence Day and the Zionist vision
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – Candidly Speaking: In their wildest dreams, the founders of our state fighting a war of survival could never have envisioned the thriving nation that would emerge from that maelstrom. 

Israel at 65
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – The tension – and cross-fertilization – of old and new is not the only paradox of the Jewish state. 

We are all bereaved families
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – On Remembrance Day we all retell the stories of bravery and martyrdom displayed by these heroes of Israel. 

Livni: e. J’lem office won’t undermine peace talks
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – Other government offices, like Construction and Housing, Science and Technology are located over the Green Line. 

April 14: Readers weigh in on the Women of the Wall
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – Why can’t women congregate there monthly, don tallitot (prayer shawls), sing the Hallel prayer and chant from the Torah?

Haredi enlistment committee meets for first time
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – C’tee chairman Peri calls for full cooperation from ministries involved; c’tee has until May 6 to finalize legislation. 

Think About It: Debating 1948: Toward reconciliation
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – The topic is explosive any day of the year, but certainly several days before the Remembrance Day for the Fallen of Israel’s Wars, and the celebrations of Independence Day. 

65 years of independence
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – The Jewish people survived and out of the ashes of the Holocaust emerged a dynamic, self-sustaining Jewish state. 

Independence Day for the secular and religious
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – The precise nature of how it is to be observed will, like so many other Jewish rituals and customs, remain disputed for many years to come. 

The Region: Where is Egypt’s crisis heading?
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – None of the many articles pointing to the disaster in Egypt have mentioned this was all totally predictable and yet no one in the establishment predicted it. 

MAG rejects Pillar of Defense investigations
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – Former IDF lawyer: Not enough time to have incorporated all Turkel Report II recommendations, but investigations moved fast. 

On eve of Remembrance Day, Peres emphasizes need for peace
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – The president says it is our duty to “not spare any effort to eliminate war from the land,” while Chief of Staff Gantz warns, “even if it seems that enemy isn’t knocking on our door, don’t let the quiet fool you.” 

WATCH LIVE: Remembrance Day ceremony at the Western Wall
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – Israel remembers its fallen soldiers and victims of terror at start of annual memorial day. 

Dutch student punished over pro-Holocaust remarks
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – Dutch school boy who praised Hitler and the Holocaust is sentenced to study anti-Semitism. 

Palestinian PM’s resignation complicates US plan
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – Palestinian officials say Fayyad’s resignation would not hinder Washington’s planned financial aid for the West Bank. 

‘Lapid considering raising deficit target’
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – The potential move would contradict BoI Governor’s recommendations to confront the budget now before it’s too late. 

‘Turkey’s Erdogan to visit Gaza at the end of May’
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – After postponement requested by US, Turkish PM announces plans to visit Gaza in late May; will travel to Washington beforehand. 

Swedish politician who called to bomb Israel quits
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – Engulfed in row over anti-gay, anti-women and anti-Semitism allegations, Omar Mustafa resigns from Social Democrats’ board. 

Liberman: No relief for Jordanian murderer
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – After Jordanian MPs call for release of imprisoned perpetrator of 1997 massacre, former FM vows he will remain jailed. 

CBS Report: Israel population hits 8 million
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – New Central Bureau of Statistics’ numbers mark increase of 1.8 percent – some 137,000 people – since last year. 

Nuts about peanut butter
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – This versatile Go-To Peanut Sauce can be used as a dip for vegetable crudite, a marinade, salad dressing or drizzle for cooked vegetables. 

GCC states meet over Iran nuclear radiation fears
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – Gulf national emergency officials meet to deliberate risk of radiation leak if Iranian nuclear plant hit in earthquake. 

Mass hen slaughter sparks TA animal rights protest
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – Activists irate at discovery that Israel’s Poultry Board intends to slaughter chickens despite successful adoption process. 

Netanyahu: Israel is here thanks to fallen soldiers
Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2013 – On eve of Remembrance Day, PM, Ya’alon pay tribute to fallen, say Israel aspires for peace, but will strengthen security. 

The Guardian

Israel rules out criminal charges over Dalou family deaths
The Guardian 14 Apr 2013 – Military finds no basis for a criminal inquiry into the killing of 10 members of Dalou family in Gaza air strike in November Israeli military authorities have closed their investigation into the killing of 10 members…

Inter Press Service

Culture Is the New Resistance
IPS Ela, a young Tunisian woman whose face is barely visible behind her niqab, says she has spent five months protesting a university ban against the religious garment in the classroom “to no avail”. On the other side of the capital Tunis, a group of students decked out in djellabas and keffiyehs (…


PA prime minister Salam Fayyad resigns

Imperialist liberalism and the Egyptian revolution

Raising tyrants in the name of Islam

Tensions rise in Palestine

France launches military, propaganda offensive in Mali

Human Rights Groups Challenge Obama’s Claimed Targeted Killing Authority & Secrecy

Syria News – April 12 , 2013 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Iraq snapshot – April 12, 2013

Military Resistance 11D6: the Deaths in Zabul

Hamas Intensifies Gaza ‘Islamization’

Daily Star

Iraq election candidates killed before local vote
Daily Star 14 Apr 2013 Two Iraqi Sunni Muslim candidates were killed less than a week before local elections that will be a test of the country’s political stability after U.S. troops left more than a year ago.

Israel’s population exceeds 8 million
Daily Star 14 Apr 2013 Israel’s population has passed the eight million mark, the Central Bureau of Statistics said on Sunday, as the state prepared to mark 65 years since its founding.

Syrian rockets kill man in northeast Lebanon
Daily Star 14 Apr 2013 One man dies when Syrian gunmen slam rockets into Lebanon’s border village of Qasr in the Hermel region, a Lebanese security source says.

Saudi prince backs letting women drive
Daily Star 14 Apr 2013 Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has indicated support of allowing women there to drive.

YNet News

Egypt releases $600 million to meet import needs
YNet News, 14 Apr 2013 – ….

Al-Qaeda adds urgency to international search for Syrian peace
YNet News, 14 Apr 2013 – ….

Between cemeteries and stages
YNet News, 14 Apr 2013 – Op-ed: State must consider separating Memorial Day and Independence Day; move won’t threaten Israeli ethos ….

Syrian shelling kills two in Lebanon
YNet News, 14 Apr 2013 – ….

Venezuelans vote on future of “Chavista” socialism 
YNet News, 14 Apr 2013 – ….

Egypt to try Brotherhood members on torture charge
YNet News, 14 Apr 2013 – ….

A commander and role model 
YNet News, 14 Apr 2013 – Op-ed: On eve of Memorial Day, Defense Minister Ya’alon remembers his comrade Nehemiah Tamari ….

Palestine Information Center

Fayyad’s resignation: Not Quite a good riddance
PIC – Fayyad represents the unreal part of the problem. Now, with his removal, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas will have to be the cannon fodder himself, or find another Fayyad-like figure.

IOA imposes hermetic closure on West Bank
PIC – The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) imposed a hermetic closure on the West Bank as of today Sunday.

Samer Barq interrogated by U.S. officers from FBI in Israeli jails
PIC – Palestinian human rights sources said that the hunger striking prisoner Samer Barq, from Jayous village, is being interrogated by U.S. officers from the FBI.

Gaza government asks Cairo to compel Israel respect terms of exchange deal
PIC – The Minister of Prisoners in Gaza called on Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and his General Intelligence Service to pressure Israel to abide by agreements it signed with the resistance and prisoners.

Zaza: $250 million economic losses per month due to the siege on Gaza
PIC – Ziad Zaza, Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister, stressed that the occupation still imposes its siege on the Palestinian people in Gaza for the seventh year running.

Abu Marzouk: Hamas not involved in Egyptian internal affairs
PIC – Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, political bureau member of Hamas, has asserted on Saturday night that his movement was not involved in Egyptian internal affairs.

Warnings of seriousness of Israeli Strauss Center project
PIC – Islamic and national figures have warned of the seriousness of Strauss Center project in Buraq Square, considering it a destruction of Islamic relics and an attack on Islamic endowments.

Occupation won’t open criminal probe into Dalou family massacre
PIC – The Israeli Military Advocate General has decided not to order a criminal investigation of the incident that led to the death of 12 Palestinian citizens during the recent war on Gaza in 2012.

Two Palestinians killed in Syria and refugee camps still besieged
PIC – The action group for the Palestinians in Syria said two Palestinian refugees were killed on Saturday in Damascus and Homs.

IOF soldiers assault two youths in al-Khalil village
PIC – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) attacked at dawn Sunday two Palestinian young men in Dura southern al-Khalil.


Arab League Slams Canadian, Israeli Ministers’ Meeting in East Jerusalem
WAFA – 14 Apr 2013

Abbas Accepts Credentials of Four Ambassadors
WAFA – 14 Apr 2013

Israel’s Arrest of Issawi is a War Crime, says Foreign Minister
WAFA – 14 Apr 2013

Abbas Accepts Fayyad’s Resignation
WAFA – 14 Apr 2013

Israeli Soldiers Arrest 3 in Jenin, Summon 4 Others near Bethlehem
WAFA – 14 Apr 2013

Consumer Price Index Down in March, Says Statistics Bureau
WAFA – 14 Apr 2013

Weather Forecast: Sunny and Generally Clear Weather
WAFA – 14 Apr 2013


Fayyad’s Resignation Means Uncertainty for Palestinians
New York Times 14 Apr 2013 – The resignation of the Palestinian Authority’s prime minister, Salam Fayyad, adds a layer of confusion to the already contentious Palestinian political scene. 

Regulator allows Israel Opportunity to acquire license rights 
Globes Energy & Water – The Antitrust Authority will allow Israel Opportunity to own rights in the Pelagic exploration licenses as well as the Gal and Neta licenses.

IEC may seek to reopen Tamar gas deal 
Globes Energy & Water – IEC’s board discussed foregoing the laying of a second pipeline from Tamar, in exchange for lowering the price it pays for the gas.

No gas in Aphrodite 2 
Globes Energy & Water – Well partner Israel Opportunity invested $10 million in the drilling in the Ishai license.

Tene sells Caesarstone stake for $170m
Globes Main News – Tene Investment made a near four-fold return on its investment in the Kibbutz Sdot Yam owned quartz surfaces maker.

Ofers restructure global shipping business – report
Globes Main News – Sammy Ofer Group Monaco has set up Zodiac Tankers, which will be run from London, “Lloyds List” reports.

KKR acquires Alliance Tires for $500m
Globes Main News – Warburg Pincus acquired control of Alliance Tire from Fishman Holdings at a company value of $50 million in 2007.

Sun: Israel Chemicals continues slide
Globes Main News – Israel Chemicals has fallen 10% since Finance Minister Yair Lapid said he would oppose its sale. The TASE reopens Wednesday after Independence Day.

Nochi Dankner swaps Audi for VW
Globes Main News – Senior managers of all IDB head office companies are being required to switch to more modest vehicles.

Will new BoI governor just be rubber stamp? 
Globes Macro Economics – The main issue is whether the candidates who will be considered for the job will have to declare in advance that they support the new finance minister’s policy.

On eve of Independence Day, population exceeds 8 million 
Globes Macro Economics – Israel’s Jewish population is 6,042,000, 75.3% of the total.

Defense Ministry Overturns Decision to Refuse Palestinians Permits to Join Memorial Day Event
Tikun Olam – After appealing to the Israeli Supreme Court, the Israeli NGO Combatants for Peace announced today that the Defense ministry abandoned its previous refusal to permit the participation of the 109 Palestinains who’d intended to join the ceremony on Yom HaZikaron this Sunday. The threat of a…

Israeli Writers Ask Palestinian Hunger Striker to End Fast to Death
Tikun Olam – Samer Issawi, Israel’s intellectuals tell him to “eat cake” of exile Samer Issawi is a Palestinian hunger striker who is on a fast to the death. He is currently being treated at Kaplan Hospital and floats in and out of consciousness. Yesterday, Israeli peace activists smuggled…

Two very different Israeli replies to Samer Issawi’s invitation
Mondoweiss – This week in a public letter , Samer Issawi, the Palestinian prisoner who has been on a hunger strike for eight months, challenged Israelis to visit him in the hospital where he is close to death in order to “stare into … [his] …face,” and by doing…

A boy flees tear gas in southern Bethlehem
Mondoweiss – Boy escapes tear gas in Bethlehem, Photo (c) Tom Suarez, April 11, 2013 Tom Suarez shared this photograph from Bethlehem with me the other day and I  found it so moving in its simplicity that I asked him for a caption, which follows. The IDF ‘s…

Exile and the prophetic: Shulamith Firestone
Mondoweiss – Marc Ellis: Shulamith Firestone’s life was a one-off, time-bound, epic.  She was an early radical feminist, who saw women as a caste and demanded they seize the means of reproduction. Firestone suffered from schizophrenia and spent most of her life alienated from the movement she energized…..

Geller’s speech leaves Muslim community unsafe, and echoes era of anti-Semitism
Mondoweiss – Below are three statements urging New York institutions not to host Pamela Geller, who seeks to demonize Islam. Geller was invited to speak at the Great Neck Synagogue today. The synagogue then cancelled her appearance. But other Jewish organizations have now offered her space. First, from…

Israeli military refuses to investigate deadly Gaza strike that killed 12 civilians
Mondoweiss – Two members of the Al Dalu family, Mohammad and Raneen Al Dalu were found under the rubble four days after the Israeli military airstrike that killed nine members of the same family, Gaza, November 22, 2012. (Photo by: Anne Paq/Activestills.org) The Israeli military will not open…

Israel Claims Attack That Killed 12 and Wiped Out Gaza Family Was Legal 
The Foward Breaking News 14 Apr 2013 – Israel has said it will not open a criminal investigation into the death of 12 Palestinian civilians in a November air strike on a house in the Gaza Strip during its war with Hamas. Click here for the rest of the article…

Israel Marks Yom Hazikaron Memorial Day With Air Raid Sirens 
The Foward Breaking News 14 Apr 2013 – Israel began memorializing its more than 25,000 fallen soldiers and terror victims. Click here for the rest of the article…

Salam Fayyad’s Departure Complicates U.S. Push for Israel Peace Talks 
The Foward Breaking News 14 Apr 2013 – Palestinian officials voiced optimism on Sunday the resignation of U.S.-backed Prime Minister Salam Fayyad would not hinder Washington’s planned development initiative for the West Bank. Click here for the rest of the article…

Salam Fayyad Quits After Months of Palestinian Feuding 
The Foward Breaking News 13 Apr 2013 – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on Saturday, the official Palestinian news agency said. Click here for the rest of the article…

No charges over Gaza bomb deaths 
BBC 14 Apr 2013 – The Israeli military says it will not launch a criminal investigation into the deaths of 12 civilians in Gaza during the 2012 conflict.

Visualizing Palestine: Design Against Injustice 
Al-Akhbar News 14 Apr 2013 – “Not Enough Water in the West Bank?” by: Visualizing Palestine in partnership with EWASH, March 2013 “Not Enough Water in the West Bank?” by: Visualizing Palestine in partnership with EWASH, March 2013 A quote at the bottom right corner of the graphic reads: “We are not…

Saudi festival excludes participants over fear of female “sedition” 
Al-Akhbar News 14 Apr 2013 – Saudis walks past a castle made from mud during the Janadriyah festival of Heritage and Culture held in the village of al-Thamama, 40 kilometers north of the capital Riyadh, 10 on April 2013. (Photo: AFP – Fayez Nureldine) Officials of a Saudi cultural festival excluded three…

Iraqi political candidate killed by roadside bomb 
Al-Akhbar News 14 Apr 2013 – A roadside bomb killed an Iraqi provincial elections candidate and three other people north of Baghdad on Sunday, bringing the number of candidates killed in attacks to 14, officials said. Najm al-Harbi was traveling to Baquba on a highway in Diyala province in his personal vehicle…

Palestinian PM resigns after internal PA tensions 
Al-Akhbar News 14 Apr 2013 – Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad gives a press conference about the financial budget for the year 2013, in the West Bank city of Ramallah on 25 March 2013 after Israel announced it is to resume the transfer of revenues it collects on behalf of the Palestinian…

Syrian air strikes ‘kill children’ 
BBC 14 Apr 2013 – At least 25 people, many of them children, have been killed in two Syrian government air strikes, activists say.

No charges over Gaza bomb deaths 
BBC 14 Apr 2013 – The Israeli military says it will not launch a criminal investigation into the deaths of 12 civilians in Gaza during the 2012 conflict.

VIDEO: Syrian boys who sparked a revolution 
BBC 13 Apr 2013 – In an exclusive report, the BBC’s Fergal Keane speaks to some of the children whose punishment for spraying anti-regime graffiti helped sparked the country’s uprising.


Gaza’s Siege Intensifies 
Ramzy Baroud, CounterPunch 4/12/2013
      The Plan to ‘Moderate’ Hamas, Control Gaza
     On Sep. 17, 2012, Ismail Haniyeh, Prime Minister of the Hamas government in Gaza, made another appeal to his Egyptian counterpart Hisham Kandil to consider setting up a free trade area between Gaza and Egypt.
     The reasonable idea would allow Egypt to support Gaza’s ragged economy while sparing Cairo the political fallout from destroying hundreds of tunnels that provide 1.6 million Palestinians a lifeline under a continued Israeli siege. Palestinians in Gaza rely on goods smuggled through tunnels and to a lesser extent United Nations handouts to survive.
     “We explained the concept in detail (..) the idea is to alleviate the economic hardship in Gaza,” Hamas official, Taher al-Nono was then quoted in Reuters. Kandil promised to look into the matter, indicating that it was too early for a response.
     However this proposal was introduced before and repeatedly after the September meeting. It should have at least served as the basis for a serious platform of discussion regarding future cooperation between Gaza and Egypt on this urgent matter. But Cairo neither responded nor offered an alternative to end Gaza’s seemingly perpetual misery. Even worse, for several months now and notably since the deadly August 5 attack in Sinai by unknown assailants – which killed 16 Egyptian border guards – the Egyptian army has actively been destroying Gaza’s tunnels.
     According to a Gaza-based economist Maher Al-Tabbaa, “30 percent of Gaza’s goods come from the tunnels.” But other estimates, cited by Reuters, place the food reliance on smuggling at 80 percent. Without tunnels, and no real, long term alterative, Gaza will delve deeper into poverty and the crisis will likely reach unprecedented levels. more.. e-mail

Barbara Boxer, AIPAC seek to codify Israel’s right to discriminate against Americans 
Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian 4/13/2013
      A bill introduced by the California Democrat would uniquely exempt Israel from long-standing requirements imposed on all other nations.
     In order for the US to permit citizens of a foreign country to enter the US without a visa, that country must agree to certain conditions. Chief among them is reciprocity: that country must allow Americans to enter without a visa as well. There are 37 countries which have been permitted entrance into America’s “visa waiver” program, and all of them – all 37 – reciprocate by allowing American citizens to enter their country without a visa.
     The American-Israeli Political Action Committee (Aipac) is now pushing legislation that would allow Israel to enter this program, so that Israelis can enter the US without a visa. But as JTA’s Ron Kampeas reports, there is one serious impediment: Israel has a practice of routinely refusing to allow Americans of Arab ethnicity or Muslim backgrounds to enter their country or the occupied territories it controls; it also bars those who are critical of Israeli actions or supportive of Palestinian rights. Israel refuses to relinquish this discriminatory practice of exclusion toward Americans, even as it seeks to enter the US’s visa-free program for the benefit of Israeli citizens.
     As a result, at the behest of Aipac, Democrat Barbara Boxer, joined by Republican Roy Blunt, has introduced a bill that would provide for Israel’s membership in the program while vesting it with a right that no other country in this program has: namely, the right to exclude selected Americans from this visa-free right of entrance. In other words, the bill sponsored by these American senators would exempt Israel from a requirement that applies to every other nation on the planet, for no reason other than to allow the Israeli government to engage in racial, ethnic and religious discrimination against US citizens…. more.. e-mail

The Wall, 11 years on: Changes, normalization and dissent 
Haggai Matar, +972 Magazine 4/14/2013
      Exactly 11 years ago today, PM Ariel Sharon ordered the start of construction on a ‘separation barrier’ in the West Bank. It would soon become what is probably the biggest, most expensive and most influential construction project in Israel’s history. Eleven years later, how is construction of the wall progressing, and what is to become of it? A project update. 
     Last year I published a 12-part series analyzing the repercussions the Wall has had on various aspects of Israelis’ and especially on Palestinians’ lives. I described the wall’s history, its effects on the peace process, on Jerusalem, on villages on both sides and the popular struggle that started in those villages and its results. None of these have dramatically changed in the year that passed.
     Regarding the issue of Palestinian workers, which I mentioned in the series, Israel launched a new segregated bus line a few weeks ago. This measure both normalizes the wall and its checkpoints and strengthens segregation between Israelis and Palestinians, even within Israel proper. The devastating implications the wall will have on Battir and Wadi Fukin are still looming over the two serene villages, and recently the Defense Ministry offered the High Court to build a fence instead of the planned wall in that area – a compromise the villagers are rejecting. Lastly, plans to resume construction of the miles-long gap in the wall around the Gush Etzion settlement bloc (south of Bethlehem) have since been put on hold once again following pressure from settlers against the wall. Since the series came to its end, it also won me the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Journalist Award, which was a great honor indeed, and a very exciting experience.
     But perhaps the most important development in the story of this gigantic geo-political construction project came just a couple of days ago, when former Defense Minister Moshe Arens told Ma’ariv he supports tearing down the wall altogether. That call, interestingly enough, was supported by settler representatives in the Knesset, while Zionist left-wingers came to the barrier’s defense…. more.. e-mail

The Islamic Emirate of Syriastan 
Pepe Escobar, Asia Times 4/12/2013
      PARIS – And now some breaking news coming from the Islamic Emirate of Syriastan. This program is brought to you by the NATOGCC corporation. Please also tune in for a word from our individual sponsors, the United States government, Britain, France, Turkey, the House of Saud and the Emir of Qatar.
     It all started early this week, with a proclamation by the elusive leader of al-Qaeda Central, Ayman “The Doctor” al-Zawahiri, hidden somewhere in the Pakistani tribal areas; how come Double O Bama with his license to kill (list) and prime drone fleet cannot find him?
     Al-Zawahiri called for all the Islamist brigades in the Jihad Inc business fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to found an Islamic emirate, the passport du jour leading to an Islamic caliphate.
     Two days later, the Islamic State of Iraq – for all practical purposes al-Qaeda in Iraq – announced, via a video starring its leader Abu Bakr al-Husseini al-Qurashi al-Baghdadi, a mergers and acquisition spectacular; from now on, it would be united with the Syrian jihadist group Jabhat al-Nusra, and be referred to as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
     But then, the next day, the head of Jabhat al-Nusra, the shady Abu Muhammad al-Joulani, said that yes, we do pledge our allegiance to al-Qaeda Sheikh, Doctor al-Zawahiri; but there has been no M&A business whatsoever with al-Qaeda in Iraq.
     Puzzled infidels from Washington to Beijing may be entitled to believe this is straight from Monty Python – but it’s actually deadly serious; especially as the House of Saud, the Emir of Qatar, the neo-Ottoman Erdogan in Turkey and King Playstation from Jordan – vastly supported by Washington – continue to weaponize the Syrian “rebels” to Kingdom Come. And one of the top beneficiaries of this weaponizing orgy has been – who else – the M&A gang now known as the Islamic State of the Iraq and Levant. more.. e-mail

FIFA’s Anti-racism Is a Greater Threat to Football than “Racism”
Dissident Voice: 14 Apr 2013 – In June, Israel will host the European Under-20 football championship, and in doing so will formally debunk the myth that FIFA gives a toss about fighting “racism.” In fact, it will confirm, as if further confirmation were necessary, that the great football anti-racism campaign is a pretentious, divisive sham. Let’s examine two starkly contrasting examples of “racism” and how FIFA handled them. Israel Last July, FIFA displayed conspicuous silence regarding Israel’s years-long illegal detention of Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Sarsak. FIFA also meted out no punishment to the Israeli Football Association for the deliberate bombing of a Palestinian football stadium, which killed at least eight people. Now, one might argue that the Israel FA was not to blame, but that would be a feeble quibble indeed, given FIFA’s categorical proclamation of high moral purpose: “FIFA strongly condemns all forms of racism in football, and any form of discrimination will not be…more

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