Information Clearing House 14 November 2013: Quitting Over Syria

14 November 2013 — Information Clearing House

Preventing War with Iran Is Top Priority

By Sheldon Richman

The best way to keep Iran from building a nuclear bomb is for the Obama administration and its nuclear client Israel to stop threatening the Islamic Republic.


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Video: The Epochal Crisis, Unequal Ecological Exchange, and Exit Strategies by John Bellamy Foster

15 November 2013 — MRZine

 John Bellamy Foster: My talk is called “The Epochal Crisis.”  The term “epochal crisis” was introduced by Jason Moore to deal with periods in which economic and ecological crises intersect or merge.  We are certainly in the greatest epochal crisis in the history of the world. . . .  Now, we can also talk about this in terms of unequal exchange — unequal ecological exchange. Continue reading

US has ‘no veto’ over disclosure of Blair-Bush communications – UK

15 November 2013 — RT

 Reports that the US will veto the disclosure of conversations between former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former US President George W. Bush have been denied by the UK Cabinet Office, which stated that the US does not have a veto.

The communications between the leaders are seen as key pieces of evidence in the inquiry into British involvement in the US-led invasion of Iraq. 

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War Criminals Hide Evidence: US Blocks Publication of Chilcot’s Report on How Britain Went to War With Iraq By James Cusick

15 November 2013 — The Independent 

Department of State’s objection to release of key evidence may prevent inquiry’s conclusions from ever being published, except in heavily redacted form

Washington is playing the lead role in delaying the publication of the long-awaited report into how Britain went to  war with Iraq, The Independent has learnt.