GazaFriends: Eyewitness Report from Gaza

10 July 2014  —

Here is another report that just came in from Denny Cornier, who is in Gaza witnessing the terror and the genocide of the Palestinians. 

From Denny Cormier in Gaza:

I am still trying to process all that has happened in the last 36 hours. Although I had prepared myself weeks ago for the possibility that I would be in Gaza during an Israeli operation that I saw coming, I could not possibly imagine the barbarity with which this operation is being carried out.

My life for the last 36 hours has been filled with stories of horrific attacks on civilians and non-combatants. I have heard almost constant bombardment of Gaza and the neighboring communities, and attacks on my own neighborhood by the seaport have been frequent and ferocious. More than once I found myself running for cover but there was no place to run. There is no place to hide from these angels of death that fill the skies over Gaza and over Al Meena hour after hour after hour… the sound of drones and helicopters and jets are punctuated by explosions that shake the house, that rattle the windows.

I can only imagine how frightened the thousands of children are who surround me – children who are already living in the most challenging of circumstances – and who are now first hand witnesses to the worst instances of man’s inhumanity to man.

I am confident that the young men and women who unleash these horrors upon a beautiful people (from their cockpits or with joysticks dozens of miles away from my home) will be brought to justice and will suffer the consequences of their actions – because we will decide as a people that a defense of “just doing my job” no longer has validity. You are not playing with monsters in the virtual world, my young friends. You are destroying homes and lives and dreams.

Should you abandon your cockpits and joysticks, you may still avoid the wrath of humanity when it brings you before its tribunals because it will most certainly bring you before its tribunals. But if you choose not to, you will one day suffer the isolation that you have already embraced with a Pepsi in one hand and falafel in the other – you have freely chosen your own fate. And the hell that you have brought to this place will hold you forever in its selfish embrace. She is an unkind mistress.

Greta Berlin, Co-Founder, the Free Gaza movement
Editor, Freedom Sailors

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