Fracking F**ked in Lancashire

29 June 2015 — 38 Degrees

MASSIVE news just in – people power has stopped fracking in Lancashire. [1] Local residents, supported by thousands of us from across the UK, persuaded the council to vote down the frackers’ plans.

Lancashire Council voted to reject the planning application by 9 votes to 3. And without planning permission, fracking can’t happen.

If fracking had got the go-ahead there, it would have been a first foothold in the UK for this controversial and dirty industry. The oil and gas corporations were determined to make this happen. [2] David Cameron was determined to make it happen. [3] But instead, people power has won the day.

38 Degrees members all across the UK can be proud of the role we’ve played. [4]

Two years ago, thousands of us chipped in cash to support local anti-fracking groups, including in Lancashire. More recently we’ve been showing support for the people of Lancashire with a huge petition. And just last week, our people-powered video warning of the risks of fracking created a huge stir. It’s been seen by 1.7 million people. [5]

Meanwhile, 38 Degrees members in Lancashire itself have pulled out all the stops. They’ve stood arm in arm with Frack Free Lancashire – they’ve taken part in protests, put up posters in their towns and villages, and made sure that every councillor knew that a vote for fracking would be a vote against local people.

This breakthrough doesn’t mean that the threat of fracking is gone for good. The drilling company behind this fracking bid, Cuadrilla, will try to fight back. [6] We will need to be ready.

But right now, let’s celebrate. It’s not every day that people power wins against such powerful forces. Congratulations to the people of Lancashire. Congratulations to all the organisations who supported them. [7] Congratulations to you for being part of it. Together we did it!

Thanks for being involved,

David, Maddy and the rest of the 38 Degrees team

PS: Today we’ve also heard that 38 Degrees members in Cornwall have stopped the privatisation of pathology services at their local hospital. All over the country, 38 Degrees members are working together and winning!

Could you help make sure local people power wins more often in the future? 38 Degrees relies entirely on donations to support local campaigns like these. A donation of just a few pounds a month would mean more support. Please click here to set up a secure direct debit:

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