2 October 2015 —Manifesto Club


Online briefing: Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) – which give councils powers to ban activities which have a ‘detrimental effect’ on the ‘quality of life’ – are increasingly being used to target youth activities such as skateboarding, swimming, or even just gathering in groups.

 We produced an online briefing on the councils cracking down on youth activities in public places. The briefing was discussed in  Open Democracy and the  Independent on Sunday.

PSPO consultations: Speak out against the hyper regulation of public spaces: Councils’ plans for new PSPOs are coming thick and fast – it’s a challenge to keep up. Here are some important recent measures currently out for consultation – including Blackpool banning card tricks and loitering; Chester banning rough sleeping and begging; Mansfield banning public drinking and smoking in children’s play areas. Do respond to the consultations, if you can – especially if you live in the areas.

PSPO news: Success in Birmingham! The Manifesto Club was part of a broad coalition which challenged plans to ban microphones in Birmingham city centre. We are pleased to say that these plans have now been dropped.

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