The Link Tax Defeated?

2 March 2017 — OpenMedia

EU parliamentarians are listening! An important new report from MEP Catherine Stihler recommends that the European Parliament scrap plans for a Link Tax and content censorship.1 Stihler’s report concluded that the Link Tax is unnecessary and warned that content censorship will harm the interests of Internet users.

This is a big win for us, and a big blow to EU Commissioner Oettinger’s plans for new link tax and link censorship powers that would block our ability to share and access information online. And this win would never have happened without you and tens of thousands of others calling on MEPs to reject the Commission’s scheme.

But although Stihler’s report is important, we still have our work cut out to defeat plans backed by some of the wealthiest and most powerful private interests in the EU. That’s why it’s vital to ramp up the pressure: will you share our message-your-MEP tool to get as many people as possible to join us in speaking up now against the Link Tax?


Politico is reporting that plans for a Link Tax are now “at a critical stage”,2 and the coming days and weeks are going to be make-or-break for us. In just a few days, parliament’s legal affairs committee will be making its own recommendation, after which key MEPs will hold a crucial vote on whether the new link tax and link censorship powers move forward.

We don’t have a moment to lose: MEPs from all parties need to hear from voters right now — Can you help by sharing our tool with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or via hyperlink at


Remember, if these plans go forward, the Internet will change forever. Without links to route us around the web, the content we want to see would be locked away. We can’t afford to throw away the Internet we love, just because powerful publishing giants haven’t been able to adapt to a changing world.

These large publishers have armies of lobbyists working to convince MEPs to ignore you — but if enough of us stand together we can make clear to MEPs just how unpopular a Link Tax really is. Will you help us sound the loudest call we can by sharing our action at this important time?

For the Internet,

on behalf of your OpenMedia team

P.S. I just pulled the numbers, and already over 10,500 of you have used our tool to tell their MEP to reject the Link Tax. We have momentum, but the most important stage of this campaign is staring us in the face, and it’s essential that MEPs hear from as many people as possible. Share our action now.


[1] IMCO Committee recommends EU Parliament reject plans for Link Tax, warns content filtering harms interests of Internet users. Source: OpenMedia
[2] Ancillary copyright plans hit the rocks. Source: Politico