Black Agenda Report 30 May 2018: Progressives Disappear From the Black Caucus; Why Green Parties Don't Take Off; When Uncle Tom Falls

30 May 2018 — Black Agenda Report

How the “Progressives” in the Black Caucus Have Shrunk to Almost Nothing

– Glen Ford , BAR executive editor
There really is no “left wing” of the Democratic Party, just a tiny, ill-defined faction that can be brushed aside even on “bright line” issues of war and peace, guns or butter, and social justice versus police repression.

Why the Green Party Hasn’t Taken Off

– Bruce A. Dixon , BAR managing editor
Most Americans agree there ought to be a third party, and most Americans hold beliefs on a range of issues well to the left of ruling class parties. Why then, hasn’t the Green Party taken off?

Freedom Rider: When Uncle Tom Falls

– Margaret Kimberley , BAR editor and senior columnist
Black people should not lift a finger, but instead rejoice, at the scandalous demise of Harvard-based traitor Roland Fryer, the darling of white supremacists.

As Sharpton Drooled Over Royals, Righteous Folks Celebrated the Real Heroes of May 19th

– Danny Haiphong , BAR contributor
While Meghan Markle and Al Sharpton collude to strengthen the US power structure, Malcolm, Ho, Yuri, and Lorraine sought to scrap it for a new system altogether.

Divide and Rule: Balkanizing the Democratic Republic of Congo

Ann Garrison, BAR contributor
“The Belgians had made it clear, before independence, that they did not intend to cede control of its wealth to the Congolese.”

The Black Alliance for Peace Demands U.S. Out of Africa

Black Alliance For Peace
“We demand that the Congressional Black Caucus take a public stand in opposition to AFRICOM.”

Black Agenda Radio, Week of May 28, 2018

– Black Agenda Radio with Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford 
Click the link above to hear the entire one hour show, or any of the next three to hear the individual segments.
Super-Hero Co mics and Black Empowerment Prof. Turtel Onli has been creating comic black superheroes  for decades; 
Newark’s Larry Hamm on the creation of popular mass movement formations.

BAR Book Forum: Sami Schalk’s Bodyminds Reimagined

Roberto Sirvent, BAR Book Forum Editor
“Concepts of able-mindedness are historically based within gender and racial norms of masculinity and whiteness—with damaging and deadly results for black people.”

BAR Book Forum: Nell Painter’s Old in Art School

Roberto Sirvent, BAR Book Forum Editor
“The ideology I’d like to dismantle makes every black person the same as every other black person, assumed to be a man or woman under the age of sixty-five.”
Judi Rever
“Kabila was always just a creature of the foreign powers underneath him.”

Officer Claims He Feared for His Life from Naked, Unarmed Man

Gloria Tatum
“Hill was not aggressive, threatening, or hit anyone.”
Kevin Zeese
“US sanctions have had the effect of causing the people to blame the United States and unify around Maduro and the current government.”

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