Black Agenda Report for June 29, 2018: What electing Progressives Gets Us; Racial & Ethnic Roundups Legalized; No Protests For Blacks

28 June 2018 — Black Agenda Report

Sure We Can Elect The Occasional Democrat Progressive. Then What?

– Bruce A. Dixon , BAR managing editor
Sure we’re thirsty for victories. But we need to critically assess just what we get when we elect the occasional progressive to office. Are we building a party? A movement? Or just careers?

Racial and Ethnic Roundups are Legal, As Long As “Race” Is Not the Only Reason

– Glen Ford , BAR executive editor
“National security” is the magic term that legally sanctions concentration camps — as long as the authorities are careful not to spell out the race or religion of the intended inmates

Freedom Rider: No Protest for Black People

– Margaret Kimberley , BAR editor and senior columnist
Hundreds of thousands of Black families are separated every year by a criminal justice system that is singularly hostile to Black people, but where are the barricades at police precincts?

Singapore Summit Proves Why Democrats Lead the War Party

– Danny Haiphong , BAR contributor
Since Trump has taken office, the Democratic Party has been showing the world why it is in fact the foremost political representative of the military state.

COG (Continuity Of Government)

Raymond Nat Turner , BAR poet-in-residence
The Drone Ranger’s wife purred, “When they go low—with boots on the ground—we go high with drones.” And Negroz got giddy

Running Green Against Barbara Lee in D13: Tax the Rich and Stop the Wars

Ann Garrison , BAR contributor
“We need a real debate between a Democratic Party team player and a Green Party no-corporate-money candidate.

Black Agenda Radio, Week of Monday, June 25, 2018

– Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford
click the link above for the entire one hour show, or any of the next four for its indivdual segments.

Shep Olugbula: NYPD gang database preys on black and brown youth
Ajamu Baraka on Washington’s narrow definition of Human Rights
Rev. Grayland Hagler on how the Poor Peoples Camjpaign aims to change the Political Narrative
Dr. Gerald Horne on how the US hopes to win N. Korea away from China.

Family Separation Through Prison and Policing Should Also Outrage Us

Leslie Mac
“This country continues to routinely separate children from their parents and has done so well before this current border crisis.

BAR Book Forum: Alaí Reyes-Santos’ “Our Caribbean Kin”

Roberto Sirvent, BAR Book Forum Editor
“One must always be mindful of the kinship models one mobilizes to get people together in a quest for justice.

BAR Book Forum: Anne Garland Mahler’s “From the Tricontinental to the Global South”

Roberto Sirvent, BAR Book Forum Editor
“Tricontinentalism was deeply rooted in a long tradition of black internationalist thought.

Modern Black Codes and the Cops That Enforce Them

Bryan K. Bullock
“The police respond as if the black person is guilty of whatever transgression the white person said they committed.

When Cuban Polyclinics Were Born

Don Fitz
“Cuba has created a model for poor countries that forever changed medicine.

Ohio’s Junk Mail Trick Led the Supreme Court to Approve Jim Crow Voter Purge

Greg Palast
“The Help America Vote Act blew open a giant loophole in the National Voter Registration Act’s protections.”

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