Venezuela Newslinks 2-3 February 2019

3 February 2019 14:57 — The New Dark Age

Due to cross-posting there may be some duplication.

Venezuela Donated Free Heating Oil to 100,000 Needy US Households, 2005-2013

Venezuela Confirms Coltan Deposits, $100 Billion in Gold Reserves

Donald Trump’s War of Recolonization Against Venezuela

Is Oil Behind Washington’s Venezuela Coup Madness?

Why Must Venezuela be Destroyed?

Oil, Neocons, Monroe Doctrine: Trump’s Venezuela Plan

US Intervention in Venezuela Portrayed as a “Humanitarian Mission”. “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P)

Bolton: I’ll Send Maduro to Guantanamo

Venezuela – Coup Attempt Part of a Larger Project – Military Intervention Likely to Fail

Bertrand Russell Diagnoses Washington War Madness and the Coming Rape of Venezuela

Is Oil Behind Washington’s Venezuela Coup Madness?

Venezuelan opposition is now stronger than ever, says opposition leader

Canada’s NDP should oppose Venezuela Coup

Venezuelan president includes people’s militia in Venezuela’s armed forces

Je suis Guaido? Economist endorses Venezuela coup leader with Facebook profile change

The US aggression against Venezuela as a diagnostic tool

Trust Nothing

Venezuela protests: Thousands take to the streets in rival rallies

Maduro calls for early parliamentary election in Venezuela

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