Revealed: The thousands of public spaces sold by cash-strapped councils

14 March 2019 — Bureau of Investigative Journalism

12,000+ public buildings and spaces
sold off in the last five years

In a major collaboration involving dozens of reporters around the country and a week of stories with Huff Post UK, the Bureau revealed the true scale of the local government funding crisis. It has become so dire that councils are being forced to sell thousands of public spaces, such as libraries, community centres and playgrounds – and many are using the money to fund redundancies. Read the full investigation here.
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Black Agenda Report 14 March 2019: ADOS Shrinks Reparations Vision to Tribalism; Empire Comes Home Where it Belongs; Justice and Paul Manafort

14 March 2019 — Black Agenda Report

ADOS Shrinks Reparations Politics to Fit the Narrow Horizon of Tribalism 

– Bruce A. Dixon , BAR managing editor
ADOS views black American descendants of slaves as a tribe, deprecating solidarity, and ignoring empire and capitalism without whose elimination reparations are impossible anyway.

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