COLDTYPE Issue 184 MID-MAY 2019 – is now on lineCOLDTYPE Issue 184 MID-MAY 2019 – is now on line

11 May 2019 — Coldtype

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THAT”S ALL, FOLKS! Our cover story comes in three parts, all carrying a dire warning: If we don’t soon start to take serious action against climate change our planet is doomed – W Stephen Gilbert warns of flooded cities, George Monbiotexplains why it’s time to stop eating fish, and Tom Engelhardtuses Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral fire as a symbolic starting point for the halting of our race to global suicide. We also have Susan H Smith’s tale of a trip on one of the last remaining migrant rescue ships in Europe and Vijay Prashad’s exposé of the fate of gold miners in Papua New Guinea, while Granville Williams tells of the recreation of a  35-year-old People’s March for Jobs in Britain, David Niddrie analyses South Africa’s recent general election, the most important vote in the country since the end of Apartheid, and Caitlin Johnstone tells of Russia’s menagerie of secret weapons. Plus much more great reading, AND our Insights section.

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