Information Clearing House Headlines 14-15 September 2019

15 September 2019 — Information Clearing House

Russia prevents Israeli airstrikes in Syria

By Jerusalem Post Moscow threatened that any jets attempting such a thing would be shot down, either by Russian jets or by the S400 Anti-aircraft missiles. – Continue


Trump floats possible defense treaty with Israel days ahead of elections

By Reuters Netanyahu thanked Trump, saying in a tweet Israel “has never had a greater friend in the White House” – Continue



Why would Israel spy on Donald Trump?

By Ali Abunimah Netanyahu used the fruits of additional espionage in an attempt to blackmail Bill Clinton. –Continue



The End of Israel

By Gilad Atzmon This conflict at the heart of Israeli politics is a window into the Jewish state and its fears. –Continue



Some of the Many Things Most Americans Never Heard About 9/11

By Paul Craig Roberts Pre-knowledge of 9/11 was widespread. – Continue



Who Was Really Behind 9/11?

By Eric Margolis Israel was the chief beneficiary of the 9/11 attacks – yet its bumbling Arab foes and bin Laden were blamed for this crime. – Continue



Latest Russian spy story looks like another elaborate media deception

Must Read  – By Matt Taibbi  The tale of Oleg Smolenkov is just the latest load of high-level BS dumped on us by intelligence agencies. – Continue



The Devolution of US-Russia Relations

By Tony Kevin Retired Australian diplomat who served in Moscow dissects the emergence of the new Cold War and its dire consequences. –Continue



American Privilege

By Caitlin Johnstone American privilege uses its military and economic might to terrorize, murder, imprison, starve and impoverish anyone who doesn’t go along with its interests, –Continue

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