Syria News Links 4-5 March 2020

5 March 2020 • 18:00 — The New Dark Age

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Selected Articles: Turkey at War with Syria

Anti-Turkish Coalition is Getting Bigger by the Day

Today’s Links 5 March 2020

Syrian Foreign Ministry slams Western politicians’ statements on Idlib as hypocritical

The Syria Deception—a position paper by the Swiss Propaganda Research group

Google Fake Maps

DNC Scrambles to Change Debate Threshold After Gabbard Qualifies

Putin, Erdogan start Syria talks in Kremlin

Turkey uses Idlib crisis to strengthen its presence in Syria, expert says

Empires of the Steppes Fuel Erdogan Khan’s Dreams

Deployment to the Slaughterhouse: The Turkish Route

Video: Turkish Forces Are on ‘Tactical Retreat’. Syrian Army Recaptures More Territory in Eastern and Southern Idlib

Breaking: Terrorists Attempt Chemical Attack in Idlib

Erdogan Tells Putin: “We’re in Idlib to Protect the People There.”

Putin, Erdogan meet in Moscow on Thursday to discuss Idlib crisis

Erdogan, Macron discuss Syria’s Idlib by phone – Turkish presidential office

Zarif: Astana peace talks the only mechanism curbing violence in Syria

Turkish Forces Are On ‘Tactical Retreat’. Syrian Army Recaptures More Territory In Eastern And Southern Idlib

Ankara’s actions in Idlib aim to halt Syrian advance in the east, says Assad

Putin discusses Idlib crisis with Russia’s Security Council

PATRICK LAWRENCE: Moscow’s Difficult Decision on Idlib

Assange: Empire Of Surveillance And Imperialism

The Syria Deception

Western Propaganda Against Turkey

Lavrov, Zarif discuss Iran nuclear deal, Syria

Terrorists plotted to carry out chemical attack in Syria’s Saraqib — reconciliation center

The Multipolar Alliance Induces Rumpelstiltskin’s Self-Destruction

Putin-Erdogan talks on Idlib crucial for resolving Syria issue, expert says

Erdogan Opens Floodgates for Migrants

Season of the Switch

Video: Syrian Armed Forces Teach ‘2nd Strongest NATO Army’ Painful Lesson in Idlib

Turkish soldier killed in Syria’s Idlib — Turkish defense minister

Tulsi Gabbard denounces election interference by US intelligence agencies

They Don’t Get It, As Always.

Syria war: Three-year-old girl who laughed at bombs escapes to Turkey

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