Spycops Public Inquiry report, week 2

16 November 2020 — Spycops

The second week of the Undercover Policing Inquiry has been shocking and frustrating. We’ve heard harrowing testimony from women deceived into relationships by undercover officers, accounts of racism and discrimination – and also attempts at justification from police lawyers.

We moved from lawyers setting out their stalls on to the first actual witnesses, from the earliest days of the Special Demonstration Squad 1968-72. So many of the things spycops did that we’ve been told were later aberrations turn out to have been there from the start.

Officers recording personal details of people who posed no risk to public safety, deceiving people they spied on into sexual relationships, attending family events, travelling beyond their jurisdiction to spy in Scotland and beyond the UK. We’ve learned that whatever the spycops ever were, they always were.

The Inquiry was only live streamed for the first seven days, now it’s started taking evidence from spycops it’s limited to an online live transcript that’s a nightmare to follow, or a livestream in a windowless unventilated room in London.

We won’t let this secret public inquiry stop you from hearing what’s going on, though. We’ve been in that room every day, live-tweeting all the hearings. We’re producing detailed daily reports on our website every night, as well as the weekly roundup for those who don’t want a daily long read.

The latest weekly roundup is online here:

All our reports are indexed on our UCPI Public Inquiry page, along with out FAQ about the Inquiry

We’ll continue with the coverage this coming week, after which the Inquiry takes a break until next spring.

You can follow the live tweets on our Twitter:

And catch our reports, our videos and links to some of the best media coverage on our Facebook:

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