⚠️ Covid passes = ID cards *on steroids*

28 May 2021 — Big Brother Watch

“None of us likes the idea of Covid certification”

Not our words, the words of Michael Gove…

Yesterday he appeared in front of the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee to receive a grilling on Covid passes. To say that it made for awkward viewing would be putting it politely!

The timing of the event couldn’t have landed on a more ironic day with yesterday marking 11 years since his OWN PARTY announced plans to scrap failed ID cards within 100 days.

Make no bones about it, Covid Passes would be ID cards on steroids.

Click to watch the video

How it went down:

The Committee began with Gove fondly recounting a recent trip he took to Israel to check out its expiring, and deeply dystopian ‘Green Pass’ vaccine passport scheme.

He casually dropped that Israel ‘might spark up the infrastructure’ at a later point. If a ‘time-limited’ Covid pass scheme is pushed on us, could we also live in the fear of it casually popping back up at the behest of the Government?

Well, the next announcement on Covid passes will be coming in just weeks it was revealed.

We will be piling on the pressure up until then to make sure that they DO NOT go ahead with these plans.


Making us squirm:

A phrase that was repeated when Gove was quizzed on the cost-benefit analysis of Covid passes was the “hassle factor”.

Apparently, our civil liberties are viewed as the government’s “hassle factor”.

If they think we’ve caused them a “hassle” so far… wait until we’ve reached our target on the crowd funder against Covid passes.

The language used yesterday suggests that together we’ve already put a HUGE dent in the plans for these divisive and discriminatory measures…

But a read of the small print in the new NHS app leads us to believe that we still have our work cut out, with plans for Covid passes for future events looking very likely.

We’ve come so far already and now we need to make a huge push together. Click below to help us make this horror history!


Erlend Evans,
Digital Communications Manager

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