⛔ Stop Thermal Surveillance

10 July 2021 — Big Brother Watch

Throughout the pandemic, we have all been subjected to surveillance measures like never before.

Surveillance companies have been selling invasive and inaccurate thermal scanners on the false claim they can “detect fevers” or even detect coronavirus.

This new frontier sends alarm bells ringing for privacy campaigners like us. These thermal scanners and cameras are normalising the surveillance of our bodies, collecting biological data.

Worse, thermal surveillance cameras often combine other forms of monitoring like behavioural analysis and live facial recognition, creating a Frankenstein of stackable surveillance technology.

Take the Heathrow airport for example. The airport’s thermal cameras estimated passenger’s skin temperatures and also logged their estimated age group, gender, movement speed, clothing and “other generic information which may cause a person to have an elevated temperature such as ‘passenger was carrying a cup of tea’”. They even planned to add live facial recognition to the cameras too. Thankfully, the thermal scanners were dropped after we wrote to the airport and told them to drop these intrusive cameras.

But there are plenty more out there.

Today, we’ve launched a new campaign to expose this flawed technology and to encourage businesses to stop using thermal surveillance.

And you’re the first to know! Check out the new campaign page – click the button below and share the link far and wide!


We’ve written to over 80 businesses, workplaces, schools, care homes, airports and hospitality venues, explaining why they should stop using thermal surveillance.

Have you seen a business using thermal scanning as an entry requirement that isn’t yet on our list? Let us know where and when, by emailing Big Brother Watch..

Read our latest Emergency Powers & Civil Liberties Report:

Whilst some restrictions will be lifted on July 19th, hundreds of coronavirus laws will remain in place…

So we’re keeping the pressure up. We’ve just published our latest report detailing the realities of this vast expansion of state power: secret trials, unlawful prosecutions and fines, protest bans, censorship, and more…

Click here or the image below to read it.

Our latest research shows:

�� 920 pieces of legislation have now been passed in the UK containing the word ‘coronavirus’

�� Police issued a 19-year-old a £10,000 Covid fine for arranging a memorial for a 17-year-old who had died of suicide

�� 100% of Coronavirus Act prosecutions (286) are still unlawful

and much more.

We’ve made 17 recommendations for Parliamentarians to pursue and we’ve sent a copy to all MPs & Peers.

We’re still a long way from getting back to “normal” – and it’s vital we keep fighting to roll back excessive powers so that we don’t enter a permanent state of emergency.

Thank you!

Following the news that our campaign against domestic Covid passes was successful, we’ve received hundreds of messages of support through our email and social media channels. We read them all and take great encouragement from them – thank you!

A Times report today suggests that from Autumn, Covid Passes “will be required for customers to enter bars, restaurants and nightclubs under plans to tackle a fourth wave of the virus”. While this is just a report, we will be keeping up the pressure to make sure this never happens!

There’s much more to do – and together, we must stand our ground and fight against unnecessary state intrusion.

Thank you for standing with us,

Digital Communications Manager

4 thoughts on “⛔ Stop Thermal Surveillance

  1. con says:

    It was the G7 summit I was thinking of, plus other numerous occasions where the great and good world-wide blatantly ignored restrictions imposed by draconian police action and swingeing fines on the rest of us.
    And recently authorities have called on people to snitch on people breaking any of the rules!
    So, perhaps we should do as advised. Identify the elite Covid hypocrites (who think rules don’t apply to them) watch for when they break the rules and demand that the authorities apply their penalties.
    Who watches the watchers? Answer – us.


  2. con says:

    Perhaps we should also focus attention on elites who demand Covid restrictions then ignore the rules themselves. Have the police taken any action against them?


    • barovsky says:

      Shurely, you jest! When push comes to shove, the state acts with impunity. Simply put, there is no opposition in or out of Parliament, to the actions of our corrupt and incompetent ruling elite. And if your talking about acting with disdain, for the ‘rest of us’, what could have beenmore glaring, more in your face than the ruling class of the planet assembled for the G7 summit, with nary a mask in sight, except of course, for the servants! My point is, that there was not a single comment in the MSM about the flagrant display of hypocrisy!

      Liked by 1 person

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