Afghanistan News Links 2-3 September 2021

3 September 2021 • 14:30 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back

US Reputation Is in Tatters, It’s Time to Bring Those Responsible for Afghanistan Disaster to Account

Afghanistan Recessional: Will It Lead to a War with Iran?

Afghanistan: To Recognise, or Not to Recognise, that’s the Question

EU will work with Taliban, but it does not mean Brussels recognizes their government – foreign policy chief

Mother Of U.S. Marine Killed In Kabul Attack Censored By Facebook

Taliban hold mock ‘funeral’ for NATO, take Black Hawk helicopter for joyrides, and show off loot at Kabul airport after US retreat

Pentagon slams ‘erroneous reports’ after claims departing US troops left service dogs FOR DEAD at Kabul airport

Taliban’s Political Leader Mullah Baradar To Lead New Government In Afghanistan – Report

Almost 100 missing artifacts from ancient Mesopotamia, including cuneiform tablets, seized from Norwegian private collection

DHS, CNN Scramble To Flip Biden Afghanistan Narrative Back To Domestic ‘White Supremacists’ Threat

Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster Epitomises US Hypocrisy

Taliban says it captured key entrance to Panjshir valley, local resistance denies it, as both claim heavy losses on other side

‘To this day I can’t sleep’: Moazzam Begg, tortured in Bagram and Gitmo, talks to RT after 20-year US war in Afghanistan ends

What Keeps the Political Situation in Libya So Fragile?

20 Years of US ‘War on Terror’ Have Caused Nearly a Million Deaths

On Propaganda and Failed Narratives: New Understanding of Afghanistan is a Must

Afghanistan Collapse Reveals Beltway Media’s Loyalty To Permanent War

How Will the Investigation into the Shameful British Evacuation from Afghanistan End?

BBC ‘News’

Afghanistan: Leaked document warns of refugee funding shortfall

Afghanistan: Dominic Raab visits Pakistan in push to help fleeing Afghans

Afghanistan Panjshir: Fighting intensifies over holdout Afghan valley

Afghanistan: Dominic Raab says the UK has shared interest in a stable country

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